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Business Card

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Business Card Silk Printing

Printing for a business card silk printing technique is used in the short run. Special raised Opaque Color Printing and Embossing, De-bossing work can be done with highly precise, because the basic cost is very low. Any business card stuff such as a paper card, craft, synthetic etc.

As well as my experience some of the clients say business card means only for contact details, quality does not matter but among them say to keep a unique business card advanced is my passion.

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Textured or plain both can be printed easily and economically. Price is subject to quantity, area to be printed and no. of colour printing. Only one colour is printed at a time, to add more colour required more time and a new screen.

To get a raised and Opaque Color Printing follows a silk printing method but there is a limitation to be raised printing point view of the area. If required a large and high embossed use embossed letter printing.

There are 3 major tips to make your business card raised letter printing

1. Raised business card letter with powder and heat process

Required content is printed with during silk screen a powder is applied and heated with low temperature then the letter is raised along with ink dry out properly. To get the best result you are advised to keep only the bold letter raised only.

2. Business card raised with block

In this process, a highly precise metal block is prepared by the computer of required content in a mirror look and pressed from back side manual or power press, finally, a letter is raised front side and back side de-bossed.

3. Raised with UV coating

A UV coating is applied to the printed text and send to the heat process where it is raised as soon as UV light effect it. It looks as shiny as a mirror.

4. Brass or SS letter cut and paste on the business card

  1. A very thin layer of metal sheet with backing adhesive, the letter is cut through the laser-cut process and pasted on the card eventually it looks raised.
Silk Printing Business Card with Embossing
Silk Printing Business Card with Embossing

How to prepare the best artwork for silk printing business card?

To get the best result in silk printing business card use text 300 DPI or vector file, even though text should be more enough to print texture or grained paper. Keep text of the address, tel, email, web etc. use 6 or more point size and avoid cursive it became it looks sharp and legible to read it.

Use Fine Mesh to get print silk print business card

Fine Mesh for silk print business card stands for more fabric use in per square inch when ink passes through a fine mesh it gives a fine result. 140 no. Polyester fabric is the best for silk printing.

Business Card Silk Printing and post-printing works

After getting a printed card, can give the shape you required as around a corner, rectangle or any die shape you wish. using laser die to get the sharp edges. People loved to see leaf printing business card printed.

How much time does it take to screenprint a business card?

Screen printing is mostly done by manual from making a design to print process it takes 2-3 days, for a best quality printing result required a Negative / Positive that is costlier compared to butter (transparent paper)


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