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UV Printing Services Delhi NCR India

Fastest Growing Printing Technology-UV Printing

UV Printing Technology has changed the way of the printing industry, even if it printing on a small or large piece of printing product, rigid/flexible/even-uneven, flat, cylindrical, and the 3D surface can be printed hassle-free. UV printing is a form of a fully digital printing process. This printing method explores the printing of various types of substances.

UV printing is an application involved in inkjet digital printing in which UV light is inbuilt behind the printer head & is followed printing head that makes the ink dry within a couple of seconds printing head passes through without spreading liquid ink. This printing does not require heat or time to dry print properly

Get UV Print on Any Stuff, Ask Me How

100% environment-friendly printing method, Any kind of material such as Wood, Plastic, Metal, Non-Metal, Polycarbonate Sheet, Glass, Stone, Transparent Base, Dark Base Products, etc. can be printed with high-quality Printing, Long-Lasting, and Scratch Resistant Ink.

The UV digital printing machines come in inkjet printing heads, having 6 tanks as well as C, Y M, K Varnish, and White

It’s a pigment ink used in UV printers that emit 0% of VOC.

There is unlimited reason to go for UV printing options. as of now, there is a huge demand for eco-friendly printing ink and cost-effective, longevity-range printing solutions.

UV printing machines come in various sizes and different types of printing heads to make printable FLAT / ROLL FORM / CYLENDRIC / CIRCLE and 3D PRODUCTS.

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Top Most Products Done UV Print

  • Commercial Product, Signage Industry growth rose within 5 years up to 200% growth, The reason behind it is the high print quality (can be print 1440 DPI), save your money & time (no need to be dry up time), coating or laminate to protect color fading as well as other printing metod (Solvent & Eco-solvent printing). It’s waterproof and fade-proof.

Electric Panel | Food Packaging | Branding on Gloss | Coaster Printing | Flag | Canvas | Acrylic Product | Power BankMedical Equipments | Direct UV printing on Sun Board

  • Customized Product there is no required basic setup costs like as in screen printing process, set up a screen and ready to transparency etc, It’s easy to personalized advertising and promotional product

POS Material | Mobile Cover | Customized Photo |Customised Pen | Wooden Key Chain | Personalized Pen

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11 Reasons to Choose UV Printing Application

  1. Fade-Proof UV printed product can be used outdoor 8-10 years long period
  2. It’s 100% environmentally friendly, with 0% of VOC emissions
  3. Save time & money, no need to laminate or extra coating.
  4. Long-range of the printing product (metal, wood, lead, paper, plastic..).
  5. Optimum Print Quality, up to 5760 DPI
  6. Printing ink is applied to the object through piezo technology and an inbuilt thickness sensor auto adjusts the plate from the head, so no chance of damaging the head during the print process.
  7. 2D Design can be printed on 3D objects likewise water bottles, pens & cylindrical objects. 
  8. Vibrant Color Printing because ink dried within a couple of seconds after printing the object  
  9. Feasible on Even and Uneven Surface Printing
  10. Easy to check duplicate product point of view safety with the invisible UV ink printing.
  11. Instant ink dry process.
  12. Equal printing ink distribution on the object.
  13. Scratch free-ink.
  14. Feasible for Dark and Light Base Background.
  15. Free from smear printing.

But depends on how much they are helpful to the environmentally responsible, better quality prints, and are cost-effective.

Seeing global warming problems and the demand of the corporate for large format print, a manufacturer of the large format printing machine and ink manufacturers are working day and night to make a more environmental-friendly printing process.

Manufacturers are working day by day to give new technologies to the world, now the trend of the latest printing technologies of large format is UV Printing. It seems coming the next 5 years the demand for UV printing will remain, with no option to overtake.

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UV Printing and how does it work?

UV Printing is a Digital Printing Process, Long-Lasting, Fade-Proof, Instant Drying, Scratch Proof, Eco-friendly, and Latest Printing Technology. UV printing is costly compared to other digital printing processes compared to solvent and eco-solvent printing ink

There are two types of UV printing machine

1. Flatbed Form

2. Roll Form

UV Printing Machines Action

All UV printing machines are inkjet printing heads. UV printing ink comes in C, M, Y, K, Varnish, and White Ink.  White ink is used for mostly Dark Color Bases and Transparent Bases to make content more visible and vibrant.

Usually, all flatbed machines have a vacuum system to grip the substrate during the print process, and the intended printing product is laid on it and it is sucked so there is no chance to move during printing. Failure may cause of color registration etc.

The printing head moves more than 2″ over the product, ink applied in the form of a fountain each ink drop is so small you can’t see it. the volume of the ink drop size comes in Pictoliter, it is too small to see. As soon as a drop comes on the product a UV LED light is followed just behind it within the second interval, it dried out instant properly and produced vibrant colors.

UV printer head 3-4 pass which creates denser ink up to Print 1440 DPI, comparatively a solvent printer produces print quality 72-150 DPI, there is a huge gape of printing quality compared to another digital printing process.

This is why it’s amazing technology.

The printing head moves over the substrate according to the artwork as soon as the ink is applied to the substrate an ultraviolet light is attached behind the printing head as soon as the ink is sprayed ultraviolet LED light curved ink on the substrate within a couple of seconds time; fixed give a glow printed effect and time to take dry up and no ordure it is 100% Eco-green system this process is applied even surface is uneven or even.

The head moves 5-7 mm up from the subtract so no damage to the head and deface from wet ink.

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Tips to Keep Your UV Printing Head Clean & Long Lasting

The printing head is a major part of any UV Digital Printing Machines and it’s costly, to make your printer head work along and save your time and money to exchange with new printheads you must follow below given instruction.

  1. Keep your printing head in automated cleaning mode after finishing every print project.
  2. Use the best quality UV ink to avoid sedimentation.
  3. Keep your ink at the directed temperature.
  4. Exchange your bottle, cap, etc each 1-2 month
  5. Wet print head with head cleaning chemical while it is not in use.

UV Ink Printhead vs Solvent Ink Printhead

Both printhead quality depends on the ink droplet and printhead size. smaller droplet sizes create a better quality print and bigger droplet sizes produce a poor quality print. The bigger size print head completes the print product in a shorter time period whereas the small size print takes more time for the same design print.

The smaller droplet is considered a better-quality print.

Usually, a 5-10 pl (pico liter) drop-size printhead is the best for a UV printhead. where solvent and eco-solvent printing droplet size is 25-50 pl.

The Durability of UV Prints

All types of digital printing ink like solvent ink, eco-solvent ink, latex ink, and UV ink among them print life recommended for Eco-solvent 1 Year, Solvent Print for 2 Years, Latex 3 Years and UV Print last up to 10 years.

Print is placed straight from the sunlight and off the sunlight vary the time periods of fading.

Direct sunlight and heat reduce the life of UV print quality.

What We Can Print Through UV Printing Machines

UV print
UV print

Basically, the printing head moves on the object 2-3 inches above so no chance to damage the head.

Ink applied in the way of spray and curved by the laser within a second so no chance spread out

Any substrate can be print through UV printing even it is made of plastic,

  • Wooden

  • Paper

  • Cardboard

  • Metal

  • Foam

  • Cloth

  • Mobile Cover


  • Pen Printing

  • Acrylic Sandwich Board

  • Stone Odd and Even Surface – It is quite easy to get print your stone surface with the UV Print as it is done with a very technical process. The Process we have mentioned above makes UV Printing easy. Even if your Stone surface is Even or Odd it doesn’t matter much in the UV Printing process. You can get the print on the size up to 8ft x 8ft very easily. Ceramic and Stone We can print UV directly on media which is difficult to print. The biggest feature of the print is ink and the ultra-violet light on the machine and the ink used to dry instantly. The biggest advantage of this is that it prevents the ink from scattering and allows for quality. All hard surfaces in terms of printing on stone, raw or painted stone surfaces, as well as the ability to lay the ground for dark stone surfaces, are made in our first-class printing.

The basic point of UV printing is based on attachment on how to fix it on the flatbed area to print it.

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3D Sublimation Printing | Pad Printing

Advantage :

1. 100 % color density and opacity maximum

2. Environmental friendly process

3. No time taking for dry entire press work

4. Print color glossy and No color fade problem

5. Equal Colour Consistency

6. Automatic cleanup system

7. Any kinds of material can be print because the head moves horizontally

8. No ink evaporation of ink 100% ink utilized.

Disadvantage :

1. Do not dry without curving

2. UV printing ink are costly hard to startup new business set up.

3. Miss handling may be come spills on the skin that may lead irritation because uv ink do not dry without LED light.

Best UV printing services in Delhi

Need any stuff UV printing to call us 24×7 Hrs. to get a minimum turnaround and at best prices.

Top Most UV Printing Machines

  1. RolandToday’s best service of this brand, they produce small to big size flatbed and roll form UV printing needs. Flatbed printing machines 8’x6′ produce 93 square meters per hour.
  2. Epson flatbed printer are most popular brands. Available in diffrent sizes for different types of product printing

The downside of UV printing

  1. Printing cost per square inch cost higher compared to the other form of digital printing
  2. The Clogging rate is higher compared to Solvent and eco-solvent printing ink.


Q. Is it necessary to laminate UV Printing Materials?

Ans.UV printing do not require to laminate point of view color fade, ink abhrasion and durability”, But you can do in respect matte and glass look, touch and feel of lamination you do. But if your prefer matte of glass finish you can choose. Some people liked a matte finished you can do as you wish.

Q. Can we print uv ink any types of stuff?

Ans. Yes, we can. There are a few high glazed stuff like glass and ceramic, the ink adhession bond weak but adding premier before print we can go long lasting print on ceramic and glass made product.

Q. Why UV printing is more popular rather than other printing application?

There are uncounatble reason to choose first UV printing machine. UV printing and DTG printing machine having a tank of white color printing ink that helps to print first on dark base objects where design have to be print background on fabric first then multicolor color print over it to make visible that’s why UV printing is more popular. You can use it. Also is a fade-proof and scratch free print.

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Q. How much does UV Printing INR per square inch?

Ans. UV printing application can be applied on the various types of stuff like wise  Glass, Canvas, Mirror, Cloth and many more. Printing on plain surface consume lower and ruff surface consume higher volume of ink. consume higher Plain surface to get the best result it is customized applying a high volume of UV ink so printing cost comes 0.80 to 1.00/- per square inch for a big size base.

Sometimes it comes to reprint to enhance the print quality. stuff likes canvas, stones, and other fabric materials.

There is a huge difference in ink consumption between Gloss and Canvas

Ink is applied in the form of the fountain on the subtract, Plain Surface  Consumes a Little Ink, and Rough Surface Higher Volume.

Q. How much does the UV printing machine cost?

Ans. Printing product range on UV printing long so there is a huge demand for it. Machine sizes also range high. These machines are customized to print the best suit for your product.

There are various types of product and size can be print easily so best suit your product size machine different sizes and prices.

The price range starts From 3 lac to 1.25 Crore

Q. What is the pre-treatment process before UV print?

Ans. High glazed printing products like glass, tiles, metals need to pre-treatment for adhesion of the ink this pretreatment is not common for metals, glass, and tiles. It is made of characteristics of materials on the glass, metals, and tiles.

It is applied through spray on the upper surface within 3-5 seconds properly dried out.

And some of the products like high absorption like MDF wood need to primer first and printing. The Result gets better.

Q. How long does UV printing last?

Ans. UV printing ink last too long compaired to all printing application, recommended coming to 10 years.  It will start fading if you are using indoor branding, etc. You could not remove the color from the materials.

Q. Can we print any kinds of fabric on the flatbed UV printing machines?

Ans. As you know ink comes in the way of very small droplet so the thinner fabric is not fit for it because a small drop of ink passed through the fabric.

The coated or thicker fabric is ideal for UV printing.

Most of the printing service providers customized a printer Flatbed and Roll from within one.

Q. Are UV light used in digital printer harmful?

Ans. All UV light is harmful during service you must wear adequate protection to be safe work but UV printing ink is safe FDA consider it’s an eco-friendly can be used in the printing of food packaging and medical pieces of equipment.

Q. What is the future of UV printing technology?

As industry experts, the UV printing business future is growing in the new year 2022 & beyond. UV printing is trending in the print industry. Coming up to 5-10 years I hope it would be trending and a bright future, people using as solvent printing business are shifting very fast to the UV printing process. UV printing application might be growing because it can be applied most of all substrates in the world.

Q. How much does UV printing ink cost?


  1. UV printing is a costly ink it is approx INR 10.000/–15,000/-per liter comparatively higher than other printing inks for advertising. But you can produce more products than the same amount of other ink types.
  2. Best quality ink using enhance your printer head life. For some unbranded ink, you may get 5000-6000/- a liter. but there is a huge risk of printing machine head clogging.

Q. Can be print UV ink on the glass-made product?

Ans. UV printing application can be applied on the glass /mirror but printing ink adhesion on non-porous produces lower compared to the porous stuff. The fact behind this is the surface of the glass is very smooth.

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