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Solvent Printing

Solvent printing, when we are talking about digital printing typically, first of all, the name comes of flex printing or vinyl printing. Solvent printing is used worldwide for low investment and maximum profit. Usually, it is harmful to the environment compare eco-solvent as it generates water and air pollutions but it is a very economical point of view of cost per unit.

It is usually oil and water-based ink, easy to soluble in the water, per unit cost, comes very low, so it is highly used. Due to harmful, it is banned in some country point of view of the anti-human and environmental-friendly ink.

Solvent flex banner printing used as a multi-pass printing head to enhance solvent printing quality, there are up to 7 pass head can enhance quality as per our requirement. Water-based ink easy to fast print process (Where pass stand for printing head move on pinpoint area up-to 7 times to enhance printing quality)

3 Most Reason Why People Love Most to Solvent Print Flex Banner

  1. Per unit cost stand very low.
  2. No required to laminate
  3. Waterproof printing help to outdoor branding


Solvent printing Machine
Solvent printing Machine

Future of Solvent Printing

as well as technology developing for large format along with advertising now corporate is aware of to environment want to see indoor and outdoor environment-friendly. so the future of the solvent is no longer. it is easily mixed in the water result come polluted. During printing ink is vaporization in the water harm chemical goes in the air that effect to the employee and give a bad smell.

Solvent printing ink comes in liquid forms and printing is done on flexible materials( roll form media). The solvent ink takes time to dry properly 3-5 minutes. It is permanent soluble ink. It is used the inkjet printing machines liquid in adhering to the substrate after that dry product became ready with waterproof. No required to coating saves time and money up to 50% than other printing method and turnaround to ship them out. to know more for eco-friendly digital printing click here

How long stable solvent print flex banner?

Solvent print of flex media is a long-lasting solution. It does not require lamination. Quality flex printing banner stands for a 3-4 year even if straight from sunlight and water.

Place where we can use solvent print banner

Road Hoarding, Outside Office Board, Politician Campaign, Social Awareness Banner Etc.


Advantage :

  1. Per units, the square fit cost comes very low
  2. Applicable to flexible materials. 

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