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Looking For Sublimation Printing in Delhi & NCR

There is a huge demand for sublimation printing nowadays. A sublimation printing process is a digital printing form enabled with a multicolor content printing application. Best printing result on polyester made light color surface product or upper layer polymer coated materials.

Ceramic Mug, T-shirt, Photo Frame, Bed Sheet, Curtains, Ceramic Tiles, Key Chain, Pillow Cover, Dining Table Mat, Mouse Pads, Mobile Covers, Shoes Sole, and Lanyards, are the most popular sublimation printing products etc.

According to Print Experts and Customized Gift Makers, there is a big opportunity coming in the years. You can decorate your kitchen, bedroom, personalized gift, smart ID card & lanyard printing, etc. There are uncountable products where we can apply sublimation printing. Another way you can say any product made of polyester can be sublimated printing.

Get the best sublimation printing services in Delhi.

  • Sublimation Printing is a completely digital process, scratch-resistant, and peels off proof printing.  Using an inkjet printer, Cyan, Light Cyan, Magenta, Light Magenta, Yellow, and Black sublimation ink is used.
  • It is a very easy, fast, and economical printing method, it was a time when t-shirt printing was done by the Traditional Screen Print Process took a long time, had inferior quality, and had a high price per pcs for low volume quantity.
  • Sublimation printing requires a computer-attached inkjet printer with sublimation ink, sublimation paper, a heating transfer machine, heatproof tape, a cutter or scissor, and a scale to cut paper easily. You can print info-graphic on any stuff polyester coated surfaces such as fabric, rigid stuff, wood, plastic, paper, cloth, etc.
  • It is known as dye sublimation printing. After sublimation printing it cannot be wash out even multiple washes, neither scratch nor peel out 100% fade proof any polyester material based product.
  • Brand promotions such as t-shirt printing, cap, mug printing, freeze magnet, id card, lanyard, pillow cover, cushion, keychain, mobile photo cover print, and sports suit give a good scope of the sublimation printing industry.
  • The content is mirror printed on sublimation paper from an inkjet printer, and after the transfer, it comes straight.
Sublimation Print
Sublimation Print

You may visit for more info about the sublimation printing tech print blog

People search for UV Printing

Concept of Dye Sublimation Printing

Basically, sublimation printing is based on the dye ink, it’s a water-based natural ink, peel off, and scratch-proof ink.

Sublimation vs Pigment Ink

“When a sublimation ink comes with the contact of polyester on polyester mixed fabric with the help of specific temperature and heat-press, sublimation ink directly converts from solid to a gas without changing into liquid form and became a permanent part of the fabric.”

Ideal Temperature of curing sublimation ink is 180 degree on polyester fabric (it vary on polyester materials quantity made of product).

Sublimation ink properly merged and it lost with fabric life.

The Biggest Sublimation Printer

Colorjet Subliprinting able to print 10.5 ft (3200 mm in wide). It faciliate inbuild heater to cure print. High on demand personalized fabic printing. Printing resolution 1440 DPI, CYMK form printing technologies.

Best Quality Sublimation Inkjet Printer

Flat Sheet Pinter -: Size A4 Sheet Printing

EPSON L-130, Estimated cost INR 8000-9000/-  and EPSON L805 Estimated Cost 19000-20000/-  

Size A3 Sheet Printing

EPSON L-1800 is the most preferred printer, Estimated Cost INR 33000-34000/-

EcoTank L805
EcoTank L805

Epson L130
Epson L130

EcoTank L1800
EcoTank L1800

Epson SureColor SC-F7270
Epson SureColor SC-F7270

Roll Form Printer

Highly used in textile industries: EPSON Sure Color F7270

This is a heavy-duty printer that is highly used in commercial activity.

Why only EPSON Sublimation Printer?

More than 20year long journey of using an inkjet printer head I suggest The Epson printer is the best.

  1. Easy availability service center and it’s part.
  2. Very competitive market price.
  3. The expert player in the inkjet printer industry.
  4. Any part of the printer available at the center any time.

Required Equipment For Best Quality Sublimation Printing

I) Design

The first step of sublimation printing is layout and design. You need to be an expert or hire a professional designer for a successful sublimation printing service provider

High-Quality info-graphics artwork produces an eye-catchy and mind glowing print product.

There are various types of the product done by sublimation printing each of them has different space for branding, printing gifting items,  and casual wearing.

It may be caused to pixelate images after printing and to know more how to select a high-quality image on high-quality transferable sublimation paper.

II) Best Quality Sublimation Printing Equipment And Skilled Sublimation Practitioner

Best artwork is not only enough for the best quality of sublimation printing, but there are also many other elements that matter a lot likewise Quality of Sublimation Paper, Printing Equipment, and Skilled Sublimation Practioner

  1. As well as my concern use Korean ink the brand name is INKTEC and EPSON is the best Sublimation Printing Ink.
  2. Inkjet printer EPSON L805, (6 color tank) EPSON L130 (6 color tank) Both printer is feasible for A4 size. Model Epson Workforce WF-7710 is fit for A3 size print.
  3. Keep quality sublimation printed paper with both side coating 80-100 gsm paper. Use above 110-120 gsm in moisture atmosphere.
  4. Set the temperature of curing ink according to media behavior.
  5. Keep Temperature and ink transfer time equal for each product otherwise it may cause color variation.
  6. Only an experienced person produces the best result without wasting it.
Black Mug
Black Mug

There are different kind of heat attachment process as a cap, t-shirt, mug, plate according to application heat press are differently some media such as curved edge as a plate, smartphone over, 3d vacuum heat press evergreen to get services

Screen Print tshirt
Screen Print T-shirt

These applications are versatile to grow your business by sublimation printing.

Difference between dye-sublimation and heat transfer paper printing

Dye Sublimation is a process of printing, where only sublimation ink is transferred on the polyester-coated product on the 350-400 Fahrenheit temperature with the help of heat pressure.

Note -1:  A white sublimation paper is printed in sublimation ink in mirror image or test (2) Sublimation printed face is kept on the object  (3) Heat and the press is applied (only ink is transferred on the object)

Sublimation vs Heat Transfer
Sublimation vs Heat Transfer

Heat Transfer Paper is a media that can be print inkjet and a laserjet printer on to the transfer paper then it is cut through a cutter or auto cutting machine in the text and shape, peel out it, and transferred onto the object in the form of a layer.

Note -1: In this process, (1) A white base heat transfer paper, is printed positive image or text (2) It is auto cut or blade cut (3) Peal out from the release paper (3) Keeping printed face upside on the object with the help of heat press (ink along with transfer paper pressed) transferred in the way of a layer.

How Many Types of Sublimation Heat Transfer Machine?

Mostly there four types of sublimation printing transfer machine

1. Flat Heat Press

T-shirt Printing, Pillow Cover, Stone Photo Frame, Lanyard, Mouse Pad, and any item flat or flexible sublimation transfer is used for it.

2. Round Heat Press

Sipper Bottle, Mug, or any Cylindrical Goods (metal and ceramic) is heat sublimation transferred.

3. Vacuum Heat Press Machine

Any stuff even, cylIndric, 3d, 4d, Inside printing on the object is printed in this machine as –Ceramic Plate, Photo Stone, Mobile Cover, Mug, Sipper bottle, key Chain, etc.

The entire process is based on the vacuum system as sublimation printed paper is wrapped on the object and the object is kept in the machine then through the machine air is taken out and finally, paper adhered to the object and treated with specific temperature and pressure.

4.  Roll to Roll Heat Press Machine

Textile Industries, Suit, Sari, Flag Printing and Bed Sheet, etc. are being heat transferred. Basically, any size in length and width 24″ to 110″ wide machines used.

Heart Press

Heart Press

These heat press machines used for different types and shape sublimation products.

Best Quality Sublimation Ink & Material Manufacturing Company

These sublimation ink are international brand providing service across the world at a nominal price you can buy the AMAZON shopping portal

Quality ink consumption not only produces color, even works as a tonic for the printer head, and service your printing machine.

Sublimation Paper and Printing Machine

A sublimation paper is a unique paper that is pre-coated, during sublimation printing on the paper sublimation ink sit on the upper layer it and release enough sublimation ink during heat transfer sublimation on the object.

Another way you can say, normal paper (without pre-coated) that absorbed the sublimation ink and could not release on the printing object during the sublimation heat press.

absorption capacity” it absorbed during sublimation printing from inkjet printer done on this paper.

The best quality of sublimation paper is known as maximum ink absorption and transfer maximum on the object during the heat process.

Flat Sheet Printing-: Sublimation Printing can be done through any inkjet printer series.

Papers are available A4, Legal, A3, and roll form it can be used as well as your requirement EPSON series L130, L805 best for A4

Sublimation Paper
Sublimation Paper

Roll Farm Paper Printing : sizes comes in 17″, 24″, 36″44″ and 100 and 120 meter long

  1. EPSON SureColor F6200
  2. EPSON SureColor F7270
  3. Mimaki
  4. Roland

You can get a print size up to 4 fits wide and any size length.

Best Quality Sublimation Printing Materials.

JET COOL, FANTECK sublimation paper, JTECK sublimation ink

To get sublimation printing sample click here

Magic Mug
Magic Mug

Tips to maintain sublimation printer head for a long run service

Sublimation the printer main problem is head jam while not in regular print service. Avoid this problem get print out daily.

To overcome this problem there are some other tips you must follow.

  • Always consume the best quality printing ink
  • Get print daily from a sublimation inkjet printer
  • Keep the printer nozzle check regularly
  • Always keep ink label in balanced
  • Cover it from the dust

The Products that can sublimate

Polyester Fabric, Ceramic Plate, Polyester Coated Plastic Material, Polyester Coated Stone

Fabric:  Any fabric contains a minimum of 60% polyester like t-shirt, mouse pad, Sweatshirt, hoodies, aprons, flag, wed sheet, pillow color, lanyard

Ceramic Product: Mug, Plate,

Plastic Material: Key Chain, Toffee, Name Plate

Stone: Photo Gift

Polyester Coated Metals: Sipper Bottle, Metal Cup

1/2″ or 3/4″ which one heat-proof tape is better in the sublimation printing process?

You can use any of them, but make sure it is my experience in 20 my experience low-quality heat-proof tape leave adhesive on the printing object.

Avoid this issue always use the best quality heatproof tape and remove from the printing object after cool down.

Best Sublimation Printing Material Provider in Delhi

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Frequently Askked Question

Q. What is the reason behind color variation is sublimation?

Ans. Sublimation printing process is a science of heat and press of sublimation ink for specific time period on made of polyester made product. Avoid color variation on the product printed need to apply equal pressure, heat and time. Another reason could be printer head blockage before printing clean your printer head.

Q. Do we need a special printer for sublimation printing?

Ans. Yes, we require an inkjet printer to get design print out. canon, hp, epson and brother are the best inkjet brand choose any of them. Make sure do not mix regular photo print ink into the sublimation ink tank. Mixing ink sublimation and regular lead your printer head jammed.

EPSON PRINTER L805 is the best sublimation printer.

Q. How much does a sublimation printing cost comes on the ceramic mug?

Ans. Sublimation printing cost goes higher compared to normal photo printing ink. Including sublimation paper, printing ink, and printing cost goes 0.60/- per square inch.

Q. Can I sublimate cotton fabric?

Ans. Yes, but sublimation printing on depends of the cotton fabric color and composition of polyester mix materials. 100% cotton fabric with white color can’t be printed or very light print impression that will washed away in the first wash.

Sublimation printing result works best on 100% polyrster made fabric. Considerable rule of 40% and 60% cotton -polyester is an ideal. Higher % of polyester is better in terms of print quality accuracy and it longetivity.

Q. Is sublimation ink printout look faded compare to photo printed ink?

Ans. Yes, but don’t worry seeing print out. result. Usually, sublimation ink look faded compare to regular photo ink printed paper. once you sublimate onto intended substrate, as soon as ink come into contact with polyester made product ink start bright and glazed.

Q. Which one “CYMK vs RGB” color mode printing work the best for sublimation printing?

Ans. More than 22-year long sublimation printing journey, I got the best result whenever I printed RGB, a few times I got the closer result, printed “CYMK” format. so my suggestion is to try the first “RGB” mode and seconly CYMK format. Test before bulk sublimation printing would be the best practice.

Q. Can sublimation printing application done on any types of stuff?

Ans. Usually, sublimation printing is done on white or light base substrate made of polyester or polyester coated stuff but it can be applied any kinds of material white base through adding POLY GLOSS SUBLIMATION COATING. It is a types of chemical need apply before printing

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