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 T-Shirt Printing 

Online Customized T-Shirt Printing has become a trend, now a day in the t-shirt printing industry. It is used for business promotional, social informational, gifting items and a regularly printed t-shirt apparels etc.

Now people love to wear their own brand, logo or photo printed t-shirt. NGOs and corporate company provide uniforms to their employee, volunteer etc. for point of view of their branding.

Event organising company follow the unique t-shirt print pattern as it is easy to understand well to get any enquiry during the event to the participant and audience. As well as required “may I help you” in the cause of need help.

Wearing a polo t-shirt, in a company uniform give more professionals to the employee. It enhances work efficiency employee do work more formal etc.

A polo t-shirt is wearied as a formal dress in the corporate offices.

Top Most T-Shirt Fabric Quality

  1. Polyester
  2. Cotton
  3. Polyester-Cotton
  4. Lycra
  5. Jersy
  6. Matte
  7. Sports

How to get rid of fade sublimation t-shirt printing?

1. Select Proper Printing Method According to Fabric Before Print

2. If Possible Prefer Embroidery

3. Use Ink and Raw Material Hi-Quality

4. Manage curving temperature according to the fabric quality

Get print your tailor-made t-shirt within 3-5 days.

Basically, tailor-made t-shirt required a large quantity and even though it takes time and work is done under pipeline 7-10 days turnaround, depending on the type of work and specification to be made, point view of the quality of branding (embroidery), fabricating and stitching etc.

Top 5 T-Shirt Printing/Branding Method

  1. Sublimation
  2. Rubber Print
  3. Screen Print i) Plastic Sole Printing. ii) Screen Printing.
  4. Embroidery
  5. Direct Printing on Garment (DTG)

Best T-Shirt Printing/Branding Method is based on the quality of fabric and content to be print is applied

Sublimation Printing is the fastest way to get a t-Shirt Printing in Just 15 Minute or Less

Make design, get a printout and heat up curving machine it doesn’t take more than a 15 minute ready to gift to your loved one.

A sublimation printing needs to know the curving temperature on particular fabric quality.

Regular sublimation printing practitioner knows well at what temperature a sublimation proper curve on fabric quality.

If the temperature goes high than required it may cause to t-shirt stretch out.

What is the cheapest printing method of t-shirt printing?

screen printing method is the cheapest way to get but depending on the quantity because of it required a basic set up cost as well as no required in sublimation printing method.

Only one colour can be printed a time, need more colour to require time, new stencil and screen. The overall cost comes per unit lowest compare to other t-shirt printing method.

Which T-shirt printing method is applicable to all type of fabric?

A rubber printing method on any quality of the fabric can be applied to make sure the rubber curving temperature is different from fabric to fabric.

A polyester or polyester mixed fabric required low temperature compared to cotton fabric.

Remember not iron and brush wash it may cause to damage the print quality.

Which branding method is the best for Cotton Made T-Shirt?

An embroidery method on Cotton made t-shirt is the best. Cotton or Cottom Polyester based t-shirt can be embroidery. You can wash your t-shirt the way you wish.

Printing cost comes higher compare to screen printing and sublimation

click here how it is done.

This branding application depends on the quality of fabrics

Rubber Print T-shirt
Rubber Print T-shirt

Rubber Print

  1. First of all Image or vector is printed on a vinyl sheet
  2. Above artwork convert into the vector shape to cut design and transfer to release paper

There are two option of vinyl print

A. Direct Vinyl Cut

A plain vinyl is cut through router cutting machine and transfered onto the t-shirt through heat transfer machine

Available vinyl color are White, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Silver, Golden, radium vinyl and Metal Sparkle Vinyl and Many more.

A radium vinyl letter help to glow in the night as well as light glow on it

B. Digitally Vinyl Print and Cut

1. A artwork is directly printed through color inkjet printer on a rubber sheet

2. Rubber sheet cut through router on given outline mark up and transfered to release paper

3. From Release paper to transfered on the t-shirt required area with heat transfer process


Screen Printing

It’s the oldest t- shirt printing method, very useful for common content and bulk quantity, per piece cost come very cheap.


It’s a permanent solution for branding no chance to get fade can be made in more colour advertising.

DTG Printing

This process is based on a water-based inkjet printer, Directly printed onto T-shirt, multicolour. Don’t matter the quality of fabric can be applied to any kind of materials either dark or light colour Fabric.

For dark colour fabric base, white colour applied first that help another colour more visible on dark fabric

T-Shirt Printing Designing

Designing is the major factor while we are making design have to think who we are making the design. either kid, young or old person to sell more t-shirt.

How is it done?

There is a various range of clothes wearing fabrics as Hoodie | Jersey | Sports | Polo T-Shirt | Round Neck | V-Necks and Sweatshirts. For casual, regular wearing depends on your choice according to the season depends on items of clothing as in summer we prefer cotton and cotton-polyester are most wearings and economical printing cost.

Vinyl Cut & Heat Transfer Process

sometimes we required coloured logo printed vinyl then we print sublimation ink on it and transfer it on a t-shirt. Some other types of vinyl are used a radium vinyl for a t-shirt, jacket, hoodies wear in the night that gets reflect when light below on it. Traffic Light, Bars, Restaurant employee mostly wear it.

Types of Fabric

Screen Print tshirt
Screen Print T-shirt

Ink and Printing Quality

The mixed fabric material such as polyester, polyester-cotton as to provide best sublimation printing services in the shortest turnaround. Peoples loved to Present Customized T-Shirt printing at any event or occasions, like sports day, yoga day and environmental day. NGO’s campaigning, student’s seminar in colleges, campaign programmed, birthday party, yoga day, likewise… Corporate and SME companies loved to present their employee’s customized t-shirt to printing for their brand awareness and uniform in printed with logo brandings such as red polo t-shirt of Airtel, Pizz Hut, tomato, Mac -done and Mobile company branding etc. The printing method of the t-shirt is sublimation,  screen printing and vinyl heat process etc. You can see the process of printing on youtube – https://youtu.be/sztXaC9kWLo 


Sublimation Print
Sublimation Print

Basically for t-shirt printing suitable printer A4 or A3 size printer, but sometimes we required large size for making a flag you can get it print up to 42 wide in inch and any size in length. There is a wide spectrum of T-Shirts quality such as Cotton clothes for Men, Cotton T-Shirts  Matt T-Shirts For Kidz, polyester T-Shirt for Men, polyester T-Shirt for Women, polyester T-shirts for Kidz Round Neck for Women, Round Neck for Women in various colour combination. Moreover, peoples Printing, Photo Personalized T-Shirt is the
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