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Chrome Metal Banner Stand

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Metal chrome banner stand is made of a heavy-gauge, holding up sticks that make awesome standee in terms of display & longevity. 4”x32” wider base of stand protect from the heavy air and storm in outdoor advertising.



Metal chrome cap banner stands is a heavy-duty standee

As a standee printing expert, I have seen more than 80% of standee get damaged due to supporting stick bend and hole on the stand fix rod widen.

There is a lot of reason to happen this some of them I am pointing out it.

  1. like a standee installer does not keep the rod endpoint on the specific place and start pressing down the rod.
  2. Stormwind blow
  3. Low grade aluminum

There is various reason are a medium quality stand you can choose different types of printing media as per your budget.

Basically, the stand structure is different from the regular stand. The stand base is a 4.4% wide rectangle shape made it easy to fit flat. The internally used coil is stronger than the regular stand and the stick support banner is extremely strong.

The finish is quite eyed catchy it comes only 33″x 72 wide.

It covers up-to15-20% of standee printing market space. Approx weight comes 4.5kg. Easy to install, handling with care, It might help to attend 5-6 coming events. Strong carrying bag (extra cardboard), Extra protection from the jolt, compare to regular pop-up stand. Available only 33”x72” only. Standee standout vertical and display the right message.

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