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Luxury Roll Up Banner Stand

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  1. It is the topmost quality in standee printing space
  2. Premium quality PVC banner printing quality
  3. Matte finish recommended
  4. Multitime banner changable
  5. Convenient to carry in flight



What does a luxury roll-up banner stand and how it is different from others?

When it comes to premium quality print, long-lasting pull-up banner stands, and out of crowd your brand you must go for the luxury banner stand printing. It is used for advertising promotional products and services. This is very beautiful and the best in standee categories. No tension to bend forward and backward side as well as a regular roll-up banner stand.

As well as its name, the luxury carry case is made of nylon fabric.

There are a few reasons why it is a known luxury banner stand.

  1. Heavy-gauge aluminum metals.
  2. Wide base supports better to stay straight upward.
  3. Extra Strong back support rod.
  4. Optimum quality matte and shiny finish metal chrome both cap.
  5. Heavyweight stand compared to another pull-up stand banner.
  6. The office or shop looks decorative with it.
  7. Within a minute to install and dismantle.

Due to the high cost, these standees are limited printing. You will find mostly banking, corporate office, hotel, and jewelry stores.

Accept display your brand name and the promotional message it is multiple times better to show -off your brand with high-quality digital photo with matte finish most advisable matte do not glare even might reflect over it.

Laminated banner print makes your print quality washable and strong. Once you get it done it lasts for a long period of time.

For outdoor advertising canopy, flyers, brochures are basic tools to reach out to prospective customers.

Shivani Enterprises do print PVC with the high-quality digital banner for the luxury banner stand.

How much does a luxury roll-up banner take a time to print?

Usually, it takes 1-2 days in our store you can pick it up or we get to deliver within a week in any part of India.

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