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UV DTF Stickers on Exclusive Gift Items

UV dtf stickers is a type of transferred stickers, today mostly used for personalized brand-making stickers on hard surface exclusive products on a variety of materials like a laptop, tablets, diary covers, luxury gift packaging boxes, water bottles, etc., and many other products.

For products that are feasible able to print either digital or traditional printing methods due to heat sensitivity product, fragile products, or irregular printing shape products, applying a UV DTF sticker might be the right option. It could be your organization logo, brand name, or the person’s name who wants to offer a gift, etc.

UV printing technology facilitates a sticker 3D look, any size, or any shape without creating a physical dye to give the required shape. You do not require a dye and dye cut to make a special shape. It’s a digital way of sticker printing and transferring stickers on a variety of surfaces.

You can buy dtf stickers in Sheets and Roll-to-Roll forms.

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What is UV DTF Sticker?

UV DTF sticker printing process involves instant ink drying technology, creating UV dtf stickers, involves 2 different sheets (known as sheet A and sheet B), a lamination machine, and a UV printer.

Sheet feed UV printer uses special UV ink and varnishes with “CYMK ink format and Gold Color” with an instant ink drying mechanism. Sheet A (a high-quality adhesive sheet) and 2. Sheet B (a cold lamination roll).

Firstly, the release paper is taken off sheet A, and placed on the UV printing machine keeping the adhesive side up, once the artwork is printed on sheet A (adhesive side), it dries up instantly with the help of the following UV LED light inbuild printer mechanism just behind the print head and then sheet A is laminated with the sheet B.

Here sheet A carries the print design with adhesive and sheet B is pressed forcibly to transfer the print on the required surface and peeled off gently.

After transferring the print to the object, a lamination sheet is peeled off.

Printed stickers look 3d, vibrant in color, and scratch-free with high adhesive.

Cut the laminated sticker sheet into order size and place it directly on the substrate and press forcefully then start removing the cold laminated film gently and enjoy UV stickers.

So you can make uv stickers of a company logo, and name stickers without paper base

  1. High glossy.
  2. Raised letter sticker
  3. Waterproof Sticker
  4. Withstand a long time without color fading.
  5. Easy to place in an aligned location
  6. No. required MOQ.

How to place uv DTF sticker on the substrate?

  1. Keep the area clean you want to stickered on.
  2. Remove the sheet B gently
  3. Press the sticker sheet forcefully over the print area and remove sheet A gently.
  4. Design is transferred onto the required surface
  5. Apply only hard surfaces not good for flexible materials.

DTF UV stickers can be transferred on flat or curved surfaces check how it works

Tips for making a best UV DTF Stickers

While you are planning a UV dtf sticker follow the given instructions.

  1. A bigger sticker size performs better
  2. Use a font style thicker, and avoid very thin lines as create a problem to transfer 100% printed data.
  3. Make the space dust-free before applying uv dtf stickers.

Stuff where we can place UV DTF sticker

DTF UV stickers are made of very strong adhesives, you can place them on wood, metal, ceramic, cardboard, plastic, etc. The dust-free and hard stuff is ideal for better stickiness. Avoid using stickers on fabric and flexible materials.

Most Advantages of UV DTF Sticker

  1. UV stickers do not smudge during print.
  2. Long-lasting color fade.
  3. UV stickers do not require to carry a base like other types of stickers like paper, plastic, and foil.
  4. Do not need to make a sticker dye and cutting efforts.
  5. Waterproof & scratch-free.

If you are required any type of complicated sticker urgently in the short run don’t worry, I assure you, I will do fast no one can.

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