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Happy Birthday Mug




Gift on a special occasion of the birthday of your loved ones

Fathersday, Mothersday to express your love to your parents, Choose

There are several uses some of them I am pointing out here.

Get print happy birthday mug within 15 minute

Don’t miss your loved one’s birthday our store are open 24×7 of the week.

Choose from a white mug, Black Patch Mag, and Magic Mug

You can pick it up from our printing store

Customizations are so easy to just go and replace content and add your own content. Make sure photo quality should be 300 DPI or above.

Space For Content

90 mm  in height and 210 mm in wide you can place content along with text to be printed on the mug Printing color are log lasting and ever shining it can hold more than 1000 of washes.

It’s very simple method to know how it works

White Mug, Black Mug, Orange Mug, Yellow Mug, Green Mug, Blue Mug, Pink Mug, Magic Mug, And Much more color.

These mug prices are different from each other, If we categorize the overall range with printing start from Rs 200/-onward to Rs 450, A magic mug is the topmost price compare to all-ceramic mugs..

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What element a sublimation mug printing ink is made of?

Sublimation ink is made of polyester or polyester made a substance made of, as the temperature is applied on the mug, a solid ink convert from solid to gas on the object without changing into liquid form with the help of heat pressure.

How safe a printed Coffee Mug to deliver outstation?

Design, printing and packing matter great for branding and safe delivery. 11-ounce mug box size comes approx 83 mm Wide in diameter, 122 mm Length and Height 102 mm volumetric weight comes to each mug 0.20 kg

There is an additional packing box made of therma coal with 10 mm thickness inner packing with compact fitting size and outer cover with 450 gsm corrugated box made it easy point view of breakout mugs, etc.

If you leave it free from 10 fit above height you would found it safe on earth.

What is the magic mug and how does it look?

  • Basically, a magic mug is just like a normal ceramic mug comes in black matte and gloss finish.
  • After sublimation printing on normal temperature content on the black surface became invisible, when it comes to contact with the hot water, tea, coffee or any liquid form, the entire mug color changes automatically and printed content on it reflected as well as your artwork.
  • Enjoy the magic with your friends and your belongings. Also its a great way of surprising to your loved ones.

What is the concept of Sublimation Personalised photo Mug Printing?

  • Usually, a mug was used to print with a round screen printing method. Sublimation printing is the latest technologies in which a sublimation ink is transferred from a solid-state to solid on a particular, pressure temperature and timing.
  • As soon as the ink comes to contact with temperature without changing a solid form into the liquid, it directly converts into gas fixed on the mug having a thin layer of polyester or polyester mixed.

Is sublimation ink used in photo mug printing harmful?

Usually, many times it is asked while sipping tea or coffee is it may cause some problems for the human body.

I want to say stay free these kinds of psychological problems. There is no harmful chemical in it.

Is a photo mug printing machine easy to install on the event?

Usually, people love to gift photo printing on the spot such event like a wedding party, birthday, donation camp, etc.

Entire setup including printer, sublimation paper, heat press machine, thermal tape, comes around 15-20 kg.  Very easy to set up and serve your clients. You need to power supply and a table on the spot where have to set up.

What kind of material is made of coffee mug?

A mug is made of ceramic and porcelin which is very dence compared to other earthen and burned in the klin above 2200 fahreinheit temperature up to hours that make it harden and capable to retain heat longer.

It’s a porous and non conduct materials highly used for hot used like tea and coffee etc.

Can we put a ceramic mug of coffee in the oven?

Yes, you can. Ceramic mugs are formed at a temperature 2500 above foreignhiet. You need to worm cofee 350-450 foreignheit temperature. no need to afraid of it.

Best Sublimation Mug and Printing Material Supplier

Both company have a big stock of mug printing material from A-Z accesory like, sublimation paper, blank ceramic mug, printer, sublimation ink, heat transfer machine etc at nominal price.


Best EPSON sublimatin printer and ink service provider in delhi

Mostly these refered inkjet printer required service of ink and printerhead jam problem

These pervice provider so expert they can solve your problem in a shot time. Where epson company do not give you guarantee of sublimation used.

  1. Vikas Puri -Outer ring Road (M) 9810219633
  2. Jai Praksh – Nehru Place 9999199606

Best EPSON Printer model for Mug Printing

EPSON L130, EPSON L805 is the best one model for printing mug. Respectable price of L130 is Rs 8000-8500/- and L805 arond 18000-18,500/- as per my personal experience of 9-10 years.

How much cost a sublimation print for a mug printing?

Usually, an A4 size sublimation printing paper both side coating comes Rs. 3.5-4/- each depening on the quality. 3 mug print can be print on an A4 sheet and ink printing cost goes not more than 10/- each

Finaly one mug sublimation print cost comes Rs 4/- pc.

How long a ceramic mug last?

A ceramic mug life is above 50 year and sublimation printing is life long if it handle properly, most cases comes to damage handing error.

“Handle With Care” Ceramic Mug Long Lost

On-Spot photo mug printing services click here 

Book 2-3 days before the event is going to take place. Services are provided in Delhi NCR only.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Any difficulties you are facing related sublimation on the mug printing and raw material do write to us.

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