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  1. NCR form sets are available in a bunch of 50 and 100 leafs.
  2. Printed through offset printing method single color.
  3. Easy and smooth writable paper stock.
  4. Original white copy 70 gsm thickness of and duplicate color copy 65 gsm.
  5. Carbonless paper stock for bill/farm available white, light pink, light green, blue and yellow
  6. Micro-perforated leave made easy to tear off.



Why carbonless form printing?

  1. It’s an eco-friendly and easy to write, 100% recyclable paper stock.
  2. To get rid of the pain of insert carbon paper each time making a bill.
  3. After making a few copies carbon paper became useless and a resource again & again.
  4. Though it is costly if we account for the value of time and the cost of carbon paper used in regular paper-made form goes higher to the carbonless form.
  5. You have to write on a parent copy only, all the duplicate copies generate automatically.

A carbonless paper, “a paper that does not requires to add a carbon copy to make duplicate, triplicate… copy, etc.”

Usually, it is costly stationery compared to the regular paper form.

A form is printed through lithography with full information of the issuing company with the terms and conditions.

It can save time and enhance your brand in your marketing space.

Products: These forms are mostly used for high-security purposes likewise agreements, work contact, payment slip, insurance form, bill book, purchase order, etc.

Concept of NCR paper

There are three types of the sheet used in

  1. CF
  2. CFB
  3. CB

In terms of paper quality CF means (carbon-coated front side) White Parent Copy

CFB (carbon-coated both sides) Middle  Copy

CB (carbon coated back side) Record Copy

These paper sheets are coated microencapsulated carbon particles, when pressure is applied through pen while writing it breaks and produces a sharp mark on the below copy  

Here you can choose writing orientation portrait and landscape.

Sequentially numbered bills make more accurate accounting data. Don’t forget to mention the serial number. Serial number options from 4 digits to 7 digits.

Bound facilities can be choosing from the left or top sides you preferred most.

100 sets of 2 leaves mean (100 original copy + 100 duplicate).

50 sets of 3 leaves (50 original copy, 50 duplicate, 50 triplicate).

50 sets 4 leaves (50 original copy, 50 duplicate, 50 triplicate, 50 quadruplicate).

You may get NCR form as a pad (gummed) and perforated and stapled.

Additional information




5, 10, 20, 30


1+1, 100 set (100 white+100 yellow), 1+2, 50 set (50 white+50 pink +50 yellow), 1+3, 50 set (50 white+50 pink +50 green 50 yellow)


Single Color Printing Front Only


Left, Top


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