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Poster Printing in Munirka, Delhi NCR India

poster printing is a Printed Document of an info-graphic concise and headed message to the topics, usually, is seen by a 1-2 meter distance.  It is mainly used for Promotional, Academic, Inspirational, Motivational, and Informational (Disease/social) purposes.

Types of Poster

There are various categories of posters used for specific requirements such as a Protest Poster, Propangda, Motivational Poster, New Product Launch Poster, Collage Poster, Election Poster, Scientific Poster, NGO Poster, Most Wanted Poster, Film/Circus Poster, etc.

Paper Poster

Paper posters mostly used A4, A3, A2, and A1 sizes are printed digital and offset printing. It is highly used in local advertising this paper poster printing is done in large-scale Educational institutes, Event Posters, Election posters, etc.

Flex Poster

The Doctor/Health Department mainly circulates a poster for awareness of critical illness and how to overcome it in the hospital, clinics, and public places. As well as cancer, heart attack, polio, and much more critical illness. It is highly used for outdoor poster service.

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