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Rubber Stamp Maker

A Rubber Stamp Making is an official documentation work. It is used in Office stationary purpose as making a bill for authorization required a stamp. Highly used in every office for the various types of documentation purpose as well as in banking, agreement, legal documentation, business assignment address proof and branding such as. It also helps to accelerate our works smooth and speedy way. A stamp maker gets it ready within 2-3 hours.

While making a quotation for a tender you must be required stamped printed letterhead with signature.

A Computerize Stamp help to make brand promotion along with documentation as it is very easy to make any graphic on stamp easily with the help of a computer.

How many types of stamps come?

There are several type s of stamp

  1. Pre Ink Stamp
  2. Self Ink Stamp
  3. Dater tamp
  4. Common Seal

Usually, keeping ink pad and stamp separately time have been over. Sometimes it’s happened to leak out ink and destroy pocket or container and feel insulted itself.

How Many Impression Self-ink Stamp Produce?

During travel out of station for a business deal or participating in the trade show the best way to keep Pen Stamp and Pocket Stamp. A good quality stamp gives more than 5,000 impressions. Usually, these stamps color come such as blue, green, black, red colour etc. It can be re-filled after being out of ink.

Stamp Maker in Munirka

People love to keep the self-ink stamp easy to handle with closed container compared to stamp with the pad. Obviously, it comes in various colour such as red, green, black and blue. Stamp shape comes in a rectangle, oval and round circle. but now in the computer word, any kind of even text or graphics easily can be made.

Pocket Stamp
Pocket Stamp

To place an order choose the size as per your round/oval or rectangle our expert will make design and get approved by you. thereafter will be made

Required a stamp with graphics easy to apply all type of computerized rubber stamp you can add text, graphics, and images also. in one stamp for branding and easy to recognize it. to keep it long lost required to pack into the container as it when it comes into the air it dries out sooner. round size is available starting range from 3/4″ to 2.5-inch dia inch.

Pen Stamp
Pen Stamp


Rubber Stamp Maker, make quality rubber stamps are filled with a quality of ink that can be used for a long side up to 1000  of an impression as well as a material have the max capacity to absorb more ink.

Stamp container comes in various sizes can be customized as per your content required.

Why Rubber Stamp Mandatory?

Basically,  a rubber stamped paper is known as a certified document, no required so it is used in bulk.

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