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Custom Apparels Printing

Are you bored wearing old-style clothing and looking for a new custom apparel printing services provider in Delhi? There are various types of cloth printing techniques (cloth sheet and roll to roll) today on a variety of fabrics (cotton, polyester, and blend material). You can get customized printing on fabric by choosing same-day printing t-shirt printing in Delhi & NCR. Our latest apparel printing machines allow you to add personalized content (text, images, graphics, slogan printing on t-shirts, and company logo printing) on any type of fabric.

  1. School uniforms
  2. Corporate office employee t-shirts
  3. Sportswear (jerseys, caps and shorts)
  4. Casual t-shirts
  5. Hoodies,
  6. Promotional caps,
  7. Custom tailormade t-shirts
  8. Pillows
  9. Swimwear
  10. Flag printing
  11. Apron, etc, the way you wish.

The global custom t-shirt printing market is valued in 2021, at US$ 4867.35 and is expected to be $10,366.26 by 2030, There is a huge trend for wearing customized t-shirts. Everyone wants to be unique dress designs.

Our experienced and talented apparel printing team can design an innovative & meaningful full layout on the right location of the t-shirt (pocket, sleeve, shoulder, or graphics on the entire t-shirt) and customize it with the most reliable printing method and cost-effective process. We have all types of modern custom apparel printing methods with the latest printing equipment even see a preview of your t-shirt design of the garment finished product during designing on our web portal, and how it will look after printing.

Custom Apparel Printing Methods

Custom print-on-demand t-shirt printing services globally are at their peak. So there are a variety of t-shirt printing applications used for different kinds of content to entice audiences, such as screen printing, sublimation printing, direct-to-garment printing, embroidery, puff printing, and heat press are the top custom printing applications, each apparel printing application has unique advantages and disadvantages in terms of apparel print quality, MOQ, print durability, aesthetic look, content printability, and print cost-effectiveness.

For reliable garment printing consult with our print expert team they will help to choose the best quality t-shirt printing according to your content (image, text, or graphics), font style that can entice your audience, suitable t-shirt fabrics, and your custom apparel printing budgets.

Custom T-shirts for (Men, Women, Infants & Toddlers)

We customized t-shirts for day-one-old children to adult sizes apparel to keep in mind kid-soft skin, comfortable and breathable fabric to eco-friendly cloth printing methods. Cartoon images, and text graphics so that kids can engage.

Customized T-Shirt Fabric Quality (Blank T-Shirts)

To choose the best fabric for t-shirts that can solve your requirements need to check various parameters. We are a stockist of blank apparel (plain) t-shirts made of polyester fabric (nylon lycra), cotton (natural fabric), linen, and blend materials in different wearing styles (v-neck, polo, round-neck, hoodies, full sleeve t-shirt),

1. Polyester Material Made Round Neck T-shirt

T-shirt printing for awareness of social messages, political campaigning, marathon runs, holi-festival, bole-bum, mehndi ceremony programs, community programs celebration, polyester materials made t-shirts is basic t-shirt quality and the cheapest price (pocket friendly) to go viral your message, like, etc. Polyester t-shirts are man-made fiber (artificial fabric), stretchable (elastic), thin, and low-breathable fabric. The average price of a polyester round neck t-shirt with printing cost comes to around Rs. 150-200/- each for bulk t-shirt printing. Sublimation Printing is the best to go for light-color fabrics.

A. Lycra

It’s a type of refined polyester fabric that passes through various channels. Usually costs higher compared to cotton fabric. Two-way and four-way lycra fabrics are the best for sportswear (swimming, gymnastics, yoga, and table tennis sports) clothing. We prefer sublimation and DTF printing as print also makes the shape during stretch without breaking the design print.

B. Nylon

Polyester-made materials t-shirts are the best and cheapest clothing for the summer season. The best thing about a polyester round neck t-shirt is affordable for middle-class people and you can approach a huge number of people.

Best for sublimation printing on light-color fabrics. It’s a fast-drying fabric.

2. Natural Fabric (Cotton Made Fabrics)

Thick, breathable & comfortable wear, soft feeling to skin available in thicknesses of 180 gsm to 240 gsm fabrics, available in fine fabric made premium quality round neck and polo t-shirts, most preferred fabric for corporate t-shirt branding. Available for kids, adults, and women. T-shirt size range starts from 18, 22, 24…… 46-inch chest. Available in almost all (more than 20 color collections.). Our button-down t-shirts (cotton fabric) are best for formal outfits in corporate offices and events. Natural Fabric made blank (without customization) polo t-shirt price range starts from Rs. 350/- onwards best fitting for men and women.

3. Woolen-Cotton (Hoodies)

Hoodies are the most popular clothing of winter season, blank hoodies are available in dark colors (red, black, navy blue, and grey color) hoodies with worm fabric heavy GSM (350-400 gsm) with a hood, without a hood, zipper, without zipper, choose the best-fit and match your theme college students and customize your college and group name at affordable prices. Recommended for customization print DTF and embroidery.

4. Poly – Cotton Blend

It is a blend material of cotton and synthetic, with a ratio of (65-35)% poly-cotton materials is ideal for sublimation printing of fabrics and affordable garments available in round neck and polo items of clothing. A higher % of polyester has better sublimation printing results and is more cost-effective but is harder to cool compared to cotton.

5. Dry Fit T-shirts

  1. Dry-fit t-shirts are stretchable, comfortable, stylish, and keep you dry.
  2. Lighter in weight.
  3. Comfortable to work harder and harder practice
  4. 2-way or 4-way lycra and nylon material (dry fit t-shirts are best for fitness lifestyles like in sports, yoga, and gym workouts.
  5. Very quick and fast-drying materials (within 30 minutes)
  6. Wrinkle-free materials.

Dry-fit t-shirts are micro-polyester material-made t-shirts. Sublimation printing performs the best on light-color dry-fit t-shirts.

T-shirt Size in India

We have a plain t-shirt size range from newborn babies day 1 old to adults men and women. The parameter of the t-shirt scale of a t-shirt size standardized the chest size. We have categorized these sizes into 3 categories 1. Kids 2. Youth 3. Adults.

Blank T-shirt Size For Kids

Chest Sizes

18 (0-1/2 Year) Kids

20 (1/2-1 Year) Kids

22 (1 Year – 4 Year) Kids

24 (4 Year – 6 Year) Kids

26 (6 Year – 8 Year) Kids

28 (8 Year – 10 Year) Kids

30 (12 Year – 14 Year) Youth

32 (14 Year – 16 Year) Youth

34 (16 Year – 18 Year) Youth

36 (18 Year – 20 Year) Youth

38 (Adult)

40 (Adult)

42 (Adult)

44 (Adult)

46 (Adult)

Note: These blank t-shirt sizes are a standard according to their agewise but the actual fit size is based on the height and healthiness of the dress-wearer before buying a custom t-shirt need to check.

Shivani Enterprises web page has a design tool you can create yourself and get instant t-shirt prices online, if you are comfortable, send your t-shirt title/logo our creative team will make eye-catching designs for you in professional design tools Photoshop, CorelDraw, Canva, etc.

Hoodies Custom Print | Photo Printing on t-shirt |

Tips for Choosing the Best Quality Printing Services on Apparel

Choosing the best custom print quality on apparel (print on demand) involves fashion and the latest trends in various factors, Let us understand in a few steps concerning short-term print and permanent print on apparel precautions.

  1. Apparel printing budget
  2. Apparel printing intention, for what?
  3. Print color accuracy (patented or non-patent color)
  4. Types of your content text /image /graphics/ line art etc. want to print on apparel.
  5. Longevity of print on the apparel.
  6. The second step in this respect is to choose the fabric quality.

Before moving any type of apparel print process need to understand first above given topics that help you to choose the best print quality apparel printing.

Custom T-shirt Printing Price Factor

Custom t-shirt printing price depends on factor depends on various factors some most important factors are.

  1. Custom Design
  2. Printing location (left side chest/right side chest/front/back/sleeve/entire t-shirt etc.)
  3. Type of printing (sublimation/screen printing/DTF printing/DTG printing/embroidery/heat press)
  4. Quantity
  5. T-shirt quality (polyester/cotton/lycra/nylon/linen etc.)
  6. Type of T-shirt (round neck/polo/hoodie/sweatshirt)
  7. Print turnaround (same day or next day delivery)

These are the crucial factors that need to be understood before placing custom t-shirt printing order.

Types of Custom Apparel Print and Effectiveness

Choosing the right t-shirt printing method for apparel depends on the content type (text, image, graphics, and line art), print quality, and turnaround.

Dye-Sublimation Printing: Best performance for light-color fabric (polyester/lycra/nylon) made t-shirt. The printing effect durability till the apparel life, and no color fades, no ink bleed. After printing ink becomes a permanent part of fabrics. The printed design does not crack or peel off from the fabric. Dye – sublimation printing can be done all-over printing.

Best for life-long print but only light color polyester/nylon/lycra fabric. Cost-effective, cheap, and best multicolor printing for social promotional and political campaigns.

Screen Printing: When it comes to printing a vector design/line art content for bulk t-shirt production on cotton, poly-cotton-made apparel screen printing is the best option, and print lasts at 50-50 washes. The best option for cheap t-shirt printing with a fewer color printing.

Best t-shirt printing application for large-scale t-shirt printing but design with fewer color options print life almost fabric life.

Heat Press Printing: When it comes to seeing your t-shirt line art design or text in metallic silver, golden, or glittering finish and short turn around t-shirt print go for heat press printing on custom apparel. Heat press printing uses HTV vinyl that needs to take extra care during washing and ironing, print life is 20-25 washes. The drawback is after a few washes print starts to peel off and crack.

Best for sports teams (football, cricket, volleyball) players t-shirt printing like player name and number, etc., and can be printed anywhere on the t-shirts.

For safety precaution jackets for rescue team/night guard/traffic safety staff dress printed with reflective vinyl.

DTF Printing: Only the DTF printing method facilitates printing on any type of fabric (cotton, leather, polyester, poly-cotton, nylon, lycra, etc,. DTF printing is effective for 28-30 washes after that starts breaking into small particles gradually.

Best for applicable on any type of fabric-made apparel print life 28-30 washes.

Embroidery Printing: Best apparel printing performance on cotton or poly cotton fabric in a limited color design. It’s a permanent branding solution. Best for branding on school uniforms and corporate t-shirts. It’s a little pricy apparel printing.

Best for aesthetic looks and fabric lifelong lasting but applicable only to cotton fabric.

DTG Printing: It’s a digital form of t-shirt printing (directly ink applied on fabrics in the ink fountains), best quality print and performance on cotton fabric. Print fades over time and printing costs are very high overall, print costs 2-3 times more than other apparel printing techniques. Best for complex design print on apparel.

Best for high-detailing graphic print but pricy. Printing only limited area and fades over time.

Puff Printing: Best performance for 1-2 color printing, bold and minimal content is highly recommended. Thin and intricate designs can’t be printed. Min. quantity required for printing, basic print project cost involves.

Best for loud-out messages. Print life 40-45 washes long.

Tailormade T-shirt Manufacturer

We customize apparel for corporate businesses, events, schools, etc., in wholesale and retail. There are endless possibilities for t-shirt customization from tailormade stitch and print with us. Do not need to search for custom apparel printing near me, we do print and deliver to your doorstep. Tailormade T-shirt customization needs MOQ. 50 pieces.

Custom T-shirt Printing in Delhi

There are numerous custom t-shirt printers in India. Most of all online fabric printers provide custom-printed clothing dropshipping. We are associated with apparel big brands like NIKE, PUMA, ADIDAS, REEBOK, etc. for personalized printing to their clients in stores.

Shivani Enterprises is a print-on-demand service provider company in India. Execute custom print services same day delivery in Delhi & NCR and 3-4 days rest part of India. Email or WhatsApp + 9211253015 in case you require custom apparel printing in India.

Can I print a custom logo on the T-shirt?

Shivani Enterprises is a custom apparel printing company in India. Enable print logo on a t-shirt made of any type of fabric.

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