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Best Stencil Maker in Delhi

When it became harder to print upon the big and irregular size object for the long term required a stencil that made it feasible on it. A stencil is made of plastic, wood, or metal substance in terms of the best suit on the object. Sometimes using paper stickers is also a good practice but it works for the short term.

Marking on the object through a stencil either is water-based ink/oil-based ink or sprays paint is a permanent marking solution.

“A stencil help to put your brand name/quotes/ social awareness content in public places boldly on an irregular substrate (wall, carton) in a fastest and magical way rather than terrible writing.”

Rubber Stamp or Stencil

Rubber stamps are used for marking on the small size packet as well as up to 3″x4″ space and required a horizontal surface only for better result. where stencil can be applied on big enough marking space. Most of all stencil is made of 12″x18″ but there is no hard and fast rule it depends on your intended area to be marked can be customized.

Best Uses of  Stencil/Cut Out

  • Marking on the Big Size Carton
  • Wall Painting
  • Social Awareness
  • Quotes on the Wall in Public Places
  • Logo Stencil

These are the main purposes of making a stencil. All stencils are made for the single color applying ink. More than one color stencil registration is out during the time of marking on the object.

Stencil Made of Materials

Usually, we do make stencils on various types of stuff like wood, plastic, and metals. But our stencil made of plastic is the best performing even it is applied on an uneven surface, easy to clean, foldable, and re-trackable flat surface. The stencil thickness has a 10 mil thickness. This material is known as a polycarbonate sheet.

Polycarbonate stencil made it easy to clean water base and oil base ink both easy.

Stencil Cutting Method

We do make stencils through laser cutting technology. Whether it is plastic, wood, or metal using thin stuff produces better quality and permanent for multi-time using stencils. Bigger font sizes and bold letters produce content readable for a long distance.

I recommend using spray paint to produce better content.

Stencil Thickness

1/16″ thickness is ideal for stencil materials that protect a maximum of bleeding ink underneath the stencil during applying ink on the stencil. In this regard, ILLDE material performs better in object-to-be stencil imprint uneven surfaces.

Stencil Price

Usually, the price is based on the stencil size and stencil material used. The basic price of a stencil is Rs. 1500/-   Stainless Steel or tin material stencil lasts longer. Stencil with the box nade easy to make an impression faster and save your ink to be wasted.

Stencil Spray Paint vs Paint Brush

Spray Paint: Using spray paint works faster even you can do it within seconds. but there is some drawback.  Spray paint is harmful when you breathe in to make sure to be precaution properly before applying it.

Paint Brush: It is time taking but safer to work.

Difference Between Screen Printing & Stencil.

Screen Printing: Both the terms are used for making an imprint on the substrate. The screen printing process is usually, done on a fixed station in which substrate is to be printed kept underneath the screen printing frame, and applied in the ink layer from the top. Screen printing applications need a silk mess to pass ink through.

Stencil: In the cause of substrate to be printed is bigger in size, uneven using the stencil is a good practice likewise cartoon box, park wall, etc.  During an election in the college and marking on a cartoon for shipment. Ink directly applied on the stencil made directly on the plastic, wood, or metal do not require a mesh.

Online Stencil Making Tips

  1. Avoid wooden bock letter-size under 1/2″ if possible (Letter & Numbers). We recommend bigger letters produce a better result.
  2. After using stencil and brush or roller foam wash out properly even if water-based ink or oil-based ink.
  3. Choose the best stencil materials (Wood, LDPE, and Aluminium Sheet) work for your project from LLDPE.

Buy the best stencil online with Shivani Enterprises place your content (vector file) to be made a stencil through email or Whatsapp we create a high-quality laser CNC machine on LLDPE, Metal Sheet or Wood choose the best work for you and get received at your doorstep.

We cut stencils only on custom sizes. Most of the Stencils get cut within 24 Hrs. From the order confirmations.

 Q. Can stencil be cut through laser?

Ans. Yes, stencil gets cut through laser and crafting with a sharp cutting tool. Stencil making through laser application are a sharp and fast process. Crafting a wooden or metal stencil is time taking and of inferior quality. Through the laser process letter of the logo and artwork design cut sharp and clear.




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