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Name Plate Maker in Munirka, Delhi NCR India.

A nameplate is a type of signage used in indoor & outdoor displays such as Corporate Offices, Residential Houses, Hospitals, historical places etc. that tells about who/what you are. Nameplates might be personalized, corporate office, store name, address, reception, canteen, etc.

It is a signage of identification of place, person, instructions etc. We can define them into categories according to their uses such as personalized nameplates, nameplates for houses, and nameplates for room no.

Whether the nameplate of the corporate house, educational institution, or government office, the primary object is to navigate visitors to the right place, except for the right navigation, it’s a systematic way to organize employee morality and visitor convenience so why not aesthetic looks of nameplate while first impression?

The first intension of I am to search for the best nameplate for print longevity, aesthetic looks, easy holding, print fading over time, and best pricing. All these factors are subject to the quality of the nameplate material used, printing technology, and the surface where to be fixed nameplate.

So let’s discuss these points deeply before buying the best nameplate for houses/offices.

Instant Name Plate Price

Most Common Stuff Used for Making Name Plates

Usually, a nameplate is made of Aluminum, Acrylic, Brass Metal, Silver Metal, etc. It depends on your choice and pocket size. Some nameplate processes do not allow to addition of colorful designs on the nameplate, so before placing a nameplate order need to understand print feasibility.

For accurate shaping of the nameplate and inscription of content on the plate, different types of technology such as CARVING, ENGRAVING, LASER MARKING, UV PRINTING, etc

Types of Name Plate

Searching nameplate intention might have different purposes as well as long-term, short-term, or one-time use.

  1. Personalized Name Plate For Employees
  2. Entrance of the Office Name Plate
  3. Doctors Name Plate
  4. Address Name Plate
  5. Door Pull & Push Name Plate
  6. Student Name Plate
  7. Toilet
  8. Bathroom
  9. Pantry

Metal Name Plate

Stainless Steel and Brass are the two most common metals used for making engraved nameplates. Both are long-term uses with aesthetic looks. We make the custom metal nameplate stainless steel on 18 gauge (1mm thick). Regular size for office entrance nameplates are A4, 12″x18″, 15″x24″. It can be customized as well as your custom required sizes. SS plate is an anti-corrosion metal and stays the same for a long period.

1. Stainless Steel Name Plate

Stainless steel sheet comes in plain and brush-finished looks. There are two grades of stainless steel plate

  1. Code 302 SS Plate (chromium nicked)
  2. Code 402 SS Plate

2. Brass Name Plate

The front side is a well-polished and glossy finish and the backside is unpolished. Full brass metal sheet size for making name place comes 24″x48″ approx 1 mm thick

Inscription on Metals Application

There are mainly 2 application

  1. Laser Marking
  2. Engraving

Laser Marking

Laser marking works very shallowly applicable on both types of metals, we can not add colorfully design to the laser marking process as per our original creative/layout. Marking is processed through laser with high accuracy even entricated design. The depth of laser marking comes to around 0.02mm.

Chemical Etching Process

Before engraving the design on the metal nameplate, a design is created using computerized line art designs, transferring the design into negative film after applying it to the metals, the metal sheet is dipped into the chemical (acid) till the required depth is eaten by acid. Usually, a depth of 0.2-0.3mm is enough to fill the required color. This process is the most preferred for metal and brass does not facilitate multi-color design on name plate.

Read More lase marking

Now they are available in the form of artificial like brass and ss, actually, it is made of PVC and you can get it printed through UV printing.

Metal Name Plate Price

Metal nameplate price depends on the cost of metal quality, nameplate size, color filling complications, etc. The stainless steel-made nameplate is at least 50% cheaper compared to the brass material-made nameplate.

Nameplate Design

We create a designer nameplate using computerized design (line art and stylish font face type) to maximize accuracy in understanding your office’s prestigious at first glance of your visitors.

Colorful Designed Name Plate For Home

Searching for colorful design imprinted nameplates go for acrylic or sun board material to make the name. When it comes to luxury-look nameplates for houses go for 5 mm or 10 thick acrylic nameplates with UV printing technology

UV Printed Outdoor Name Plate

The luxurious nameplate process is done, using reverse printing on the thick clear acrylic sheet using UV printing technology and then added over-ground color printing as per choice. The given final shape and size of the nameplate using laser cutting and buffing application. Reverse printed name acrylic print makes you print scratch-free and shiny finish.

Pocket Name Badge

Buy online school name batches made of rectangles, round, oval, etc. with printed or engraving or rectangles. School badges such as monitor, head boy, and head girl are used like it. Fixing on the t-shirt position you can go pin a safety pin or magnetic.

Magnetic Pocket Name Badges

Pinned name batches create a poke on the dress permanently, buy magnetic name batches as our name badges are made of digitally printed acrylic 3mm thick sheet and 18 gauge ss plate and back side supported by 2 magnetic pcs.

Button Badges For Pocket (Tin)

Available 1.5″, and 2.0″ round button badges on plastic and tin materials. A higher quantity is the better price required min. qty 100 pcs each design cost come around 15-20 pcs. You can place colorful designs.

The standard size of the badge is 55 mm

These Standard size 2″x2″ badges come to Rs 12 to 15/- each

Pocket Name Plate (Metal)

When it comes to making name batches on a metal plate like SS and Brass with info-graphic you need to make negative or positive or it is done lesar engraving on metals. The average cost per pocket name plate comes to around 150/- -200/- respectably stainless steel and brass.

Pocket Name Plate (Plastic)

Buying pocket nameplates made of plastic materials with vinyl stickered costs around 100 rupees per pcs. and it will take hours to produce. plastMetal name batches for hotel staff, safe batches,

Conference Name Badges

Short-term used name batches such as in the exhibition participant, seminars, hanging in necks with printed lanyards cost around Rs. 40-50/-. Printed a thick paper with personalized details and inserted into the plastic pouch available in B4, B5 etc. Stocks are available 24×7 printing and delivery throughout Delhi & NCR.

Tin Badges Price 15/-

Required quantity badges 500 and above each price cost 15/- all stuff used tin material and  Rs 12/- Fron made of tin and back side plastic made.

Some plate is made of radiant stickers that glow itself when the light fails and are used in hospitals, malls, and corporate offices where there is a huge gathering nameplates such as Exit, Stairs etc.

Exit Name Plate
Exit Name Plate

Name Plate Making-Old Method

Earlier it was used to made through chemical known as die casting on the metal of handwritten on metal or wooden. As well as it was done manually so the chance of inaccuracy of design/letter become more as well as filling ink in the engraved area somewhere deeper or shallow got.

But signage technologies have been upgraded that can be made any kind of materials with best quality nameplate through laser engraving or Laser cut letter and adhere on the base sheet and fixed on the wall.

Unmatched Name Plate -New Method

To make a nameplate some unique for a company director or some other label using

  1. laser engraving and filling ink as well as registered color, no chance to fade and remove over the years.
  2. Direct print any stuff even metal or non-metal such as ” Brass, Stainless Steel, Wooden, Aluminium Composite Panel etc.” applying UV prints

Economical Name Plate

These types of nameplates are used for short-term as well as events, and seminars, using vinyl prints and sunboard, acrylic materials.

  1. Cheap Personalized Name Plate
  2. Cheap House Name Plate

Cheap Personalized Name

Go for acrylic or plastic material nameplate, average cost per nameplate comes to 150-200/-. Typically, digitally printed or engraved.

Cheap House Name Plate

Looking economical name plate, you can go for acralic, or sunboard name plate There are various types of substrate to make a nameplate on soundboard, acrylic, wooden,

Name Plate
Name Plate

Best Name Plate

How much does a brass nameplate cost?

These brass plate thickness overall 2mm-2.5mm thickness, and complete with printing price comes 20-25 Rs. per square inch. price depends on the quality and number of color to be added.

Which one process is the best for the name plate making?

Different types of name plate required different process likewise, Laser Engraving, UV printing, Digital Printing, etc. but awesome laser engraving, where accuracy comes 99.9%

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