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Regular Brochure

From: 1920

1. Brochure printing made easy to display product in details.

2. You can choose 1/2 fold, 2 fold, and none option.

3. Laminated brochure is waterproof advertising material.

4. High-quality images make your brochure more appealing.

5. Best brochure design and printing give more weight to your brand compared to flyer printing.

5. Make your brochure self-shoot product if possible.



Regular Brochure Printing

A brochure is a single leaf of printing paper, used as a marketing tool for products, services and to convey information messages. It may be in the ½ fold, 2 fold, try fold, or multifold. Mostly brochure printing is done in multicolor pictorial, illustration data with text. Content would be informational or point of sale.

A multicolor printed brochure is a synopsis of information on products and services. Choose the best brochure printing size and fold options fit for your print project.

6 Basic factors that impact your end brochure printing quality awesome

Brochure Design & Layout | High-Quality Image | Perfect Brochure Size | Best Paper Quality Selection | Right Paper Thickness | Fold Type | Aesthetic Application

Regular Brochure Printing Design & High-Quality Image

Designing is the primary and root of the best brochure printing services component that makes eye-catchy font face, proper indentation, image manipulation with text formatting with a table (if required). Avoid free copyright images and get to shoot your own product photo.

Conceptual design, proper maintain bleed, creasing mark, keeping valuable content, right and limited font type, and breathing space, content under the safe zone, cut mark crop are basic brochure designing fundamentals you can check here

Brochure Sizes

You are the one who knows better about your product and services. So choose the right size want to put on the brochure. Standard open brochure sizes are 8.268”x11.692” 11.692”x 16.53” and 11”x24”.

Paper Quality Selection

Before selecting the paper quality you need to know your buyer persona. The age group of your brochure reader, finish what they like, shiny or matte paper, visual appeal, or text content you know better. It helps you better understand choosing applications.

Suppose that if your business is related to the environment choosing recycle paper would be the best option for your audience’s perspective.

Best Brochure Printing Paper Thickness

Paper thickness matters enough as logistic cost, looking shape after fold, an additional application like embossing, Spot UV, and Foil Printing.

  1. Lower gsm as 170 gsm is not fit for thermal lamination choosing 250 is the best practice.
  2. If your business is abroad you must go for the lightweight paper to save logistic costs.
  3. Coated art card 250 gsm is ideal for Digital Spot UV and Foil Printing.
  4. You are wishing shiny and waterproof brochures do not go for uncoated and recycle paper.

Folding Types

It depends on the size of the product list. 2-3 products choosing A4 1/2 fold to A5 (2-panel front and 2 panels back) would be better. A3 fold to A4 (2-panel front and 2 Back), 11”x24” fold to A4 (3-panel front and 3 panels back) is sufficient for company profile and 10-12 product long list.

Brochure printing material used in Corporate, Govt. and Education organizations on a large scale to present systematically organized informational content.

Business flyers are also a medium to advertising with fewer product and service details. A quality brochure printed people kept for a long period of time to recall

Brochure Types of brochure -1/2 Fold, 2 Fold, and Tri-Fold

Brochure Aesthetic Application

For aesthetic and enticing brochure printing there are additional applications such as embossing, UV, and Foil printing.

  1. The right place to distribute your business brochure event | one on one meeting |POS counter| Trade Fair| Attach with online delivery packet

High-resolution quality Image produces end product engaging. It takes a few second to grab a customer’s attention.

We do receive file types *.EPS, *.PDF

Brochure printing is costlier than flyer printing you can choose if your budget is low advertising.

Link –flyer and leaflet

Brochure v/s Catalogue

  • The brochure is a fewer product detail and a catalog is a huge number of product details
  • A brochure comes in ½ fold, 2 fold or tries fold but the catalog could be perfect or saddle-stitched
  • The brochure is a single leaf of paper and the catalog is a multiple paper leaf set.
  • The catalog is costly and the brochure is cheaper advertising materials.

Additional information


8.268"x11.692", 11.692"x16.53", 11"x24"


100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000


170 gsm, 300 gsm


Matte, Gloss, None


1/2 Fold, 2 Fold, None


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