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Best Leaf Printing Services Delhi NCR India

Gold Foil Printing Services

Leaf printing is an application of traditional printing when it comes to decorating product packaging, invitation cards, quality certificate printing, giving a unique identity, or document security point of view in the public domain. Hot and cold foil there are two types of applications getting done.

To make your foil printing more engaging embossing application (raised foil printing) is done.

Leaf Printing
Hand Press Hot Stamping

There are various foil colors shades are available to entice a customer and grow their brand big presence. The packaging industry is highly used to increase product branding for new product launches.  Leaf Printing is also known as Hot Foil Stamping, Block Printing, Cold Foil Printing Terms, etc,

Hot foil Stamping

It is a mechanism of heating and uniform pressure on the intended substrate with the help of a metal block to make your product eye catchy and is mostly applied for luxury product packing materials products likewise wedding cards, invitation cards, and wine label stickers.

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In this process, a foil is placed over the product, and with the help of heated engraved artwork on the metal dye is pressed on the foil, a thin layer from the foil is transferred directly onto the substrate the way we want to see leaf printed produced.

It is a century-old process, continuous development became 100% environmentally friendly and engaging as per Data 2008 FSA. No, soft or hard epoxy chemical is inside.

Every brand even small or big wants to differentiate itself from the crowd. According to a survey, a hot stamp product helps to increase your brand by 2.5 times more compared to without a hot stamp packaging.   

Hot stamping application is mostly done to entice customers, and Safety of Counterfeiting Products such as Certificates, Event Tickets, Medicine and Tech Box Printing & Packaging

Product used to leaf print method

Hologram Stickers, | Invitation Card | Gift Items | Cosmetic Stickers | Wedding Card | Letterhead | Greeting Cards | Brochure | Novelties | Wine Label | Cosmetics Packaging | Event Tickets | Certificates | T-shirts, etc. all types of Luxurious Packaging.

This process is undertaken through the hand press and automated machine attached to the heater so it is called Hot Stamping Foil Printing.

Modern Foil Printing Technology needs no Heat Press, Die/Block, and Very Fast, and Multiple Foil Color Prints at a time. Price per unit goes higher compared to hot stamping.   

It is not usual printing like ink, toner, the color. This is a kind of a thin layer that adhered to the object by heat and pressure area design raised part of the block.

Leaf Printing Block
Leaf Printing Block

People search for Spot UV Coating 

Types of Foil and Available Colors

A century ago a genuine gold and silver file was used to apply on the products, as of now due to the high cost and bulk use of gold and silver it is made of artificial stuff, today there are mainly 3 types of foil is used.

  1. Tin Metals: A foil is made of a very thin layer of tins. This type of foil is available only for Silver and Gold looks.
  2. Pigment Colors: There is a huge range of foils. The most popular colors as Golden Matte, Golden Gloss, Silver Matte, and Silver Gloss the most required foils that demand more than 80% use. Red, Blue, Orange, Pink, Green, and many more color foil are commonly used.
  3. Textured / hologram Design Foil in various patterns is also available that help to secure your product from counterfeiting. You will get a gold leaf and silver mixed color as well as rainbow colors.

Usually, apply all kinds of paper as Plain, Textured, Coated or Non Coated quality, etc. for the quality hot stamping result comes better on smoother and softer surfaces.

Golden Foil
Golden Foil

It can be utilized to create a distinctive packaging box and on products, the container in line with your marketing campaign or brand image, for the privacy of the brand or resist duplicates as in event tickets, or certificates. unique identity card etc.

Foil Hot Stamping and Embossing

These are two different processes.

Foils hot Stampings to make more prominent, foil hot stamping content is being pressed from the front side of the product with the help of heat press die.

The embossing process is done through a negative face dye (Female Dye) from the backside of the product called embossing there is no need for a heat press.

Products made of the materials where we can apply hot stamping

Products made of Paper, cardboard, Plastic, Leather, Rexine, and Cloth can be applied hot stamping easily to produce eye-catchy products. Mostly these products are made luxurious good likewise Jewellery box, tobacco, wine, etc. 

The metal, made of the foil printing block

A foil printing Block & Die is made of Brass, Magnesium, Zinc, and Copper.

Zinc and magnesium metal made blocks are cheaper compared to brass and copper. the price of zinc and magnesium comes approx Rs. INR 15-16/- per square inch that is mainly based on the thickness of zinc. Commonly used to make a 2-3 mm thickness.  A zink block can produce up to 50,000 pcs printing.

A Block / Die made of brass and copper has the capacity to produce more than 1,00,000 Pieces. Even though it is costly. A product used a regular production usually made of brass price comes INR 200-300/- per square inch. 

It is an expensive application and onetime cost as die can be reused multi-time.

Silver Foil
Silver Foil

Hot Stamping Process Required Materials.

  1. Manual Hot Stamping, 1. first of all, you need to create a computerized design to make a metal block or dye for hot stamping.
  2. Heat press machines small piece hand machine and big pieces pneumatic stamping machines with a heat press.
  3. Next, you need a roll of foil you love to hot stamp.
  4. A skilled staff.

Overall old process dies making time get a minimum 24 hrs to make the die casting through chemical and now latest computerized laser technology get a low time and high-quality and precise die print and embossing can be done at a time making a die male and female

For making long-lasting leaf printing block suggested on brass metal. the area you want to make hot stamping that portion must come out to contact with stuff you can say it as a leaf printing block.

Leaf Printing Manual Process

In this process product leaf printing done likewise low volume and small size as Business Card, Letterhead, Greeting Cards, etc. Usually, not above size bigger than A4, etc. When it comes bigger size manual printing equal pressure cannot be maintained caused to a worse result

Automated Leaf Printing

Large size as well as Packing Box, Magzine Cover, Wine Bottle Stickers are printed in big size likewise 20″x30″, 23″x36″, 30″x40″ single sheet that required huge equivalent pressure and heat so it is done Automated process

Concept of Digital Hot Stamping

It is the latest process that came into effect in 2010-2020 Decade, in this process no need to make a dye and heat press. Basically an adhesive is applied to the substrate and a reel of foil come to the contact of the adhesive that made bond strong that area and without adhesive area remain left. This type of leaf printing called roll to roll process. 

Leaf Printing Material Supplier

There is a huge market of raw material is Chawari Bazaar, Sadar Bazaar, Sadar, and Nai Sarak in Delhi from hot stamping machines to materials, etc. 

Leaf Printing Designs for engaging hot stamping designing is a major factor, do not apply on the very small font or vector. Keep distance each other elements minimum 0.5 mm to appeal better. 

Digital Leaf Printing vs Leaf Printing

Digital Hot Stamping

1. Very fast turnaround within an hour gets a design, print, and hot stamped.

2. Price per pcs very high

3. Do not require a foil block

4. Mandatory to be laminated surface to adhesion 

Normal Hot Stamping

  1. It takes a very long time
  2. Prices come very low per piece
  3. It is processed through a Block or Dye
  4. No Need mandatory surface stuff

Types of Leaf Printing Machines

1. Hand Press, it is applied for a small product and low volume like Name Card, Letterhead, Invitation Card. The pressure is applied through a hand press. As well as my experiences it works best less than A4 size product. without a block can’t be processed.

2. Power Press (Semi-Automated) big size and high volume products like a Product Packing Box, Wedding Card, Catalog, Cover, etc.  Applied for a bigger size like A3, A2 and etc. Due to the large size very difficult to make a hand press so it is done through the power press. here you need a block to process hot stamping.

3. Digital Hot Stamping it is totally different above mentioned process, here you do not require, the pre-printed sheet you just need a computerized file, with the help of automated digital hot stamping printing machine print paper and hot stamping at a time. Maximum size can be print up to 13″x 19″. “NO, REQUIRE BLOCK and DYE”   

Developing technologies in print industries digital hot stamping is a milestone step. Earlier 5-7 years back it was taken a long time to process through printing, a die making, and manual die setup time for hot stamping, it was taking 3-4 days minimum but today not more than an hour to get digital hot stamping products.

Roll Form Stamping vs Sheet Form Stamping

The hot stamping process is done through Reel Form and sheet also. Mostly paper printed through a web offset printed object alike a Magzine Cover or Inner Page, Stickers Roll, etc.  Hot Stamping.

Sheet Form Hot Stamping a digital printed product or sheet feed offset printing product need sheet form hot stamping applied sheet form of stamping. Used for box packing, product catalog, etc. 

The pain point of hot stamping

  1. After some time it peels off 
  2. Fade off
  3. Get some bubbles in productions
  4. Produces a small part of foil on the access area of the product.

These are the basic problems that are produced when it is not performed perfectly. Here are some tips to follow that can be solved 

Solutions 1. You are applying pressure and heat it may be less temperature or uneven surface between block and product to be the hot stamp.

2. Use optimum quality materials.

3. Material like textured paper or handmade that is not smooth may cause this problem. Try to use a smoother stuff product.

4. You need to make your leaf printing block on the thicker sheet metallic sheet.

Best hot stamping temperature

A hot stamping temperature is subject to the material you are applying for, a soft surface requires a lower temperature and harder stuff needs more temperature to cure properly.

A T-shirt made of cotton fabric needs a foil hot stamping of 140 degrees is an ideal and Paper Cardboard 180 degree. 

Best Brand of Foil and Heat Transfering Machines 

BOBST is a well-known brand in this industry from all related materials

Gold Hot Stamping v/s Gold Color Printing

Gold Hot Stamping and Gold gold appearance is shiny and reflective whereas gold color appearance is a little reflective. The main reason is hot stamping gold is a layer fixed on the top on the  

Available Foil Sizes

Hot foil rolls are available in 13″, 15″, 18″, 20″, 23″, 25″ and 28″ in wide.


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  1. Q. What is the biggest size that we can hot stamp on?

    Ans. Leaf printing processes can be done Manually and in Automated processes, Hot stamping can be applied up to 32″ wide and 40 inches in length. Big-size hot stamping needs a pneumatic heat press. Commonly this size was used for making Packaging Boxes, Labels for Luxury Items, etc.

    Where small-size hot stamping for a Name Card, Letterhead, Invitation Card, and Logo size, required hand press hot stamping. Usually, a printing base plate size is 10″x10″, 12″x12″ etc. 

  2. Q. How much small font we can print in foil printing?

    A. It is highly recommended to keep the font size at least 10 pt to get the best result. But we can print up to 2 pt small reason behind it is we make foil printing blocks highly precise CNC machine and magnesium metal blocks having thickness of 3-5 mm thicker.   

  3. Q. What is the price per unit of hot stamping?

    Ans. Price is based on the volume of sheets and sizes to be embossed area. The most likely price goes INR 0.60-70/- per square inch. where making a dye cost is separate.

  4. Q. Can Foil Stamping and Embossing be done at a time?

    It’s pre-planning before making a die, there are two faces of artwork positive and negative, the negative face helps with embossing, and the positive for hot stamping.
    When a product is placed between the negative and positive die can produce hot stamping and embossing at a time.

  5. Q. What is the process of making leaf printing blocks?
    There are a few basic steps to follow.

    – The most popular block-making method is in a few steps.
    – Create a computerized design 
    – Make a negative film
    – Cover a negative film over the sensitive metal plate entirely
    – Expose to UV light
    – Get a separate negative and exposed metal plate
    – Dip into the specific acid tub and leave for a time.
    Wash out properly.
    Here you will find the area UV light passed on through the negative became harder and harder. And the masked area became etched. Finally, the hard area is your artwork that wants to be hot stamp.

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