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UV Coating that makes your product more engaging

A UV Coating is a concentrated liquid applied on the text and  High-Quality Images and it produces extra glossy and raised.

Product Catalog, Packaging Box, and Brochures that make your exhibition participation excellent and help your brand domestic and internationally bold.

Brochure, Invitation Card, Business Card, Catalogue, Table Calendar, etc. highly done UV coating.

UV Coating is a kind of Emulsion, that is applied on a printed sheet with the help of a nylon cloth screen, in the presence of UV light as it reflects on the sheet that is curved on contents, offset/digitally printed within couples of a second without spreading out emulsion.

Mostly it is made for New Product Launches, Packaging Materials, and making an Eye-Catching Product Catalogue point view so you must apply UV coating that will help to make your Brand Big. it helps us to come out of the crowd.

There are three types of UV Coating

  1. Spot UV

  2. Full UV

  3. Crystal UV

UV coating gives a very high gloss impact.

The area got high light after having UV coated the artwork where have to make UV coating it a kinds of chemical applied on the text and image which you want to HEIGH LIGHT and PROMINENT you have to make a positive they have to make stencil than have to make screen and process is just like a screen printing and kinds of liquid allied on the text and passed through ultraviolet light then it curved without spreading on the paper

While we are choosing paper stock for quality UV that must be acid-free paper otherwise may be caused by color yellowish or adhesive.  While making a brochure it gives a very attractive impression on matte lamination or wallet lamination.

A UV Coating can be made up to size 28″x40″, the emulsion we use paper stock low coated surface absorbed before curving. look for low-quality gloss. after curving ultraviolet, it works like a polymer which is a friendly process.

either spot UV or flat UV making a film with a registration mark will be made equal

UV Coating Accessories

  • High-Quality Exposure Lamps
  • Big Size Aluminium Frame
  • UV Coating Chemical
  • Squeeze

There is a shop that provides very high-quality exposure

Get High-Quality UV Coating Even Low Volume

As well as the popularity of UV coating day by day compared to Varnish, the aqueous coating on there are challenges are to overcome these processes are automatic. making full UV gives a very high gloss coated product on the high coated base paper

Without lamination on the sheet UV give a low gloss look compared to laminated as Emulsion is observed by the paper stock before curving in the ultraviolet process.

Why we must do UV Coating on a new product launch?

  1. If a product is new and eye-catchy, it’s a tendency to know more about it
  2. UV Coating enhances the quality of the printing image
  3. it gets focused automatically
  4. It makes your product prominent

Advantages of UV Coating

  • It protects against color scratching.
  • UV coating enhances product visibility.

Some Tips to Make Amazing UV Coating Works

Things to remember before UV Coating

A. Clean powder and dust away from paper

B. Avoid flash-cut product UV coating

C. Make overlap UV Coating Film 0.02 mm

D. Use emulsion concentrate neither very dilute nor more concentrate

E. Do UV coating over a thermal matte laminate paper

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