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Brochure Design

You are planning to attend a trade fair or promote your product there are some basic factor need to know your objective in terms of brochure fold, paper stock, coating even for its electronic use or printed a hard copy. When you have a lot of product need to present in a group. You required a brochure design that creates a huge effect on the prospective clients. To specify with extensive details need to place the relevant images with details made it easy to make buying decisions.  Fewer details product  can be circulated with a single leaf known as flyer     

You also need to know clients who like reading color preferences such as school prospectus under age 25 like to read shiny and glowing reading objects.

Let’s come to the point of an effective brochure that converts to the sale and high visualization of products and services with a few basics concepts.

  1. The objective of print vs electronic use.
  2. Choosing the right brochure size and play with the limited font style.
  3. Relevant image and precise content
  4. Best practice of choosing brochure paper stock
  5. Fold & Coating
  6. Coating
  7. Reading friendly.

Brochure Fold Type

  1. BI Fold
  2. Z Fold
  3. Gate Fold
  4. Try Fold 

i) Bi Fold

Bi Fold Brochures brochure made easy to put details in 4 pannel and pannel

Pannel 1 for your company logo, name, brand image, and show-off business nature 

Pannel 2 you can start with a short company profile remaining panels 2 and 3 you can place photographs with details.

Panel 4 (back page)  This is for conclusion your business details do not forget to place your call to action point likewise email, website, telephone details.