6 Different Types of T-shirt Printing in Delhi

Shivani Enterprises 

T-shirt Print on Demand goes for this printing application. It is an environment-friendly printing application. The fastest way to get a printed t-shirt in your hand. Bright color printing with small details design printing. The best printing option on polyester fabric t-shirts with light-color fabric.

1. Sublimation Printing

Screen Printing T-shirt

It is also known as spot color printing, It works best for 2-3 spot color designs. Very cost-effective for Bulk T-shirt Printing. Cheapest t-shirt printing on the earth. It required a minimum quantity of t-shirts and a time frame to execute perfectly. T-shirt printing prices are subject to adding color and quantity.

Embroidery on the T-shirt

High quality and pure thread go for long t-shirt life. This application is costly for print-on-demand t-shirts. Digitization cost individual goes very high. We have 12 and 14 printing head machines and work seamlessly up to 7 threads at a time. Embroider a brand name on the 100% cotton-made t-shirt is the best fabric. It is a kind of Exclusive Branding done on the sash/stole making or corporate t-shirt.

DTG Printing

It is a digital form of t-shirt printing method. DTG Printing gives you the freedom to choose fabric materials from a wide range. A better quality image produces a quality print whereas lower image quality produces a blurry and grainy look. Cotton fabric is the best for DTG printing. T-shirts made of light or dark fabric do not affect the printing quality due to the 5 inkjet color tank. The white color ink tank in the DTG printing machine made it easy to print any dark fabric t-shirts.

Vinyl Print & Cut and Heat Press

Personalize Printing on any type of fabric-made t-shirt is the best option. It could be the name of the team player and the number fastest way to go for it. Name and number get cut on the HTV vinyl sheet having different types of vinyl color GREY, WHITE, BLACK, YELLOW, GOLDEN, SILVER, REFLECTIVE. These vinyl sheets get cut with a digital vinyl cutting plotter and removed the excess area the heat pressed on the t-shirts.

DTG Printing

Direct to garment printing, or DTG Printing and Screen Printing are two of the most famous Printing strategies for marked attire. These two Printing forms are totally different, and relying upon your undertaking, one will bode well than the other. Picking the correct technique boils down to a couple of key components of your venture amount, structure detail, and the number of hues.