Standard Business Card
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Spot UV Business Card 

Textured Business Card 


Opting for a textured card not only enhances the attractiveness of your business card but also imparts a sophisticated appearance.

  • We have more than 25+ texture papers.
  • A touch of texture conveys more than the standard option, adding depth and uniqueness to your card.
  • Textured business cards come in a standard size, measuring 88×54 mm, ensuring a professional and visually appealing presentation.




Achieve a unique look by:

  • Elevate your networking game with a business card that goes beyond the ordinary, serving as a powerful tool to initiate conversations and leave a lasting positive impression. Opt for a textured business card to set yourself apart from competitors, instantly capturing attention with its unique surface.
  • Sized at 88×54 mm, this card comes in varying thickness options: 250, 280, 285, 300, and 350 gsm, providing versatility to suit your preferences.
  • The textured surface not only distinguishes your business card but also draws the gaze of clients or customers, leaving a memorable impact. Additionally, it enhances grip, making the card easier to handle.
  • Explore the array of 10 different textures we offer. A subtle texture speaks volumes, surpassing the impact of a standard design.


Size of Business Card

  • Final Size: 88x54mm
  • Safety Area: 80x46mm
  • Bleed Size: 91x57mm

You can provide your file to us in pdf, .psd, .ai, and .cdr formats.