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Embossing Stamp


Get a custom paper embosser with your logo, design, or signature.

  • It’s a round shape and 41mm (4.1cm) wide.
  • The body is strong and sturdy.
  • It’s easy to grip and press down.
  • The body is small and won’t take up much space.
  • It lasts a long time, so you can use it for a while.

Pocket Stamp


Great for signatures and short texts.

  • Small enough to fit in your pocket or purse.
  • Easy to use with a simple snap-open-and-close design.
  • You don’t need a stamp pad.
  • For the best results, press down evenly when using it to get consistent marks.

Polymer Rubber Stamp


Make your mark and stand out.

  • We have round, rectangular, and square rubber stamps made of a material called polymer.
  • You’ll need a stamp pad to use them.
  • They’re made of acrylic, and the handle is also acrylic with a firm grip. The handle color might be different.

Pre-Ink Stamp

  • The cost changes based on the size you pick.
  • The ink is inside the stamp, so you don’t need a separate ink pad.
  • It can make more than 12,000 good marks before it starts to fade.
  • You can easily add more ink for another 12,000 marks.

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Self-Inking Stamps


Make your mark and stand out with self-inking stamps.

  • They come in blue, black, or red ink and can make up to 5000 marks.
  • You don’t need a separate stamp pad.
  • The cost depends on the size you choose.
  • Refilling is easy, and you can get replacement ink at Shivani Enterprises.

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