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Best Standee Printing in Delhi NCR India

Standee printing plays a major role in terms of modern advertising media. Even if it is outdoor or indoor displays as well as Store Front, Small Event, Exhibition, Expos, Conference, or Trade Fair is incomplete without displaying your message broadly. Advertising through standee is a smart way to divert audience attention towards your brand, services, offer, sales, etc.

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Besides reducing our stall decoration cost a roll-up banner stands as a smart way and fast display method. Easy to move towards audience crowd to grab prospects attention in the business event in the right manner. If you place it at prime location may convert prospects into customers in huge numbers. A roll-up banner is a standalone marketing tool to show your message loudly, it does not require back support. We are a fast standee manufacturer in Delhi and provide same-day delivery in Delhi & NCR.

People search for freebies gift for the exhibition: Printed Pen and Promotional Notepad

Ask me, which one stand banner material would be the best for your coming event?

People may know it as a Regular Roll-Up Stand, Luxury Popup Banner, Retractable Banner Stand, Pull Up Banner, Sunboard Standee, Easel, Table Top Standee, etc. All these different names and advertising materials help to display your message broadly.

The big question is which standee can solve your problem? Doesn’t matter the name of the standee. The demands of Standee Printing in Delhi are increasing day by day.

Usually, standees come in various sizes and styles. The most popular standee making are 24″x60″, 30″x72″, 33″x72″ and 36″x72″.  You can choose according to your requirement as well as a rigid or retractable standee.

Rigid Standee is not fit to carry to and fro because it takes a huge space and can’t be dismantled. Rigid standees are best used for shopkeepers, Restaurants, and Fixed Places. You can place it inside the shop evening and place it outside a shop in the daytime. Rigid Standee life is longer compared to the retractable banner stand.

The standees are used worldwide for promotional material. Most of all standees are made of aluminum, steel metals, and plastic components. Higher the gauge metal used lead stronger. Due to low-density aluminum metal, standee weight comes very low and it made it easy to carry out outstation events and seminars hassle-free.

Usually, banners used in standee are made of PVC flex materials which are currently banned in those countries that are very conscious in terms of global warming and the welfare of the next generation. These countries highly recommend the participant event using 100% recyclable advertising banners.

So following these guidelines standee we make Cotton Fabric Banner Standee at affordable prices.

A few standees are made of cardboard, sunboard stand, plastic corrugated sheet and wooden (rigid standee). These types of standee are fit for outside of shops, indoor banks, and outside restaurants.

Places, where we can use rollup banner stand

Nowadays as it is used on a large scale in outdoor and indoor advertising as well as in Theatre, Hotel Lobby, Bar & Restaurant, Trade Shows, Cultural Events, Exhibitions Materials, Showrooms, Road Sides Demo, and even Small Retail Stores.

  1. Self Standing features make viable advertising tools. It’s hassle-free, self-standing marketing material.
  2. Installation of standee onsite is as simple as counting 1,2,3. It takes hardly a couple of minutes to install and dismantle.
  3. It comes with a lightweight and convenient carrying bag. A looped carry bag made it easy to carry in the Flight for Domestic and International Events.
  4. There are several reasons for adequate use of advertising standee printing as well as cost-effectiveness, hassle-free installation, better portability, multi-time uses, a professional showcase of Brand Name, minimal covering space even in the crowded work station for display for Discounts, Offers, and Seasonal Sales Promotions, etc.
  5. No required help someone in Install and Dismantle only you are sufficient.
  6. Overall, including stand, print media, and carrying bag total weight comes around Stand Banner Between 3-4 kg. For small business decoration of install, standee printing makes pocket friendly.
  7. The good thing is you can use Roll-Up Stand Multi-Time by easily Replacing Print Banners.
  8. You can optimize printing quality as per your Budget such as Solvent Print, Eco-solvent Print, and UV print Quality.

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Standard Sizes of Standee

Overall a small size standee starts from the A4 Size and A3 Size stand banner used for Table Top. But the most popular sizes for Indoor and outdoor fit everywhere are given below.

Table Top Standee
Table Top Standee
  • 24″ Wide x 72″ Height
  • 30″ Wide x 72″ Height
  • 36″ Wide x 72″ Height
  • 24″ Wide x 60″ Height
  • 48″ Wide x 72″ Height

Standee weight varies from size to size, with a compact carrying bag. The weight of vinyl banner and flex media comes an additional 0.5 kg extra.

Due to the huge demand for standee, there are a lot of manufacturers out there, it is very difficult to explain it when a customer is off from the standee store. Due to huge competition, some manufacturers make the quality low-grade standee material, which caused improper standout. Ultimately customer wants to save money and they face problem daily.

Standee Printing Media and Their Thickness

  1. Flex Banner: This media is highly used for regular standee and pocket friendly available in 300 gsm, one side high coated polyester coated and backside little rough. Printed at 72 to 150 DPI. It does not require laminates.
  2. Polypropelene Banner: This media is used for high-quality print. Having a thickness of 300 microns. Both the sides are very smooth surfaces that help to make a print high definition. Printed at 720 DPI to 1440 DPI. Must for lamination you can choose matte or gloss.
  3. Fabric Banner: Fabric banners are light in weight. Available in 130 gsm and 150 gsm high-quality printable stuff with 100% recyclable materials.

Standee Banner Printing Option

Each type of printing has its own advantage and disadvantage with respect to printing quality, Price, longevity, and environmental friendliness. You can choose your favorite type of printing and pay according. For example, if your business involves the environment go for eco-solvent and UV printing. Looking for long-lasting and outdoor advertising goes for UV printing. The cheapest digital printing goes for the solvent printing method.

Solvent Print : 

Eco solvent Print :

UV Print :

Latex Print :

Types of Standee

Here I am going to share deeply about standee quality and its longevity and why you should select for you.

I make a large variety of standees for various purposes. We do provide a standard for each grade business whether it is luxury or standard. We can categories mentioned below. All roll-up banner stand is self-standing advertising materials.

1. Retractable Roll-Up Banner Stand

2. Standee Sunboard (Cut out) Live Size

3. X Banner Stand

4. Easel With Sunboard

5. MS Pipe Standee

Types of Roll-Up Banner Stand

1. Retractable Banner Stand 

i) Regular Pull-Up Banner Standee

Pullup Stand Banner
Pullup Stand Banner

In the regular pull-up banner stands, the entire body (stand and banner holding stick) is made of aluminum metal. Available in 32″ x 72″ and 36″ x 72″ with a compact zipper bag. The base of the regular standee is 3″ wider x 36″ long that supporting its stability in the air. More than 50-60% of marketing space covers this type of standee. If you are searching cheapest pull-up banner stand this is best for you.

This stand is supportive of flex and PVC banner media. Solvent print on star flex media quality is comparatively low in terms of the visual print quality, pocket friendly compared to the better in quality, eco-solvent printing.

Choosing printing quality is a top priority when placing a roll-up banner stand and secondly, the image quality also matters enough to produce better results. Print quality in visuals is a part of choosing high-quality images and conceptual designing.

Regular pull-up banner stands cost INR 1300/-to INR 1600/– each. The media used is Star Flex media with 320 gsm, 0.35 mm thickness solvent printing. Each type of media can be applied to it. Make sure to avoid heavy media may case bend standee stick front or backside. According to my, it covers 50-60% off standard printing requirements.

The pain point of a regular stand banner is bending the stick front or back due to the lightweight stand and narrow base. Not fit for multiple-time use in the events. Flex banners are getting printed in 72 DPI resolutions. The good thing this standee comes in everyone’s budget you can manage 2-3 coming events easily.

Our Recommendation: This is the cheapest for outdoor advertising on a budget. If you targetting one or two times use it is the best.

ii) Chrome Metal Cap Roll Up Banner Stand

Metal Chrome Standee
Metal Chrome Standee

This is my second choice in terms of the quality of the roll-up banner stand. It’s a medium-quality banner stand due to both sides’ heavy steel caps it helps to stand up straight firmly.

The body of this standee is made of iron-coated looks like made of steel and aluminum. Heavyweight, wide base, and stronger stick made it stand sturdy. It’s a better option compared to a regular pull-up banner stand. It comes in only one size 33″ x 72″ only. To transit roll-up banner there is additional padding in the carry case that protects from bumps and frequent knocks. Extra padded carrying case protects from bulk restoration.

Both sides are heavier metal chrome extra aluminum, a wider standee base of 4″ and 32″, and a higher gauge stick hold banner straight up in the air.

It’s a better roll-up stand compared to the regular pull-up banner stand. When it comes to medium-quality banner stand printing.

The overall cost comes on star flex media INR 2000/- Due to the heavy metal base, it stands out firmly.

Standee container comes in a cardboard, double layer that supports handing damage control.

Recommendation: This is the second-best pull-up banner stand liked by all industry owners and solving standee problem

iii) Luxury Roll-Up Banner Stand

Luxury Standee

    Luxury Standee

If you are searching for a roll-up banner stand with a premium quality print, aesthetic stand and long-lasting banner stand your choice would be the best. We do print luxury banner stand EPSON large format printer at 1200 DPI High resolution. Best for rich industries like hotels, jewelry shops,s, and banks.

It stands firmly even it is high wind because of its heavier aluminum metal gauge and wider supporting base. This is the best solution for the standee printing point of view Stand Out Properly. The stand banner base is 8″wider and 32″ long which denotes its strong stability. Secondly, 22 gauges of material aluminum metals. much enough wider to face windy. These banner stands come in a matte and shiny finish.

You can use it either outdoors or indoors even a windy atmosphere fits every situation. If we talk about pricing it comes a little costly among all types of standee but it is a long-term investment.

Heavy or light print media can be applied hassle-free on this banner stand. Due to a wide base and high gauge sticks it standout straight firmly.

I will recommend you go for digital printing PVC banners media it may little cost more but it’s an awesome quality pulls up banner stand.

No pain point only gain, nothing else.

Eco-solvent print on banner media with matte lamination is the best luxury standee printing.

This standee is the best fit for the outdoor tour as well as Goa Trip or Holiday Tour, or Adventure Tour, you can place it open air even it is very windy.

Recommendation: It’s an exclusive quality standee, not an economical one. Big brands most choice.

iv). Table Top Standee

Table Top Standee
Table Top Standee

This is a small (size A4 and A3) rollup banner stand used commercially in the front office covering the menu, may I help you or services you will find mostly on the BAR, SPA, Hotel, Tour, and Travel Business used most?

It properly stands out on the table. It is best for short content display as what types of business and category no need to font size bigger as it is seen 5-10″ off the eyesight.

Due to its broader base, it stands firmly even fan is on. Best quality print, even you can replace easily at our own end.

Stand Banner is made of aluminum and Stainless steel that decorate your office conveying an advertising message.

Recommendations: Best for service-providing industries as a menu, offer, note message.

2. i) Sunboard Standee (Cut-Out)

It’s a rigid standee and for support from the backside, either an iron pipe stand or a sunboard is cut the way stand itself locking and unlocking fold that works as an independent stand when we need to display. Easy foldable when events have taken place. It is also known as a sunboard cut-out standee.

These standees are made of direct UV printing on a 5 mm thickness sunboard or adverting content print on vinyl (backing adhesive) and get laminated then pasted over the sunboard. The process of making a self-stand is a process with a fully automated computerized system to produce superior quality standee.

Recommendations: It is ideal for shop owner to place outside in the morning and move to in the shop evening. You will find it in front of a Patanjali store.

ii) Portable Banner Stand

Portable Banner Standee
Portable Banner Standee

Basically, it is made for the especially outdoor front of shop/office either one side or both side, the base is made of metal or wooden that could bestand sturdy structure looks like Hut and L shape. The base is made enough wider and sturdy to stand out firmly.

It’s a long-lasting standee solution but inconvenient to carry outstation. it can be customized as well as space available.

Usually, it is used to keep outside of the shop during office open and keep inside while going to office off.

Adjustable Backdrop Stand easy to carry outstation.

3. X Banner Stand

X Banner Standee
X Banner Standee

This standee banner is very economical and easy to use indoors as it can not be a more supportive wind atmosphere. It is fixed on a lightweight iron stick that makes the price cheaper. It is a very handy standee. it can’t face windy air.

These banners are not fit for an outside shop or office. inside use only. not feasible for multi-time installation and dismantling.

Recommendation: It is the best option when you are a low-budget standee and indoor use only.

4. Sun Board Easel Stand

Wooden Standee - Sunbord
Wooden Standee – Sun board

The entire structure is made of foldable wooden stuff that stands out firmly with the help of supporting three legs and advertising on sun board media is placed on the frame, front side and both sides it can be customized as per our requirement.

Mostly, easel stands are highly used by artists during making art. It is also used as a promotional stand self-standing display. The structure of the easel stand is made keeping in mind to place the sunboard on it as well as expandable vertically space. 2-3 printed 5 mm sunboard can be placed at a time and each sunboard can have both sides of advertising content. Each promotional sunboard can be used from time to time if required by flipping it.

Easel Stand Price

Easel stand price falls INR 1800 to 2400 according to their size. Made of lightweight and well polished perfect to place in the office, restaurant and studios.

Easy to carry and install from one place to another place. It does not take more than 1-2 seconds to dismantle and install. sunboard used It is easy to adjustable vertically and horizontally with help of 2 downsides and 1 upside clamp to fix the appropriate place with the movable adjuster. This wooden standee is foldable and easy to carry.

The biggest advantage is you can place a double-side printed sunboard as well as Lunch Menu during the daytime and night dinner by flipping sunboard only.

Ideal sizes for display message 2’x3′, 4’x3′ and 2’x4″.  It can be placed out of the Office, Goa Trips as it stands out in the open air properly.

All standee heights can be customized as per our requirements.

Easel Stand Size

Easel stand can be expanded up to 5 fits in height. You can place 2’x3′, 4’x2′, 3’x4′ sunboard easily. Lightweight pine wood made easy to carry from one place to another places.

Best Online Standee Design & Printing Company In Delhi NCR

There are a lot of businesses where standee printing is very useful in terms of displaying your brand as a restaurant business is very essential to boost their sale in the way of Today’s Special Offers, Navaratra Special, Wedding Events, etc.

When it comes to displaying, information designing is a big issue. You are expending a huge amount of raw materials but fail to show off among the audience which means nothing. Our professional designers are truly striving to understand your requirement and can provide you with the right solution,

Shivani Enterprises is an online standee design, manufacturing, and doorstep service providing company in Delhi NCR.

  • If you have a restaurant you can offer to your customer daily wise, I suggest that a luxury roll-up stand is the best option to display, offer, and discount daily wise by replacing print content.
  • Basically, a standee is mainly used for brand promotion and to attract the customer’s attention point of view of generating more sales. It helps the customer to come inside the shop to avail discounts and offers occasionally.
  • You can install and dismantle it within 1-2 minutes.
  • It can be displayed from a distance of 10-15 meters far

People like to promote locally their brand also on

Flex Banner hanging in the street

Poster Printing and pasting on the street wall, auto ads, and any types of vehicle.

Sun pack printing and advertising in the local area hanging on the tree, pillar electric poles, etc.

Flyer Printing for newspaper insert and take away counter.

For big spaces as well as in the hotel, conference hall for bigger stand banner used Adjustable Stand Banner up to 8 ft x 8 fits, Min size 4fit x 4fit, It’s easy to put up and take down within 5-7 minute

Standee Banner Design Software

You can find lots of templates on the internet but you need to customize your content in the professional standee design software where you can place your brand, logo, background color, replace text letter size, etc. A bigger size letter is better as it is seen at least 2-3 fit off from standee, Avoid unnecessary content.

  • Coreldraw
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator

This software is easy to design and very extensive design. You can make it the way you wish with info-graphics click here to get the best standee design services and their prices.

People also like to make their standee on e-commerce websites Magento, Envato, and woo-commerce easy to make the design the way you wish. No need to be technical.

5 Standee Banner Design Making Tips More Eye-catchy

There are a lot of standee designs on the internet but a few things that can make a huge impact on the audience. Standee designing idea’s come according to your requirement that you want to cater to your customer highlight discount or something special product gets to by customers.

Each standee printing intention should be clear like standee for Increase Sale Value | Gather a Crowded Event

High Light Road Map | Social Information

  1. Keep at least one topic most prominent it could be a discount or offer.
  2. Get print precise content only.
  3. High light pointwise services.
  4. Choose a matching background color that fits for brand or logo visually appealing.
  5. Place most prominent content on the eye label to grab the audience’s attention.
  6. Do not forget to place your call to action content.

It may be, that there is enough content to publish people liked to add QR Code

Different types of media for roll-up banner stand

There are various types of materials are used, and all can be used in digital such as Flex, Banner, Cloth, etc. These materials are available in the roll form with a thickness of 230 gsm-300 gsm, whereas banner media is costlier than flex media.

Roll Up Banner Stand (Media & Print)

  1. Solvent Printing on Star Flex Media
  2. E-cosolvent Print on PVC Vinyl Banner

If we talk, point view of printability on flex and banner can be printed Eco-solvent, Solvent Print, Inkjet Print, and UV print.

UV Print and Eco-solvent print can be done easily on even and odd surfaces. no required lamination

The inkjet printer required a surface smoother for best the quality printing standee banner. it is required mandatory to laminate even gloss or matte.

So as we come to know banner media, inkjet printing with matte lamination is the best standee printing banner.

Pull up banner stand print quality

Roll up banner print quality depending on what kind of material or stuff you are selecting, according to media, printing applications are done.

We prefer the company is involved in the medical appliance, and cosmetic industries, operate to get print digital print easy to sell clear product visibility.

Used for an outdoor promotion perhaps at events, Music lobbies, movie theatres & so on, and exclusive standee is used for indoor at the restaurant, five stars hotels, bank, Showroom huge nos. of standees used for Display promoting of new music/new release movies posters in advance and for business purpose, Promoting to their new product launches standees are very easy to carry out for display promoting anywhere.

It is made of aluminum and steel, overall we find a problem when we use standee regularly it bend frontward of fell down. So keep in mind we make use of a stronger stick and heavy base to solve this problem. Get the best-printed standee quotation and online order click here

Matte or Gloss Laminated Standee

Standee printing
Standee printing
Wooden Standee
Wooden Standee

Standee Printing Turnaround

Basically, any types of printing and installation of standee don’t take more than 24 hrs. If you want to pick it up you can get a late evening or next-day dispatch service if you place an order in the morning. Cause, there is design work it may get a little more

11 tips to make a creative and eye-catching standee printing

There are a few design rules that make your standee awesome.

  1. Get the audience to understand within 3 seconds what your standee advertising purpose is.
  2. Keep your logo or brand top at eye label help to promote your brand
  3. Headline / Title enough bigger and in short.
  4. Use the high-quality image to avoid below resolution 300 DPI.
  5. Put your brand watermark on the background watermark according to the company colour concept theme, keep in mind the colour concept of your brand or logo that makes your brand viral.
  6. Try to keep the concise and bigger text only. As it is seen a minimum of 1-2 meter distance off.
  7. Put topic either pointwise or start with bullet easy to read.
  8. Don’t forget to put the call to action at the bottom with a social media link as it is better to engage more customers, Use a QR code would be better.
  9. Get it laminate either matte or glass it helps look better appearance, multi-time washable in case it became dirty.
  10. After ready design soft copy view image on 100% preview, it may be pix-elate you will come to know and confirm.
  11. Keep text, images, and blank space in an aspect ratio. do not stretch out content.

To get eye-catchy and high-quality images you can purchase them from Shutterstock these images are royalty-free.

Roll Up Stand Longevity

Most of all, standees are used in the exhibitions/event or short term. It is made of aluminum stuff to carry out easily but the cons are. bent sooner even a little pressure.

Due to multi-hand stand on and off enough chance to damage soon. Standees made of the steel cap roll-up stand, end longer due to heavy gauge pipe and base.

The wider base roll-up stands long lost because it holds stand properly and avoids bending.

Before placing an order stand banner know 5 things.

  1. Use high-quality images.
  2. Choose the perfect size.
  3. Keep your brand name on top of the banner.
  4. Be sure you are choosing media type Flex Banner or PVC Banner
  5. You are choosing a stand banner for multi-time use or a single time.
  6. Double-check spelling errors.


Q. Why Standee printing from Shivani Enterprises?

Ans. Shivani Enterprises facilitate standee design mockup free of cost and assure gaurantee of quality printed loved you if you find inferior quality 100% money back gaurantee. We keep quality to the top and printing cost is the secondary matter because the cheapest can’t be the best quality. We have a wide range of banner quality to feed our various tastes of customers.

Q. How to set up a retractable banner stand in the exhibition?

Ans. Following a few steps to stand a retractable banner in the exhibition is very easy. It can be installed within minutes.

  1. Open the carry case and take it out.
  2. Expand 2 standee leg perpendicular.
  3. Keep your feet on the standee leg.
  4. Unfold standee support stick.
  5. Keep standee stick one edge bottom stick hole and another in the top air
  6. Expand banner up to 6 fit height and hook banner into the top supporting stick hole.

Q. Is it mandatory to laminate the roll-up banner stand?

Ans. There are different types of banner media print quality done on standee. some of them need to be laminate and some are not. It depends on the quality of ink applied.

1. An inkjet printing banner with solvent flex banner no need to laminate

2. Toner-based printer required to laminate either gloss or matte

3. UV printing either flex or banner does not require lamination even multi-wash daily.

Q. How much does a roll-up banner stand cost in Delhi India?

Ans. A roll-up banner stand costs depend on the size,  quality of banner used, and printing quality. Standard size 2.5 fit x 6 fits on star flex media, with aluminum stand just INR 1400/-each

Standee for indoor use as well as in a hotel, office restaurant is the best “Luxury Roll UP Stand” easy to stand firmly with chrome metal body.

Q. How to place a printed banner in the roll-up stand?

  1. Remove excess size of the print.
  2. Lock the spring with the help of a key.
  3. Place your banner to the stick on the top, and fold it.
  4. Insert the stick into the top holding rod.
  5. The bottom banner pastes with double tape to the media inside the standing roll.
  6. Take out the L key and start losing your banner slowly.

Q. What are the pain points of the roll-up banner stand?

Ans. Huge numbers of stand banners pass daily through my supervision as well as user experiences and client relationship most complaints raised on the topic is

  1. A banner supporting stick bends either front or back sides approx 80% causes
  2. 10% related to printing quality, pixilated images, etc.
  3. 10% related to stand banner retractable system fails.
  4. Make it lighter weight to carrying it outside

If you required stand banner capture to multi-event or long-lasting, sturdy you must get a “LUXURY BANNER STAND” overall it cost INR 3000-3500/- depending on the quality of the printing banner it can be customized in height increase or decrease. It comes in standard size 33″x72″

Q. How much space does a retractable banner stand cover?

Ans. When it is packed, the bag requires a 5″x5″x36″ long space to keep it. easily can be carried on the flight or on trains

Q. How much weight does a roll-up banner print media consist of?

Ans. Roll-up standing banner size 3fitx6 fit, star flex media 320 gsm weight 0.54 Kg, and star flex media thickness comes 0.35mm, including roll-up stand case, a roll-up banner stands weight comes to 4-5kg. approx.

Q. How much bleed does a pull-up banner stand required?

Ans. A bleed help to keep your standee content put in order during the finish of your product. Only a professional graphic design services provider knows how important it is. Usually, 0.5″ -1″ bleed area from all sides is sufficient for standee design services.

Q. Which one quality Star Flex Vs Vinyl Banner Media roll-up stand is the best?

Ans. PVC vinyl banner media print quality is better than 2x to the star flex print. When it comes to lamination print quality speaks for itself. Printing quality produces 600-1200 DPI eco-solvent print.

Star Flex media is being printed at 72-150 DPI which is a huge difference in printing quality compared to the vinyl banner.

We recommend if the print quality is a major factor like beauty products or cosmetics, medical equipment, or appliance you must get to print PVC vinyl banner media. 

Q. We run a shop which one standee best for me?

Ans. It depends on the location of your shop. It could be in a mall or on the roadside. Location in mall go for rollup stand banner and on roadside go for rigid (metal) stand banner.

Q. Can we reuse the roll-up banner stand coming next exhibition?  

Ans. The aluminum banner stand can be used multi-time if it is handled properly. Just you need to print a new banner and replace the old one with it. The aluminum can be used multi-time if it is handled properly. It takes 7-10 minutes only and you have to pay only the banner printing and replacement banner cost.

Get the best printing standee sample click here

Shivani Enterprises has years of experienced designers who can visualize what you think and have a huge collection of standee templates for particular industries’ niches, able to make standee mock-ups within 30 minutes.

they can print standee and deliver throughout PAN India through DTDC courier and DHL dedicated logistic service provider.

Which one quality of standee printing do you like most?

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