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Letterhead Printing in Delhi NCR India

Letterhead printing, the heading at the top of a sheet of letterhead paper, usually, consisting name of individual or organization, brand, logo, registration no., address, email, watermark branding at the center of the page, imprinted with such a heading called letterhead.

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Mostly these letterheads are used as a external of the office to communicate important message with vendor and client, related business and query packed in envelopes. Here you can select according to your budget and quality and size you required for your project.

Appropriate uses of a letterhead

Business Purpose It is also known by the name of a Letter Pad, Prescription Slip. Basically, it is used as a Credit Note, Quotation, Invitation Card, Invoice, Agreements, Purchase Orders, so on… Corporate and government authority used as Experiences Certificate, Promotion, and Demotion Certificate also.

Legal Purpose, A letterhead must have a Registered Name of the Firm, Address and Contact no. etc. It’s compulsory for opening a Business Account in Bank, Business Agreement or any Govt. Related Services to have a letterhead hard copy. 

Letterhead Printing Trends

The scope of letterhead printing has declined since email marketing started in the decade of 1990-2000. You do not need to pay mail costs as yahoo and Gmail are free of cost.

Not only price per email sending cost zero but same time outreach as just a click away. Now people searches of soft copy letterhead design where they can draft a letter and could send through an email.

How does a letterhead impact your organizations brand

An eye-catchy Letterhead, Business Card and Envelope can major impact on your business brand promotion in your niche. Your customer feels a big company if you are processing business terms on your letterhead making a quotation on it properly stamped with an authorized signatory.

If your organization used a letterhead regular for quotation, Invitation or correspondence with vendor, clients and offer mailing you should go for multi-color letterhead that can enhance your brand identity in your niche. 

People search for best quality Business Card  and Envelope

Perfect Letterhead must have a content to be printed

Mostly a letterhead contains 3 parts content. 1). Header 2). Middle 3). Bottom

The header part of a letterhead is imprinted a Logo or Brand Name, Company Name with Registration no. with Govt., Date and Ref No., etc. Adding a slogan is not bad.

Middle Part to make more authenticate your letterhead a watermark is printed on it with very less visible. A more visible watermark may cause illegibly written content.

The bottom part letterhead contains a reg. or branch address along with email, contact no. and web page printed. Some people do not hesitate to keep social media addresses.

There is no hard and fast rule to keep content pattern above given, you can customize the way you wish 

It also makes your deal more authentication. It is kept for the long term if it is well organized

Physical Letterhead vs Online Letterhead

Today so many businesses have shifted online letterhead in the way of file format *.pdf and *.doc file with password encrypted. but the letterhead drafting is not so appealing as well as physical letterhead.

Still, now all government divisions and corporate used a physical letterhead with an embossed logo and textured papers.

Letterhead Design Template

There are lots of letterhead template design you can choose among them and replace them with your own content some of them are free of cost and some paid at a minimal price.

Canva and lucidpress both are the best platforms for an online designing template for office stationery. You do not need to be more technical for letterhead design.

Custom Letterhead Design

Some business owner seeks no similar letterhead to others to make a unique letterhead, you need customized designing, therefore it became easy to apply for post-press work like an embossing and foil printing.

Letterhead Paper Selection

Paper used as a letterhead is not a common paper as used for photocopy. Mostly used a branded paper-like Executive Bond, DO, Sunlight Bond, etc. these paper are available in white and light based colors. White/Cream/Green plain and linen.

We have a large variety of papers used worldwide you can choose from Indian and Imported paper collection that best fit for the organization.

These papers a high-quality print-ability and acid-free papers available in a large range of light shades (cream, off-white, light green, gold & silver metallic touch) and different types of textured base. Most people select for special letterheads for branding.

Companies working on the environment loved to select handmade paper.

Acid Free Paper color last longer

Textured vs Plain Letterhead Paper

There are different taste’s person, if you are a more creative point of view brand identity, you should select the textured paper, but make sure textured should not be deeper that may cause to decline printing quality and other application as well as foil and embossing.

Plain paper is ever green point view of print quality and all other application done on the letterhead.    

Popular Letterhead Sizes

There are mostly letterhead used worldwide letter size (8.5″x11″) and A4 (8.268″x11.692″) are most popular. Need a small content writing letter you can choose small size as A5.

Letterhead Printing Application

There are mainly 3 types of printing application, First of all according to quantity is decided printing process. 

  1. Screen Printing
  2. Offset Printing
  3. Digital Printing

Which one application is the best suit your letterhead is depended on the content and quantity you intended to print?

For a few quantities as low as 500-1000 and 2-3 color separate, is the best for Screen Printing Process if the content is PMS color. It can be printed easily 3-4 color separately.

Multi-color letterhead quantity up to 1000 letterhead, you should go for Digital Printing. but make sure when it comes to print the same color you should opt offset printing, easily can be matched to the previous color. price per pcs cost goes higher compared to screen printing method. Digital printing there is no required minimum quantity required.

Required a more than 1000 quantity, Offset Printing is the best option. price per unit cost goes very low and printing quality optimum. It require a basic setup cost.

Your company’s letterhead is an important part of your paper product line and printing technique. Best designed and printed letterhead can give your company a professional image and more business. A better letterhead might be kept for a long period of time and it can remind the customer of your business over the years. Good-looking letterheads tell your customers that you are a stabled and renowned company. Letterhead printing can be done by several different printing method as a screen, digital and offset printing. Know more about the business collateral material click here

Letterhead Sizes and Paper :

The standard size of letterhead considered A4, A5 and letter. It has enough space to write a letter up to 300 -400 words. Various types of bond paper for letterhead printing paper available in the market  that gives international looks such as executive bond, excel bond and sunlight bond. The overall white paper or very light color base paper used so that your letter visibility be clear. Usually, 85-100 gsm un coated easily can get print direct from a laser printer or you write by free hand. You may get textured paper to give the rich impression to your client and prospects.

Letterhead Printing Process :

There is a various method to get print letterhead such as Screen Printing, Digital and Offset Printing it depends on the artwork you ready to print. The info graphics content can be print through digital/offset print process only. Quality digital/offset letterhead printing depends on image quality as it requires 300 DPI image to get the best printing.  Text and vector design can be print in screen print. In this process printing, each color print separately. This is why it takes more time to complete process cost comes a nominal. There are some other applications of printing to make eye-catchy as leaf printing, embossing, De-embossing and blinding embossing can be done to make more attractive and eye catchy your letterhead.

What we do:

Shivani Enterprises is a commercial designing, printing and advertising company. It is an innovative and market researcher company always come up with new ideas to full fill our customers of different industries requirement. We do complete designing, and printing letterhead quality you required. Our designers are always ready to serve it’s best. We are open 24hrs x 365 day a Year. We do print letterhead exclusive Indian and imported across the world paper. Available letterhead paper color are cream, off-white, textured, plain etc. Print turnaround 1-3 days it also depends on types of application to be done on letterhead.

Pain Point of Letterhead


  1. Paper gsm is low
  2. paper size is little smaller
  3. Paper quality is not good
  4. Printing color remove during laser print out.
  5. Print quality pix elated


Theses are common problems raise in letterhead printing. it can be short out.

  1. Letterhead paper 85 to 100 commonly used for. if you want thicker you can use 120, 130, 140 gsm, you need to tell our executive about your taste.
  2. In the cause of design made flash-cut design some printer print it on the finished A4 paper size and during the print process it requires some blank margin. after printing a margin is removed and ultimately letter became smaller. here you need a bigger paper to print actual size then cut and finish cost may be a little high.
  3. It is available a long-range quality of paper you can select quality before placing order.
  4. Pre-Print removed or deface, during a laser print on letterhead, it may be printed digitally before some times it happens when it is heated in laser printing machines due to heat, it maybe remove, avoid this problem you select letterhead printing Screen or Offset Printing Process can be solved. 
  5. Before printing a letterhead you should be check image quality must have 300 DPI other wise it may cause pix elated.

Top Glued vs Loose Letterhead

Today most of all businesses use computerized print letters, take a laser print hassle-free to choose a loose letterhead sheet. We offer a 100 sheets a packet. 

A glued letterhead may the cause of the paper jam error during getting a print. If you are using a hand-written letter it may fit you.

The best quality letterhead applications

UV coating | Foil Printing & Embossing | Textured Paper Selection | Printing with micro water marking is the best letterhead according to me a letterhead is a your external face in the market that will make your brand enhancement in your marketing space.

Except these printing application Font Selection, Content Designing and Printing also matter a lot.

How much does a letterhead cost per piece?

Screen printed letterhead price is based on per color 2-3 color printing letterhead minimum qty 500 pcs, executive bond 100 gsm, cost INR 3 to 3.5/-each.

Digital printing same quantity cost INR 4.5 each 5/-  

Multi color letterhead qty 4000-5000 price same quality cost very cheap INR 2-2.5/-

Finding an unmatched quality letterhead may cost INR 15-20/-each letterhead quantity as low as 500.

Why letterhead printing nearby me?

Mostly people search for letterhead printer nearby her/him. Today all online printer provide home delivery services. Online letterhead printing company vista print and print venue provide home delivery services.

Within 7-10 delivery in all major city across the India.

Whom needs a letterhead?

Starting a new commercial and non commercial business or carrying a old business both need a regular business letterhead. 

What are the time frame of a letterhead printing?

As I mentioned that there are mainly 3 types of printing method some of them can be done within same day delivery and some may take 2-3 days from the finalization of the order. It depends on the number of letterhead and printing applications.

You need the best quality of letterhead it may take within a week. As there enough time to making a print process like die making and pre-press.

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