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6 Sheet Wall Calendar

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  1. Each page contains 1 monthly, back-to-back printing calendar.
  2. Wiro-O-bound, white or black color
  3. Thumb cut to hang the calendar on to wall
  4. Holidays with different color printing
  5. Order quantity 100 pcs.



6 Sheet Wall Calendar, each page of the calendar contains 2 -month details and gets printed on both sides. fliped on the side completions on the running month. you can choose either tin mounted or wire-o bound types. Contents are good enough to read and both sides of the printing calendar are a cost-saving method. Easy to read calendar, clients, and prospects keep most viewed location round the year.

Why do the majority of the customers choice, custom wall calendar printing with Shivani Enterprises?

A customized wall calendar is a showcase of your company, incorporated with the company logo, tag line, and product photos. Engaging wall calendars are full attention-grabbing your brand throughout the year in terms of advertising. Ample space for writing messages on planner, monthly national and religious holiday with specified color date add a feather to your calendar printing and capable to reserve the prospects wall space.

You are looking for a printer for a Giveaway Promotional Calendar to the targeted audience then you are at the right place. Organize your favorite photo, quote, brand name, and content, just upload it and the rest we do.

Whatever your intention of printing the calendar is, be sure we create it perfectly. It could be a personalized wall calendar, promotional calendar, or calendar for making your old memories new.

We are the best-customized calendar printer in Delhi. I have a team of experienced and well-talented in every aspect of calendar product photoshoot, making layout, design, printing, bound type, perfect packaging to dispatch in the right way.

Our in-house infrastructure of pre-press, press, and post-press not only relies on calendar cost-effectiveness also helps to produce a short-term printing schedule.

Your expectation for conceptual calendar design, we do create utmost carefully to full fill your requirement in terms of aesthetic appeal, consist of effective advertising content, pocket-friendly budget and in time calendar printing services.

Calendars are seen over the years only if it is reliable.

Portrait v/s Landscape Style Wall Calendar

Wall calendars are widely used vertical easy to hang. I make some selective wall calendars in square shape. A square calendar looks rich but a little costly. It keeps your brand name unique in your marketing space.

You want your message to get across throughout the year 2022 go for a verticle calendar design easy to read at a glance at a competitive price.

For office uses, people preferred DESKTOP CALENDAR

Wall Calendar Types

A. Poster Calendar

Poster calendars are made of 300 gsm thicker paper, available in gloss and matte finish. The backside top and bottom paper are taped with double side glued stripe. It’s sturdy hard to tear.  It is stuck or pasted on the most viewed area as well as fridge, most views wall or gloss, etc.

B. Magnet Calendar

These calendars are placed on the iron-made appliance as well as fridge, Almira likewise all the information get printed on the single sheet. It does not require glue or tape. It’s a magnetic sheet, feasible on iron-made household appliances.

C. Personalized Wall Calendar

We do print personalized wall calendars through variable data printing technology through the digital print process. Highly used in the travel industry, birthday photo, wedding photo. People usually get printed for gifting to MOM, DAD, FRIEND, and Family members.

D. Promotional Wall Calendar

More than 80% of calendars get printed for promotional purposes. To spread out your brand name among a huge audience need to print in bulk. Lower gsm paper stock and huge number calendar quantity price come minimal cost per unit. 130 gsm paper stock is ideally used for it. Looking for the cheapest calendar printing go for paper stock 110 gsm wall calendar.

Calendar printing cost in Delhi

Calendar printing cost plays a major role in terms of advertising budget. Usually, these calendars are giveaways and appreciated by everyone. If you are planning to print a customized calendar, quantity, size, paper thickness, quality, and bound type affect pricing enough, we have a wide range of paper stock your customer will like to place your advertising calendar on the top position such as assortment from plain paper, texture design, white, and light base color paper stock. We are the best printer because I do print calendars for each type of business even it is low print run or bulk calendar printing. We have high-definition print-on-demand machines (digital printing) and offset printing machines.

Special paper available for wall calendar on request, we outsource paper from almost all major countries  

Our calendar creative team keeps their eyes sharp on what is trending liable to produce with innovative ideas first in front of you.

Paper stock 130 gsm and 170 art paper are ideal for wall calendars. These papers are best to produce text and image-based content also perfect fitting with threaded and wire-o binding.

Synthetic material for wall calendar printing is also available on 150-micron thickness.

In order to calendar packing, we do individual and group calendars as per customer demand to deliver outstation safe and fearless of damage.

Most of all online calendar orders are shipped within 5-7 days from the date of placing the order.

Hanging Wall Calendar Bound Type

A wall calendar could be TIN MOUNTED, TWIN METAL WIRE LOOP, or HOLE PUNCH. Choose the best option that meets your requirement in order to price and quality terms.

1. Tin Mounted

Tin-mounted wall calendars are ideal for single sheet calendars, the thickness of paper stock 100, 130, and 170 gsm. 3 or above sheet calendars are glued and then tin mounted. Also Done Hole Punch and Thread to hang upon the wall. 12 sheet wall calendar having a thickness of 170 is not feasible for tin mounted.

2. Wire-O-Bound

7 leaves or 13, the best way to bound and decorate wall & desktop calendar, opens next month by flipping the current month page upside. For binding calendar need to cut half circle to flip over and hold calendar proper a metal stick 2mm dia and length as well as your calendar width.

3. Saddle Stitched and Hole Wall Calendar

These calendars are hung from the top with the help of center-punched holes. These calendars are opened upside to see photos and downside calendar month. It looks like a booklet form.

It is known as a double-page calendar that allows making your image big you can add lots of memories on a one-sheet. Closed size A4 and open size A3 are the most popular.

4. Spiral Bound

It’s similar to the wire-o-bound and opens like that. It is an economical way to bound wall calendar for multi-page wall calendar as coil used are made of plastic. The perfection of calendar bound quality comes low comparatively wire-o- bound.

Aesthetic Application On Hanging Wall Calendar

  • Foil Printing: Extraordinary metallic look layer
  • Hi-Breed UV Coating: Extra Shiny effect, it’s a kind of liquid lamination
  • Embossing: make your promotional calendar outstanding and apart from your competitors.

Photo Calendar-Picture Resolution Matter Enough

Photo Calendar is seen throughout the year, Highly recommended of image uses 300 DPI or more. Higher the DPI better the result. I have experience of 23 years and found defects mostly on the picture resolutions (low-quality image).

Hanging Wall Calendar Sizes

12”x18” (Digital) No Bar M.O.Q., 17”x22”, 17”x24” and 19”x29” start from MOQ 300, are ideal size but we can customize as per customer specific demand as well as mini wall calendar, medium-size, and large size calendar.  Small Size calendars are economical and more impressive whereas bigger calendar dates and other information are more visible.

Wall Calendar Sheet Each Calendar Contains

Usually, the majority of wall calendars are made in 1 sheet, 6 sheets, and 12 sheets. Despite the advertising space it makes sense to choose a font size easy to read and maintain margin. Our square calendar design keeps you out of the crowd in your marketing space.

Top 10 Wall Calendar Format 2022

I have collected 10 awesome designs for the year 2022, you can replace them with your brand name, address, and contact numbers. No required to add a margin for safe cutting guidelines and bleed etc.

Shivani Enterprises is a leading calendar printing company that keeps lighter and heavier paper stock coated and non-coated. It provides 100% value of your money. Printing available 4/0 and 4/4 choose the best fit for your calendar print project. We guaranteed replacement if you found any defect in printing. Shrink packing is available on demand.

1 Sheet Wall Calendar

All 12 months are displayed on the one-page sheet and the backside is left blank. Bound type available tin mounted top and bottom and thread to easy hang. The best paper stocks for a single sheet calendar are 100, 130, and 170 gsm is ideal.

3 Sheet Calendar

Each sheet of calendar printed two-month details on one page and get printed back to back. 3 sheet calendars are the best choice for pharmaceutical companies. Bounded with tin mounted and hole punched to flip backside. For the paper stock, you can choose 100, 130, and 170 gsm.

 6 Sheet Wall Calendar

 1 sheet to cover your brand name and the inner 6 sheets get printed each month of the year. Choose from 100, 130, and 170 gsm paper stock.  Best for multi-product manufacturing company based on the seasonal sale. You may choose Wire-o bound and tin mounted

12 Sheet Wall Calendar

Ample space to place bigger font size, brand name, and planner make your calendar content more visible. FMCG company get printed seasonal product photo hot selling month-wise with different product details. Except for 12 monthly pages, cover page paper stock we do make extra durable and more informative for customer perspective. For tin mounting 100 gsm paper stock is comfortable.

Paper stock what we use

We use paper stock affordable for each business size. Available in coated matte & gloss and non-coated. We have a large series of worldwide paper acid-free and recycled. Textured, grained, and various color shades.  Magno Star, Nivea, High Coat, and JK paper are the best for calendar printing. Choose the best fit for your budget.

Individual Wall Calendar Packaging Cost

If you are a big size company that wants to distribute a calendar to your business partner through the mail you just need a wall calendar packaging box. You can stickered on individual business partner name over it made easy to deliver fast and safe. Overall box cost comes approx 2.5-to 3 INR depending on the calendar size.

Q. Why calendars are so important even it is a working space or home?

Ans. A calendar made it easy to remember our important dates of personal and professional lives. Sometimes I forget our loved ones’ birthdays and appointments etc.

The calendars are a medium on behalf of We track our financial year profit and loss. Time and date are as important as our life. This is why a calendar is seen worldwide round the year so it is used as an effective marketing tool for a long time.

The calendar printing reason could be different ultimately it refers to remembering dates and times.

Q. What is the tin-mounted calendar binding?

Ans. Tin mounting is a process of hanging a calendar upon a wall in which the top calendar edge is gripped with a metal stripe having a pouch hole on the paper and thread on the tin thickness of 26 gauge, usually, tin color comes in black or navy blue to hang from the nail.

Q. How much does the 6 sheet wall calendar printing cost? 

Ans. It depends on the quantity of the calendar, thickness, and size of the paper used. Usually, 100 calendars, 13″x19″ wall calendar, 170 gsm paper @98/-

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Additional information


13"x19", 17"x24", 19"x29", 24"x35"


100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 2000, 3000

Paper Stock

100gsm, 130gsm, 170gsm

Bound Type

Tin-mounted, Wire-o

Printing Side

Both Side Printing


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