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Customized Stationery Printing in Delhi

Customized stationery printing is essential for official use items for new start-ups and running businesses to run business smoothly. Personalized stationery printing is the primary need for starting a new business whether it is opening a company bank account, making an agreement between business, customer & employee, employee identity cards, sending quotations, making invoices, envelopes to posting a letter, thank you cards, offer letters, etc. requires several different types of customized stationery for business.

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Even in the last few years, stationery printing uses have declined because the online business presence and transactions have increased and people started communicating through e-mails, WhatsApp & e-business cards, making payments online that do not require a physical copy, etc.

Professionally designed, and quality printed office stationery, gives an extraordinary weightage for your company in respect of brand building and a positive message in your competitive market.

During business meetings across the table, conferences, and business events customized notepads & branded pens give extra weight to your business correspondence.

Office Stationery and Printing

Office supplies are writing materials that could be personalized/customized for business stationery involving paper (craft, textured & coated), ink, and different types of printing and binding mechanisms. Shivani Enterprises is India’s best-customized print-on-demand service provider, you can place an order online or visit the physical print shop that executes a variety of printing (Screen Printing/Digital Printing and Offset Printing Stationery).

Custom Stationery Order Online Advantage

It was a time when business owners used to visit printer shops and design office stationery in front of the computer screen, A lot of time was wasted, and the old times have gone away.

  1. Save your time, and place an order while you are at ease.
  2. You can design your stationery and see how will it look after the finished products.
  3. Unlimited template option to choose from your niches.
  4. You can search online stationery printers and find cheap and best service providers.

Important Customized Stationery Items For Any Business

Below mentioned custom-made stationery is essential for any type of business and you can’t run the business flawlessly without them. You can buy online customized stationery while you are at home with ease. You will find a lot of personalized online stationery stores on the internet that print and deliver to your doorstep go & check their price.

  1. Business Cards
  2. Letterheads
  3. Envelopes
  4. Rubber Stamps
  5. Bill Books
  6. Challan Books
  7. Receipt Books
  8. Cash Voucher
  9. Identity Cards
  10. Gate Pass
  11. Lanyards
  12. Thank You Card
  13. Employee Welcome Kit (Personalized Stationery Gift)
  14. Mouse Pad

If you are planning to start any type of business (commercial/NGO/) either big or large scale, you must go with customized stationery that helps you out of the crowd and make it easy to operate your business effortlessly.   

Business Cards (Name Cards)

Sharing business information with your prospects by printing your business name, email address, and contact no. visiting card is the first and right medium to introduce yourself. According to the survey, more than 50% of business cards are thrown into the dustbin within a week but only engaging business cards are kept for long periods of time. Business cards made of high-quality paper, enticing printing applications, and post-press works (UV coating, embossing, de-bossing) help to attract customers to your brands. Your business card should reflect who you are and what your business is involved in. You may choose a flat or folded business card to add your business information.

The personalized business card must have your name, your organization designation, email, and contact information.

Buying a business card, perspective may be a little different from person to person like someone for 1. cheap business cards, 2. Exclusive Business Cards ( Embossed Business Cards/Debossed/UV coated). 4. NFC Business Cards (Contactless Business Cards). 5. Environment-Friendly Visiting Cards.

i) Cheap Business Cards

Very old saying “First impression is the last impression”. The first introduction for new prospects denotes what your business is and who you are. New local business owners get printed Bulk Business Cards at low prices for promotional purposes that help to reach out to more prospects and help for awareness about their new business information in your local area.

ii) Exclusive Business Cards

During one-to-one business meetings and business conferences when it comes to brand promotion go for Embossed /Debossed Logo Business Cards that keep you out of the crowd. The metallic look & embossed logo entice your customers towards your brands. Available standard business cards paper stock 250-300 gsm plain, and textured.

Go for super heavy stock 400 gsm to 800 gsm pasted cards) and textured materials. Business professional’s right choice custom-made unique stationery.

Aesthetic business card attracts your customers towards your brand at first look. Very helpful to explore awareness for new brands.

iii) NFC Business Cards

NFC Business Cards are trending these days, and most of the world’s population adopted smartphones 4G and 5G Android phones enabled with NFC readers, You are not required to keep a bunch of business cards, just one card is sufficient for a lifetime you can update your contact detail and numbers within seconds. It’s a little expensive but very fast and easy to store/share contact details, Just keep your NFC card closer to your NFC device and tap it. Available in plastic and metal stuff. Printing application 1. Thermal Heat Transfer 2. Laser Engraving 3. UV printing.

iv) Environment-Friendly Visiting Cards

You must go for environmentally friendly if you are involved Save the Earth mission, Available handmade paper is 100% recyclable for making business cards and envelopes.

Custom Printed Letterhead 

For business communication with the bank, business associates, and government-authorized agencies you are required to have a custom printed with your organization name and address. You must have letterhead for correspondence, a letterhead except for business communication plays a vital role in creating a big brand.

Get print your letterhead professionally and enhance your organization’s credibility with customers and business associates. Letterheads are a show cause of your professionalism. There are so many ideas to customization your personalized letterheads.

You can buy regular and exclusive (embossed letterhead) at the best prices. 

There are mainly 2 letterhead size

  1. A4 Size (11.692″x8.268″)
  2. Letter Size (8.5″x11″)

Custom Printed Envelope

Custom-printed envelopes enhance your brand visibility in your market space. In various sectors, you are required to send sealed envelopes printed with senders’ details for quotations, invoices, tender submissions documents, etc. You must require printed envelopes.

Available in 10″x4.5″ and 10″x12″ laminated and non-laminated.

Letter Size Envelope (10″x4.5″)

Easy to place an A4 size document into 2 folds, You can buy laminated or non-laminated you can choose keeping in mind your document’s importance safety of water proper handling, etc.


Big Size Envelope (10″x12″)

To send a bunch of documents/manuals/prospectus you must go for heavy paper stock-made envelopes with laminations you can buy online a set of 250 envelopes. Easily can be posted as an A4 size document without fold. Envelope colors available white, yellow, and brown paper stock.

Official Rubber Stamp

Whether it is correspondence with the bank or sending out any goods out of the company premises challan/bills/invoices/gate pasa need to be stamped first. Stamped documents have a positive impression of your band value. There are various types of stamps required in businesses like proprietorship stamps, NGOs, and private limited firms each requiring special types of stamps for document authentications.

i) Pre Ink Stamps

Buy rubber stamps online in Delhi, guaranteed stamp delivery within 2 hrs in Delhi & NCR. Pre-ink stamp is the best for personalized/professional (proprietor stamp, doctor stamp, lawyer stamp, authorized signatory, stamp, etc., with high detailing even if texts are small to read. Pre-ink stamps are the fastest way of making online rubber stamp and more accurate but it is a little expensive. Pre-ink rubber stamp price starts from Rs. 250/- downwards.

ii) Self ink Stamps

Self-ink stamps make you stamp impressions faster in a limited time frame. Looking for heavy-duty stamps for use in banks, courier offices, and logistic houses available on custom stamp orders available in round and rectangular shapes. Stamps impression capacity up to 10,000 impressions without refilling ink.

iii) Common Seals

People know common seals as embossed stamps, used in making highly valuable contracts with govt and company head person, CEO, etc. Shivani Enterprises creates a common seal with a digital process with highly precise with raised letters up to 0. 3-4mm on documents. Commonly it takes 1-2 days to finish.

iv) Cheapest Rubber Stamps

Looking for the cheapest rubber stamps online, go for the nylon-made rubber stamp. Nylon rubber stamp price range starts from Rs. 150/- content size up to 2 lines. Stamping through wooden handle rubber stamps is time-consuming.

Business Accounting

Bill Books

If you are a product manufacturing company or service provider running a commercial business you must need either e-bill making process or physical bill books (GST/NON GST to maintain commercial activity. You can choose a custom-printed duplicate bill book(1+1), triplicate bill book (2+1), and quadruplicate bill (3+1). According to your organization’s account internal uses. We customize bill book the way you wish.

A bill gives ownership, warrantee guarantee, etc. to your customer once you sell your product and service. You can choose Regular Paper Stock and No Carbon Required Paper for making custom bill books.

Receipt Books

A receipt book is proof of making a full payment or part about buying products or services, you might be required to give your customer, that can be matched while making a final bill against product sale or services.

Cash Voucher (Petty Cash Voucher/ Journal Voucher)

The main purpose of the cash voucher is to account for the company’s internal cash expenses as well as staff salary, purchase local expenses, etc. Some of the accounts of gift vouchers to the employees or debits particular used.

Challan Books

If you are a product manufacturing or logistic company you must require a challan book to account dispatched goods, and duly signed and sent to the customer for better acknowledgment to the transport departs and customers.

To work more efficiently required a dedicated work whiteboard that helped.

Staff ID Cards & Lanyards

It is a golden opportunity to show off your brand name for a company from your business perspective, during an event, field executive and a security point of view, and for their staff, an ID card recalls employee’s duty.

Employee Welcome Kit

A hot welcome to your new employee with a personalized card holder, sipper bottle, t-shirts, and rough writing notebooks. Employee welcome kit encourages and reminds about the responsibility of the organization to the employee.

Mouse Pad

Keep your brand awareness among employees and your customer’s gifting a customized mouse pad

Get Print Your Letterhead Just in 15 Minute

Now printing technologies have been very advanced, avoid leaf printing and embossing You can get your stationery printed within 15 minutes.

Shivani Enterprises is an online design and printing company. The printing portal portal enables you to create custom office stationery designs and print-on-demand services. Looking for customized corporate stationery in Delhi, go with Shivani Enterprises you will find thousands of template industry-specific designs, and you can choose the best suit for your business. I assure you with the guarantee of 100% you do not need to search for a custom stationery printer near me.

Get the benefit of our overnight printing and delivery services within 4 hrs in Delhi & NCR.

We guarantee to print fast and deliver no one can do.

To get a free sample of office stationery sample to click here

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Q. Is a quotation valid on e-letterhead in Govt sector?

Ans. Quotation given on plain paper no not considered legal. Quotations printed on your own letterheads and stamped with a signature are valid.
Now e-quotation in the sector is valid, Design an e-letter of your company and use electronic stationery but make sure it should have an e-signature even if it is a tender or issuing certificate.

Q. Is stationary printing important for a new startup?

Ans. Any deal between a customer or vendor requires documentation even if that is sharing a business card, invoice, receipt book, etc. So you can’t do business without stationery items.
As per govt policy, you have to maintain a business deal transparent for audit and legal formality.

Q. Is Ready Made Envelope Can Be Printed Digitally?

Now technology has advanced. you can get to printed digitally within the same day, size 4.5×10″,  10″x12″ easily.
Best quality printing 100 % refundable guarantee.
Envelope required to post a letter to the client and important documents and small envelope as well letter

Where to buy customized stationery online?

Shivani Enterprises is the best-customized stationery maker in India, you can design your own company stationery online and see before printing what it will look like after finished. Make payment online and get delivered to your doorstep.

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