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Personalized Desktop Calendar

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Table calendar printer 2022

The calendars are not a daily used informational tool, you can organize your professional and personal life schedule on the right way. New Year 2022 is knocking as it’s high time to reserve your customs office or home space with your brand name with the corporate calendar. Only a premium quality desktop calendar can deserve it. So choose the best calendar for your customer and prospects such as Religious/motivational/promotional/personalized photo calendar / wonderful places etc. The backside monthly printed planner made it easy to notice down important event dates, schedules, and messages. A calendar helps to eliminate stress from dual scheduling.

Awful looking calendar no one wants to place their key location of working area or at home.

To keep track of vacation planning, and upcoming milestones for groups in your business

There is various aspect that influences the table calendar cost and quality. You can set your budget and enhance desktop calendar printing quality by optimizing specifications.

  1. Different Sizes
  2. Paper Quality and Thickness
  3. Quantity
  4. Number of leaves each calendar have
  5. Aesthetic Application
  6. Bound Types
  7. Individual Packing Cost

Types of Desktop Calendar

  1. Promotional Desktop Calendar

Table calendars are seen around the year in the office and homes. Eye-catchy creativity is also a part of customer attention-grabbing of your brand name always in front of them. High-quality photos and conceptual designs make your calendar awesome. It is our recommendation for a high-quality product image that produces a premium quality calendar it comes with Indian holidays formatted.

You can start from any month of the year, usually, we start from the month of Jan.

  1. Personalized Photo Calendar

Share your loving memories no required minimum quantity. Your loving one could be your friend and family member. Make your calendar more aesthetic by applying foil printing and UV coating application. It’s right to gift on the occasion of birthday and wedding anniversary. Choose matte and ultra-glossy paper stock. Avoid using picture resolution under 300 DPI

You can share your pre-wedding photoshoot calendar with your near and dear ones. You can place 2-3 photos on each calendar. You can add small images into the date box space for better memories.

  1. Tent Card Calendar

Tent calendar costs are very cost-effective, you can make your presence among a lot of audiences even you have a low budget. Highly used in crowded events and seminars. Overall a tent card calendar costs come approx INR 5-7/- pcs if we printed in 1000 numbers.


  1. CD Cause Shape

It’s an innovative way to see the desktop calendar, you have to replace the current month leaf from the coming month just sliding through the window. Ideally 8’x8” calendar is most appreciated.

Printing Application:

We have a high-quality Digital Printing and Offset Printing setup in-house to produce awesome desktop calendars and wall calendars. Printing applications are applied on the basis of print run volume and color complexion of print projects. Personalized calendars get printed digitally. Printing 4/4 and 4/0, uploading print-ready files and approving electronic copy.

Specific color and bulk calendar printing are done through the offset printing method.

7 Leaf Desktop Calendar

7 leaf calendar are cost-effective, you can save your money, each leaf of paper are printed one month on each side and cover printed with full-fledged details of your brand name and company information. You can dress up your calendar content vertical and horizontal orientation.

13 Leaf Table Calendar

13 leaf calendars both side printing are best for future planning as backside with a full planner, you can get noticed daily important notes in details. Month day and date are big enough to read for a long distance.

Table Calendar Price in Delhi

Table calendar price starts from Rs. 125, higher the quantity lowers the price per pcs. Table calendar price depends on the paper quality, types of bound, quantity, and numbers of calendar sheets used.

Bound Types

Double wire-o bound and spiral binding application is available on hardboard base, wire-o is a more professional and classy look. It’s a little costly compared to the spiral binding.

The backboard has a thickness of 800 gsm well supporting and standalone stand. Outer cover you can choose from matte or glossy coated finish paper.

Standard Size Desktop Calendar

8.5”x5.5”, 8.5”x11” and 9”x6” are ideal sizes.

The calendar may contain 6+1 and 12+1, leaf calendar, content can be customized vertical and horizontal, top side binding.

Calendar Leaves Specification

170 gsm and 250 gsm stiff paper are used for the table calendars to make them durable. Paper stock matte of gloss coated. Lower gsm calendar paper is cheaper compared to higher gsm. We do laminate to get a higher glossy and matte finish only on client special demand.

Desktop Calendar Printing Methods

The desktop calendar gets printed digital and offsets process. Every personalize calendar gets printed variable data printing process even you can get to print name embed on the favorite photos. Bulk calendar printing is done offset process that’s we offer the lowest price per unit.

Desktop calendar stand

Calendar stands are made of thick cardboard stock. We use a 32-ounce cuppa board that comes 1.5mm thick. A laminated stand cover makes the calendar more strong. Our calendar base design is prepared with computerized and get cut-through laser die and cut that’s why it stands up perfectly. Our calendar base looks from the side perfectly try angle shape.

Our Top 10 Desktop Calendar Template 2022

Our desktop calendar templates are designed by experienced and talented graphic designers to keep in mind extensively safe printing guidelines, CYMK format background, bleed, and printing perspective. Date and days grid lines are followed by Indian festive and national holidays. You do not require design skills to create a stunning calendar, just place your photo and logo, etc.


Shivani Enterprises is a professional designer and quick calendar printer. We have a collection of 20 stunning Indian calendar template designs for the year 2022, our prices are very competitive and the best quality in printing. Most of all our calendars are shipped within 4-5 days from the date of placing the order (Turnaround does not include shipping time)

Paper stocks are available a large variety of coated, uncoated, and imported paper on special demand.

Call for bulk order /special calendars printing 9211253015

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8.5"x8.5", 9"x6", 8.5"x5.5", 11"x5.5"


1, 2, 3, 4, 5


170 gsm, 300 gsm


Both Side Printing


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