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Frequently Asked Questions

Promotional printing materials are physical items that are customized with branding, logos, or messages and used to promote businesses, events, products, or services.

Promotional printing can be done on various materials, including paper, fabric, plastic, metal, glass, and more, depending on the intended use and desired effect.

Promotional printing materials offer tangible ways to create brand visibility, engage with customers, and leave a lasting impression. They can effectively convey your message and enhance brand recognition.

Common examples include business cards, flyers, banners, T-shirts, mugs, pens, notepads, stickers, keychains, and more.

Consider your target audience, the occasion, your branding, and the message you want to convey. Choose materials that align with these factors.

Common printing methods include digital printing, offset printing, screen printing, heat transfer, sublimation, and UV printing, each suitable for different materials and quantities.

Yes, many printing services allow you to upload your own designs or work with their design teams to create custom designs.

Yes, many printing services offer the flexibility to order small quantities, especially for digital printing. This is useful for events or specific campaigns.

Distribute materials at trade shows, events, store openings, or mail them to your target audience. Consider the most appropriate venues for maximum impact.

Promotional Materials For Businesses

Promotional Materials are customized prints, used to generate sales, services, and brand buildings. It helps to know your customers and prospects about your products and services. Marketing Material could be in the form of digital media (Google Ads, Youtube, Facebook, Email Marketing, etc.) or physically Printed Advertising Material as well as wearable, glassware, and promo coupons, it may be in the form of giveaways, through away or personalized gifts.

Our marketing team is very expert to pre-dict high return on invest for specific return on Invest  Printed Marketing materials are tested & justified by the marketing team to grow high ROI which is the best industry-specific markiting tool to grow for small and medium-sized businesses. Printed products such as business cards, flyers, stickers, a docket folder, handbills, event tickets, t-shirts, tote bags, promotional coupons, roll-up banner stands, mugs, t-shirts, etc.

Buy the best fit for your needs marketing materials from Shivani Enterprises at affordable prices in Delhi & NCR.

Office Essentials

Promotional note pads, water bottles for employees, personalized pens, ID cards & lanyards, or printed brand names on pens make your brand name more popular in your marketing space. Except for this hassle-free office automation helps to standardize your space in the market, and faster.

Marketing Collaterals

Brochures, product catalogs, leaflets, docket folders, stickers, bookmarks, newsletters, and posters are basic tools needed for the sales & marketing team. Participating in events and seminar handover to the customers/prospects these materials are ideal for business presentations. Effective marketing tools leave a heavy and long-term impact on your product and services to the customers.

Wearable Advertising Materials 

Wearable marketing materials such as promotional caps, brand names, or logos are printed and are more viewable for a long distance. Get print your employee dress that gives your visibility indoors and outdoors at the same cost. For example, big brands Airtel, Tata, Bata, Mcdonald Pizza, DTDC, DHL Air India, etc. utilize high ROI.

Corporate uniforms, t-shirts, promotional caps, and hoodies are the most engaging wearables among kids and adults. No requires min. quantity, just upload the logo or advertising content, and we do custom print or embroider on the cloth the way you wish and get delivered to your doorsteps.


Who doesn’t like to keep someone’s special gift forever? Along with a special gift, invest long long-term advertisements market your business for the long term, and earn recurring income.

Place a logo or call to action (email ID and contact no. on the coffee mug, tumbler, and water bottle. Gift your customers and staff, remind them about your brand name at every sip of tea on the right way to present your service to them. photo image or engraved mug, ceramic coffee mug, magic mug, Tumblr, insulated water bottle.

Event & Trade Show Materials

Participating in domestic or international events needs display material for the exhibition counter as well as for Sun Board for Event Booth, Sun Board for Wedding Anniversaries, Advertise loudly through banners, billboards, posters, lanyards, event tickets, and standee banner