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Bill Booklet

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Delivery on 04, October 2023
  1. Bill sets are available in a bunch of 50 and 100 leafs.
  2. Printed through digitally and offset.
  3. Easy writable paper.
  4. Original white copy 70 gsm thickness of and duplicate color copy 65 gsm.
  5. Paper stock for bill available white, light pink, light green, and yellow.
  6. Micro-perforated leave made easy to tear off.




Custom Bill Booklet, Ever Green

A bill booklet and office stationery (cash voucher, receipt book, letterhead) is a primary tool of business transactions. Following government policy and self-maintaining even your business small or big every one needs it.

An accountant always keeps all stationary items up to date.

“A bill is a proof request a payment and ownership of products or service”

It may you have been faced a problem at the billing counter during shopping in the mall due to failing billing POS machines or CRM software stopped working due to internet connections fail, etc.

Most of all FMCG businesses have been shifted to online bill-generating software but it also requires a printed booklet for emergency use and starts billing in the bills booklet after risen such a problem.

Why bill book so important?

Each and every type of business needs a bill booklet, even it is small and big. Due to the external office use of parent copy invoice can be made advertising of your logo, brand name customer care number and term & conditions, A bill copy of product and service is kept for a long period of time.

A bill booklet made of Carbonless Paper Stock is a little costlier but it saves Your Time and Looks Professional.

A carbonless paper, “paper that does not require a carbon paper to copy”

  1. The paper we use is acid-free. No chance to fade print for a long time.
  2. Bill book ideal size available in 1/8 (5.5″x8.5″, 1/6 (7″x8.5″) and 1/4 (8.5″x11″).
  3. You can customize your content landscape and portrait, you feel better.
  4. Each invoice book contains a set of 50 and 100 leaves, choose convenient for you.
  5. Regular and Carbonless paper stock available choice is yours.
  6. A bill set 1+1 denotes that (parent copy + duplicate), 1+2 (parent copy + duplicate copy + triplicate), 1+3 (parent copy + duplicate + triplicate + quarduplicate) available.
  7. Invoice paper color white, yellow, pink, blue and green, etc.
  8. The sequential number on each bill leaves made it easy to short out and accounting.
  9. Except for the record copy, all leaves get miro perforated that made it easy to seamlessly tear off from the booklet.
  10. Cover hardbound and stapled to the retention of all leaves.
  11. All leaves are printed black & white with mini offset printing machines.

We also provide special bill book paper on-demand of higher gms and textured base.

Compare price among the bill book printer in Delhi and place your order seamlessly.

Why bill book printer near me?

Additional information

Size & Bind

8.5"x5.5"-Vertical Format-Top Binding, 8.5"x5.5"-Horizontal Format-Left Binding, 8.5"x7" Top Binding, 8.5"x7" Left Binding, 8.5"x11" Top Binding, 8.5"x11" Left Binding


5, 10, 20, 30


Regular Paper 100set (White+Yellow), Regular Paper 50 Set (White+Pink+Yellow), Regular Paper, 50 Set (White+Pink+Green+Yellow), Carbonless Paper 100set (White+Yellow), Carbonless Paper 50 Set (White+Pink+Yellow), Carbonless Paper, 50 Set (White+Pink+Green+Yellow


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