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In a printing term, during the design of printing product like brochure, catalogue and business card etc. It requires an additional cutting margin from each outer side min. 3mm for flash cutting and content printed to keep safe from trimming. 

numbers of dots make an image, quality of the image depends on the number of dots per square inch., The higher the dot count better the result.

While we are planning for offset printing there are various steps to prepare design, proofreading, dummy, and making the metal plate a plate before printing is considered a prepress step.

this step includes additional steps after printing UV coating, varnish, dye cut, embossing, debossing, foil printing, creasing, lamination, etc.

Print turnaround starts from the design approval and payment processed and printing finished time schedule. It does not calculate shipping turnaround.

De-boss is a printing application, in which a dye is formed in the metal raised, and this raised metal heat-dye is pressed over the foam, leatherette material that produces a deep impression of dye content this process is called debossing. Leatherette diary cover, leather presentation folder, and novelty products are mainly produced by this method.

Lamination is a thin layer of plastic having between 26-70 microns is applied on the papers with the help of glue and pressure known as Cold Lamination and to fix by heat press called Thermal Lamination

UV coating is a thick layer of solid UV ink used for making your prominent printing content, as well as brand name or company logo, make more vibrant and enticing customers.   

Pigment ink is made of very small particle add to the carrier but carrier are dissolved and last very long period of time.