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Best Rubber Stamp Maker, Manufacturer in Munirka Delhi NCR India.

A rubber stamp maker profession plays a major role to make your document valid and authentic. Each official document is required to the stamped and attested to prove it. Stamping is mandatory whether your business is small or large scale. Since the few years, back transactions have been started online, rubber stamp making still be continued until the entire transaction is done paperless. But the validation of the document still continues in the coming years.

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Except for making valid your documentation, the stamped document is the first step of your company brand identity and your brand name in the public domain. Stamping your brand name on every official document going outside is a good practice in terms of your brand promotion.

We make a rubber stamp and common seal using for Porous (Product, Glass, Metals) and Non-Pourous (Paper Product, Plastic Product, Fabric Product, Leather, Wooden, etc.

These stamps are made of rubber foam, polymer, and woods materials. Choose the best suit for your document.

Types of Ink

  1. Pre-Inked
  2. Self Ink
  3. Wood Handle Stamp 

There are mainly 3 types of stamps, we have various brand names in terms of material quality, different sizes, and ink brands use. Respectively each brand have priced differently.

Different Uses of Stamp 

You are making a stamp could be a Logo Stamp, Address Stamp, Signature Stamp, Stamp For Box, Stamp for Wood, Stamp for Leather there are lots of uses of the stamp, Stamp for Cloth, Stamp for Arm. 

Here are a few questions raised about stamp-making material quality, content sharpness, longevity, impression count, and inked stamp or without while planning. Before making a stamp you need to know more about your stamp uses, with ink, without ink, stamp with inkpad, and its portability.  in the office or outside you are going to.

You may have seen a low-quality stamp can be insulted with bleeding of ink into the pocket while you are on tour. I have a quality stamp for every level of a business entrepreneur. Choose as per your taste. 

Stamp Making Raw Material

There are various aspects need to make a dezired stamp.

  1. Flash Machine
  2. Laser Engraving Stamp Machine
  3. Polymer Stamp Making Machines.
  4. Various Styles of Plastic and Wooden Handles,
  5. Oil Based Ink
  6. Water Solvent Based Ink
  7. Polymer Liquid
  8. Polymer Sheet
  9. Foam Sheet
  10. Butter Paper/Transparency
  11. Computer or Laptop Device 

Rubber Stamp Maker Create Stamp For All Size Businesses 

  1. Stamp for short term uses.
  2. High impression count stamp
  3. Sharp and crisp content
  4. Pocket friendly stamp
  5. Luxury stamp 
  6. Common Seal  

The longevity of a stamp depends on the quality of materials used as well as stamp reliability and capacity to make a thumb impression. These different types of stamps are prepared with different technology that makes them different from each other some of them are. Each type of stamp could have a unique advantage and dis advantage.

Material Quality : 1. Polymer Stamp, 2. Foam Stamp.

Stamp Content Creation: 1. Lase engraving technology 2. Using Flash Light Technology

Stamp Inking: 1. Pre-Ink 2. Self Ink 3. Using Ink Pad

Embossed Stamp: Computerised Laser Engraving on Metal & Hard Plastic 

Available all types of stamp at rubber stamp maker – Shivani Enterprises

Extra Ordinary Rubber Stamp Maker

You are planning to make a stamp for use on big size carton or box, it may be inconvenient ask to me in this regard. We make a metal and wood stencil that could be the right solution for brand marking. Choose the best for you.

You do not have to keep an ink pad big size, you require only a paint spray bottle keep the stencil on the box, and hit the push button, your brand name is ready to dispatch.

No need ink pad, just go to the hardware shop ask for spray paint for it.

Stamp making is so important till the document entirely became paperless coming to the years as it requires a digital signature.

Order rubber stamps online with Shivani Enterprises is easy. You just choose the stamp template and customize the font style, size, logo, etc. and download how it looks like.

This software is so user-friendly you can customize your stamp easily. Even if you are uncomfortable send your artwork our team design and get to approve it.

You are engaged either big or small business you must need a stamp to make your document validate publically. It could be a bill/receipt book/certificate for authorization required a stamped paper.

Popular Stamp Known by The Name

  1. Pre-Inked Stamp 2. Self Ink Stamp  4. Dater Stamp 5. Common Seal (Embossed), 6. Leather Stamp 7. Wooden Stamp 7. Pocket Stamp 8. Pen Stamp 9. Number Stamp 10. MRP, Batch Number, MFG, and Expiry Date Stamp. Known by the various name. Choose the best works for you.

1. Pre-Ink Stamp

These stamps are kinds of stamps that contain inbuilt ink no need to add each time ink when you are required to make a stamp. press stamp on the object imprint off the stamp and to the object. Available in rectangle and round shape well choose the best fit to keep in a pocket or hang it like a pen with cap. This is the stamp for speedy stamping without mess. 

round pre ink stamp

Available in Rectangle, Square, Triangle

Longevity of these inks are more than 5000 imprint. Making stamp with laser technology highly precised.

Pre-Inked Stamp Making Process Step by Step

  1. The first step is you need to make a computer design and get a laser print on butter paper in black color want to make a design stamp
    Open Flash Exposure unit, keep your butter paper face upside in the Flash Exposure unit, just above exposing films and Exposing Foam, etc. and lock it down.
    Switch on the Flash Exposure unit light and wait a few seconds till it is exposed.
    Open Flash Exposure unit takes out butter paper, exposing films and exposed foam stamp. Keep in garbage butter paper and expose the film.
    Your foam stamp is ready, you just put some drops of oil-based ink from the exposed area.
    Mount your foam on the foam holder and use it hassle-free. 

Pre-inked stamp standard size : 20 mm x 60 mm, 30 mm x 70 mm, 70 mm x 100 mm 

2. Self Ink Stamp

Self Ink Stamp

These self ink stamps machine has 2 segments . No. 1 Ink Pad and No. 2 Content. It works on the mechanism of spring, When a pressure is applied on the object to be stamped, each time content carved (Nylon letter) touches to the ink pad to pick up ink to make impression on the object. Sooner you unpressed stamp machines, carved content retain previous space. 

These stamps are available in circle and rectangular size. After finishing of the ink can be refilled and pad changed. Ideally blue, black and red color available round the clock. 

You can choose from rectangle and round shape. Stamp body is made of high-quality plastic stuff with a long period guarantee. 

Self Inked Rubber Stamp Making Process, Step by Step

A self-inking stamp is the mechanism of a spring that works to make contact with the inkpad and rubber stamp in built it. It is prepared in a few steps.

A. Preparation of Photo Polymer

B. Setup an Inkpad

Let’s start making photopolymer stamps.

  1. Get a laser print out on the butter paper make it darken or use negative
  2. Lay down a plastic transparent sheet on the glass 20 to 25 microns and put butter paper face upside above transparent plastic
  3. Pour out liquid polymer thickness of 1-1.5 mm, making a boundary and cover it with a transparent plastic sheet from the top side
  4. Closed Down exposure unit until it exposed and take it out and dip into the developer to be harden
  5. Put it in the clean water to wash out and dry it
  6. Take out ink p[ad from the machine put some oil-based ink drop on it and place it on the machine
  7. Mount polymer stamp in the machine, it’s ready to use.  

Now the Latest Technologies of making the rubber stamp are “Laser Engraving On the Rubber” you can get the best result of rubber stamp thumb like a laser print out impression. 

It does not required a inkpad. 

3. Hand Stamp

Made of polymer materials need to the Inkpad, Handles are available in plastic and wooden.  Each of stamp has its own advantage. It is very cost effective but you have to need additional inkpad. The clarity of the content produced not as clear as pre inked stamp.   

4. Dater Stamp (Band Stamp)

Dater Stamp
Dater Stamp

Most of all these stamps are used valid product expiry and verified document dated on. These stamps required a inkpad, picking ink before making impression on the object. 

4. Embossing Seals

Embossed Seal
Embossed Seal

These stamps are used highly authenticated paper corporate official signature for a long association government registration. We do make with corporate seal with latest technologies laser etching dyes that produces 99.9% of accurate and embossed content as well as your document to be embossing seals. 

Available dyes 1. Hard Plastic (Polymer) Seal : These seals are available in 3 sizes. Computerised etched common seal are maximum embossed and accurate content seals. It get hardly 3-4 hours to make. Small details can be embossed easily.

2. Metal Seal : These seals are man crafted, get more time to produce and also take time to create 3-4 days and in terms of poor quality but price are cheaper.  

5. Wood Rubber Stamp 

Wooden Stamp

These stamps are cheaper but it last long. just you have fill in each time before stamp on the stuff. there is no more mechanism so no chance to damage it. you have to replace the ink pad if out of ink. 

6. Batch No., MRP, MFG and Expiry Date Stamp

Batch No. Stamp
Batch No. Stamp

These stamp are helpful to make a random marking on paper, pouch, ink used soon dry, easy to change digit you required. You can adjust upto 5 lines. 

7. Sun Stamp

It is pre-setup of rubber foam and burned the content with the help of flash machines. The quality of these stamps are sharp and crisp. Logo graphic and text base content best option go for it. 

These stamps are in built rubber foam with the base, easy to press to make stamp. It works for a long terms. No need to inkpad within. Stay smudged free your hand.

8. Stamps For Leather Made Products

Leather Made product needed a metal carved dye. Shivani Enterprises do make a laser engraved or carved letter for leather professionals at a affordable price. These metals are made of Brass and Zinc having thickness of upto 18 mm. Theses dyes and block used for Deboss.

Company Name with Your Designation,  Address. Etc

Here I want to mention some types of stamps used often, according to industry guidelines required. There are many other types of documents where stamps are commonly used such as:-

Stamp for various types of firm Proprietorship | Partnership | Private Limited | NGO | LLC | Personalized Stamp | Accountant 

  • Banking,
  • Agreement and Company Memorandum
  • Legal Documentation, Will, Deed 
  • Business Assignment
  • Address Proof Etc.
  • Notary Stamp
  • Stamp For Batch No/MFG Date/Expiry Date/MRP 

It also helps to accelerate our work’s in a very smooth and speedy way. Usually, a stamp maker professional gets it ready within 2-3 hours.

While making a quotation for a tender you must be required a dully stamped printed letterhead with signature for authentication.

A Computerised Stamp help to make brand promotion along with documentation as it is very easy to make any graphic on stamp easily with the help of a computer.

Choose Laser Rubber Stamp that gives the extraordinary effect of resolution and micro-finished letter and rubber cutting finish 

Stamp Shapes 

Rectangle, oval and Circle

Top Most Stamp Brand 

  1. Shiny 2. Colop. 3.Trodat

Materials made of stamp – Polymer, Wood and Rubber. 

Personalized Stamp

1. Pocket (Circle & Rectangle)

2. Pen Stamp (Rectangular)

Custom Logo Stamp Size

You can choose logo stamp size 30 x 30 mm and 60 x 60 mm best size you can optimize it. You can place your logo rectangle, oval and circle shape.

Basic Rubber Stamp Price in Delhi

Stamp basic prices start from Rs. 250/- onward, the price of a stamp depends on the quality of stamps and it’s sizing.

Rubber Stamp Shape As well as Rectangular, Round, Oval, Big, Small, Pre-Inked, Self Inked, Ink Pad Stamp, different sizes and shapes, etc.

Cheapest Stamp (Polymer Stamp)

Wooden handle stamp starts from Rs 120/- minimum for 3 line content, for use with the ink pad. make sure you need an ink pad extra from each time you need to add ink and then stamp. It’a traditional rubber stamp making. It needs 2-3 days to get prepare.

Rubber Stamp Standard Size

  1. 30mmx30mm
  2. 34mmx14mm
  3. 58mmx22mm
  4. 70mmx32mm
  5. 100mmx70mm

These are the standard sizes, here content is customized as per your infographics or text, etc.

There are several other websites that make stamps online and get delivered at your doorstep within 4-5 days. just go and do compare price. 

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Ready to Use Stamps Stock 

Stamp makers keep stock always that used commonly, just purchase and start using.

  1. Dater
  2. Paid
  3. Delivered
  4. Month
  5. Cash Received
  6. Canceled

You can get to blue, green, black or red color readymade

Types of stamps are used in documentation?

There are several types of stamp such as:-

  1. Pre-ink stamp
  2. Self ink stamp
  3. Dater stamp
  4. Common Seal /Corporate Seal
  5. Company stamp with dater
  6. Stamp with Alphabet and Numeric
  7. Wooden Stamp
  8. Numbering Stamp
  9. Stamp for Event or Entry

Pre-made : Dater, Confirmed, Paid, Received 

Back then people have to keep Ink stamp and their rubber stamps together to stamp their urgent documentation at the point of need.

It was always a hectic work for people to handle both of them together but now the time has changed, sometimes it’s happened to leak out ink and destroy pocket or container and feel insulted itself.

Get your common seal (Embossed Seal) within an Hours

It is known also as “Company Seal”  Now you can get make your common seal within an hour, where it was taken earlier 3-4 day minimum time and inaccuracy of small content but now you can common seal with info-graphics. It’s a fully automated laser engraving process. Here are made on hard plastics male and female section and fit into metallics frame

Accuracy comes 99.9% to the original artwork it is the latest technology of making a common seal

To get in click here 

Stamp for Event and Entry Point

These stamps are used occasionally like a Mega Event or Age Restriction are stamped on the hand.

Due to being used on the skin, these stamps ink is 100% water-soluble and skin infection-free. It can be washed away 2-3 days later.

Wooden Stamp

Mainly used for a craft of fabric, a block wood is carved with laser engraving and used with an external ink pad On The Wall, Floor or Ply Wood, etc.   

Stamp For Batch No./MFG Date/Expiry Date

These stamps are made of metallic with alphabet and numbers, can be arrange according to our requirement manually. There is a ink pad inside stamp just fill inks and start stamping. At least 1000 impression complete one refill. 

Some people want to stamp on the label already pasted on cylindrical bottle that’s not feasible. You need flat surface stickers to stamp and then paste on bottle. 

Stamping Capacity of a Pre-Inked and Self Inked Rubber Stamps

During travel out of station for a business deal or participating in the trade show the best way to keep Pen Stamp and Pocket Stamp. A good quality stamp gives more than 10,000 impressions. Usually, these stamps color come such as Blue, Green, Black, Red Color, etc. It can be re-filled after being out of ink.

Stamp Maker in Munirka

People love to keep the self-ink stamp easy to handle with closed containers compared to stamps with the pad. Obviously, it comes in various colors such as red, green, black, and blue. Stamp shape comes in a rectangle, oval and round circle. but now in the computer word, any kind of even text or graphics easily can be made.

Pocket Stamp
Pocket Stamp

To place an order choose the size as per your round/oval or rectangle our expert will make design and get approved by you. thereafter will be made

Required a stamp with graphics easy to apply all types of computerized rubber stamp you can add text, graphics, and images also. in one stamp for branding and easy to recognize. to keep it long lost required to pack into the container as it when it comes into the air it dries out sooner. round size is available starting range from 3/4″ to 2.5-inch dia inch.

Pen Stamp
Pen Stamp

Rubber Stamp Maker, make quality rubber stamps are filled with a quality of ink that can be used for a long side up to 1000 of an impression as well as a material have the max capacity to absorb more ink.

Stamp container comes in various sizes can be customized as per your content required.

Rubber Stamp vs Seal

Seal and Rubber Stamp is common for documentation when you are planning for a big deal.

Rubber stamps are an ink-based marking, it may be a pre-ink stamp or self ink stamp

Where a seal is a without ink (embossed) mark, where data is raised on the paper by pressing the metallic of hard plastics dies.

Tips to make a high-quality stamp

  1. It a game of quality print butter print quality, Accurate liquid polymer exposing temperature, and best quality raw materials.
  2. Only an experienced and skilled worker know proper temperature as well it required lower temperature in summer season and higher in the winter season.
  3. While spreading a liquid polymer it should be bubble-free surface.
  4. After exposed liquid polymer, washout properly to a more visible letter.
  5. Dip stamp in the ink appropriate time to keep ink long run rubber stamp.

Know the tips smartly before start making stamp business

  • Check content that is going to be used in stamp whether it might be legal or illegal.
  • Ask them to provide an authorized order letter.
  • Keep record order letters for the long term.

Know things necessary to start up rubber stamp business

Where the business of stamp making is easy you should be knowledgeable to full fill requirement of customer, today people like to make their stamp with an infographic. the point of view exposing time should be accurate to be result oriented.

  • Flash Rubber Stamp Machine
  • Polymer Exposing Unit
  • Computer
  • Laser Printer
  • Oil-based and water-based ink 
  • Liquid Polymer
  • Developing Tray
  • Stamp Frame, Scissor, and Alloy Materials.
  • Foam
  • Tracing Paper
  • Glue
  • Flash Stamp Holder
  • Running Clean Water
  • Cotton

Make Rubber Stamp Online

Today more than 40% stamp order executed online, I received online here a customer email me a text or image our team makes a design online design tool and get it approved online after making shipped it. Except this our online stamp making tool is very easy you can do it your self hessle-free. 

Online stamp making website click here

3 Tips to rubber stamp maker that long run and safe

  1. Always keep covered with cap every time used
  2. If you want to refill your self ink stamp, after 80% used ink you get to refill
  3. Press the ink pad gently and straight downward not slant.

Quality of ink used in rubber stamp

Usually, water and oil-based ink are used in stamp making. Self ink stamps used water-based ink. Mostly water-based ink used for porous materials like paper, board, etc. Often, it gets dry within 1-2 minutes longer time to dry up.

Stamp used for metals, plastics are made of oil-based and quick dry ink.

Non-toxic and permanent ink used most of all for the human body in hospitals, clubs, bar, etc.  etc. this is waterproof ink.

Click here to get the UV ink for rubber stamp

Difference between Self Ink and Pre Inked Stamp

Self Ink Stamp:  We can segment self ink stamp into two part. 1. Body 2. Spring Mechanism.

Body: Entire body is made of high quality plastic having a slot of ink pad, polymer rubber stamp and spring seperately

Spring Mechanism: At normal situation the stamp (polymer rubber stamp) and inkpad are in contact each other to fill up ink. During pressure downside on the spring stamp (polymer rubber stamp) start come-off the ink pad with ink towards the intended paper to make ink impression on the object. Sooner press left it return back as well as normal condition..

Pre Inked Stamp : Here data is embedded on the rubber sheet with filled ink there is no mechanism of spring, embedded content rubber leaves a constant imprint on the object.

Click Here how it works source GLOBE STUDIO ONE

Best Brand of Rubber Stamp

  1. Colop
  2. Shiny
  3. Sun Brand 

These two brands are the most popular manufacturer even quality and finished looks. Provides services worldwide. Not even machines but all material related to the stamp making.

Rubber Stamp Making Challenges

Most of all problems of clients are

  1. Smudged hand and documents.
  2. Ink finish sooner than expectation.
  3. Self-inking rubber stamp spring loosen.

These all 3 major problems can be solved easily

If the ink flashes from the unwanted places you should use a bond drop to stop it completely

The capacity of stamp impression depends on the content size big and bold content samp last sooner compare to thin content.

It depends on the quality you are using and handling stamps, the best quality plastic material and metal spring used in stamp lasts longer.

Rubber Stamps For Each Businesses

Shivani Enterprises provides stamp making services for every types of business even it comes to luxury, time saving and very cost effective perspective. You can choose from. It’s our mission to help every businessmen to grow their business fast whether they have low or high budget.

Frequently Asked Question 

Q. Why people prefer self-inking stamp?

Ans. 1. Self inking stamp make your work done fast.

        2. You can replace inkpad (in built stamp) easily.

        3. Optionally, change inkpad color you like most

        4. Produce clear, crisp and smudge-free impression.

There are no chance to smudge you finger and document as inkpad works in the inside plastic made machines. These are a few reason people like it most.      

Q. What denotes a best rubber stamp maker?


  1. An ideal rubber stamp produces a high number impression. 
  2. Content imprint quality sharp and crisp.
  3. Ink impression only on the intended area not smudge document and hand.
  4. Long lasting ink pad.

Q. How much does a basic rubber stamp cost?

Ans. A basic rubber stamp cost start from Rs. 50/-(nylon rubber stamp) onward either it is round or rectangle shape. including opto 2 line content.

Q. Why stamp making shop near me?

Ans. People searches on the internet rubber stamp store near me for saving their valuable time. Shivani Enterprises facilitate customer to place an order online where they can select various types of stamp models online and place their content itself and publish and save their valuable time. Once order received perfectly we get delivered at their door step at given time.

Q. What should I do, if my ink pad dried out or became out of ink?

Ans. Well, you must add ink diluter to use, make sure that access diluter may be the case to faid stamping result. You can change inkpad in cause of out of ink pad.

Q. Why buy stamp from Shivani Enterprises?

Ans. We at Shivani Enterprises feed stamp to the customer it’s best, because we hold stock large range of stamp raw material, size, for each size customer requirement this is why we have a huge clientele base.

Q. Why stamp making business shifting online?

Ans, Due to the digitalization, there is a big market place you can place an online order, get received your stamp at doorstep free of cost delivery. Most of all e-Commerce printing company provides services Pan India. Most of all online order executed within week. 

Q. Is it possible to get a same-day stamp delivery?

Now everything is going to digital. Shivani Enterprises feel happy to serve our clients as fast as possible. We are able to deliver same day rubber stamp only Delhi and NCR region.

Q. Is a rubber stamping on every document passing out helpful in your Brand Promotion?

Ans. Of course, all online sellers make a thumb of brand each and every document passing through. Stamping a logo on the product could be a major part of brand promotion, most of all brands make their stamp brand info-graphics like ICICI Bank, HDFC, SBI Bank, etc.

It leaves a major and unforgettable impact like Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal, etc

Stamping on every document out side office another advantage is helpful to return back said document.  

Q. What is personalized rubber stamp?

Ans. There are lot of profession like a Doctor, Lawyer, Judge, Accountant, IAS Officer, Travel Agent like and moving job executive required a stamp on the meeting or event to valid a document. They need to stamp keep round the clock make personalized fit for pocket or easy to keep in a carry bag.

Pocket Stamp, Signature Stamp and Pen Stamp make them smart handle easy.

Q. Are the ink used in the stamp is toxic?

Ans. Usually, people ask this question frequently because some times it spread out in hand that may cause to come in connection with the body anywhere and may harm a little. Basically there are two types of ink used in 1. Petroleum Oil 2. Vegetable Oil based Ink.

I want to make you assure that yes if the oil-based ink come with skin contact you may feel Itching and Alergy nothing more than that.

Vegetable oil ink specially used on the human body stamping for an entry point in the event are eco-friendly are “Not Harmful”

Q. How can I remove rubber stamp ink, if it smudged the hand and rubber stamp handle?

Ans. There are different types of ink used in the stamp making. It could be oil based or water based. To remove oil based ink required a solvent and a few small piece of cotton fabric, just get wet with solvent and rub at smudged area  till the properly removed from. Washing detergent powder is well enough for water based smudged ink.

Q. Why the official document required rubber-stamped mandatory?

Ans. Basically, a rubber-stamped paper is considered as a certified document, to make authentication required a rubber-stamped mandatory. A rubber stamped document is considered legally valid. 

In some cases, you need to be sealed depends on the document prescribed by the authorized agency.

Q. Can we start a stamp making business from home?

Ans. Absolutely, It doesn’t need enough space to start up, a 10 fit x10 fit space is sufficient for you, you can start initially from your home. Make sure how you facilitate your business for customer prospective in terms of get to noticed your customer about your business. There is huge opportunity and market place in India. 

Q. How much does a rubber stamp maker business profitable?

Ans. It depends on your business volume related to your local area marketing, even now a stamp maker business is being executed online. There is a huge market you can expand as you wish. people are earning in five figure income and above monthly.

Q. Do you refill self-inking and pre-inked stamp?

Ans. Yes, we do refill. but make sure you need to refill ink pad remaining ink in the pad approx 20%, because of applying pressure on the ink pad over and over became harder and do not absorb ink as it need to be spongy form for better refling.

Q. Are you authorized to make a govt stamp?

Ans. I strongly declare here, we required an authorized letter for the said authority. To accept order for making stamp or reject is our right.

Q. How can I customize my stamp online? 

Ans. It’s very easy to customize your stamp content the way you wish with shivani enterprises online stamp generator tool here you can preview how it will look like after finished product in terms of stamp size, shape, font size and face type.

If you are unable to customize content, send email our experienced and skilled designer customize and get approved by you. 

Q. What are the concept of stamp making process?

Ans. There are mainly 2 concept of rubber stamp making. 1, Nylon Rubber Stamp 2. Flash Rubber Stamp. The latest stamp making technique is known as flash rubber stamp which is most popular. The reason behind it is, it takes only a few minute, sharp & crisp content, smudge free document and hand.

Q. Which one types stamp comes more crisp and sharp pre ink stamp or self ink?

Ans. Pre ink stamps are more accurate and more impression count and ink used in pigment hard to remove.

Declaration : If Shivani Enterprises found illegal activity, without any information will be noticed to the concerned authority.

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