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Canopy Advertising

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Canopy Advertising For New Brand or Offer

The structure of the canopy looks like a tent, so people also called it an advertising tent. The price of the printed promotional tent is subject to its size, the material used in thickness, and quality based.

Highly Prefered Industries: Bank | Institute | Insurance Company  |Tele Communication 

|Trade Show

The canopy comes in various sizes and shapes, you can optimize as per your requirement as well as team size fit. Usually, it is installed in the open air such as on the roadside, outside the institutional organization, supermarket area, in Infront of the bank, institute, etc.

The Presentation of a product or service depends on the quality design, quality of content used in a big deal. Only a professional designer has a lot of ideas to present aspects of customers and organizations to a good return on investment.

A demo tent has mainly 3 main components.

  1. Tetron Fabric
  2. Star Flex Printed Media (Including design)
  3. Structure of MS Pipe

Due to the huge branding space, it is multi-time better compared to banner printing. A canopy is seen at least 3-5 meter for a long distance to the prospects need to eye-catchy brand name (text and image)

Advertising canopy sitting capacity

Choose the best suit size for your advertising project.

4x4x7 Fit for 1 person

5x5x7 Fit for 2 person

6x6x7 Fit for 3 person

7x7x7 Fit for 4 person

There are 7 Pannel to advertise on the Canopy. Choose the right panel for the right content printing.

Assume that you are placing your order for 4’wide x4′ length x7 Fit height.

Advertising Panner

  • The top 3 panels are 1.5 Fit x 4 fit x 3 Pcs
  • The Bottom 3 panel are 1.5 Fit x 4 fit x 3 Pcs
  • Backdrop 4Fit x 7 Fit

Advertising materials rain and heatproof do not require to get lamination done. Choosing star quality flex media is the best option in terms of quality print. It gets a glossy digitally printed with a solvent inkjet printer that lost printing quality 7-8 years long even it is placed in sunlight.

The metal frame structure is made of black powder-coated and rust-free, 2″ dia, foldable in two segments, strength 22 gauge.

A canopy kit is a cylindrical bag that is made easy to minimize its space and carry easy 4 loops. A portable bag is also made of the same material as well as canopy made.

You can place a quantity as low as 1 pcs.

Outdoor Advertise Material Standee vs Canopy

Both advertising materials are widely used outdoor but advertising through standee is low space for branding and A canopy has enough space for branding and sitting with supporting materials over it.

A canopy is used for a large scale of branding it required teamwork advertising. Install a canopy required a minimum of 2 people. Installation of a standee no need other expects 1 person.

Standard Sizes, 4x4x7, 5x5x7,6x6x7, 7x7x7

Popular Tetron Fabric Used: Red, Blue Green, Yellow

Area of advertising, Dismantle, and installation., Fabric Quality, Approx Weight and Shape, Portability, Designing, and Print, need min 2 people, the combination of brand name and canopy fabric color, Water and Strom free.

What stuff a canopy is made of?

A media is used for printing advertising content Star flex, Having thick of 340 gsm, and well stitched on the tetron fabric very hard to tear -off, waterproof, polyester made fabric heavy resistant of Strom and sunrays.

How much does a canopy take time to ready?

It takes 48-72 Hours from design, print to stitch well, it may get a little more in rush hours.

Place your order online and avail next day pick up from printing store or get to deliver at your doorstep.


You need just 2 people to install, first open the cover box, and unfold the aluminum stick and slide into, stand properly and fix the fasten the 7 panels on the predecided positions. It takes approx 5-7 minutes.

How much longer a canopy last?

A promotional tent can be used multi-time if it is handled properly. Even you can replace the advertising content according to your project from time to time.

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Additional information


4 Ft x 4 Ft x 7 Ft, 6 Ft x 6 Ft x 7 Ft, 7 Ft x 7 Ft x 7 Ft


1, 2, 3, 4, 5


2 Business Day

Printing Media

solvent print on Star flex


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