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Digital Printing in Munirka, South Delhi NCR India

Digital Printing is a revolution in the printing industry since it was started in the last decade of the 20th century. Now when we talk about printing terms, digital printing comes first, and the secondry traditional printing even printing media is paper, plastic, stone, gloss, wood, or any other media.

Each digital printing media’s compatibility depends on the printing machines and types of the printing ink. In other words, different types of media required different machines in terms of griping media, ink adaptation, media thickness etc. Digital printing machines comes in flatbed, roll to roll and sheet feed etc.

“digital printing refers to the direct printing on the object without any pre-press set up” printing object could be a thic, thin, flat or roll form, metal, plastic, wood, cloth etc.

Each types object form required specific printing machines operates and specific quality of ink suit.

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 Digital printing process, no required basic setup costs and time even if low print run or high

It’s is also known in technical terms as “print on demand” and “web to print” with no required minimum quantity to print. A design is directly sends to the digital printer. no required print setup time and cost as well as in traditional printing.

It is totally different from traditional printing as well as relying on plate and rubber blanket in the offset printing process.

Well known traditional printing Offset Printing required a minimum set up cost Rs 3000 even a single pcs of paper, this is fit for long quantity.

Screen Printing is not just behind it. It’s required a basic setup cost Rs. 300-500, it all depends on the object size color, etc. It also required a setup time of 5-6 hours.

Reducing a huge gap of traditional printing now an entire world is adopting digital printing, which is a milestone step, here set up cost is zero and prints get ready within a few seconds.

No need for a minimum quantity required. A digital printer comes in inkjet and a toner-based, both types of printing ink are applied.

A liquid ink required time to dry up soon in digital printing applied blowing heater and using a UV light etc.

Even though there is no boundary made of printing materials to be printed likewise Plastic|Metal|Wood|Ceramic|Foam|Fabric|Rubber|Paper|Nonwoven Fabric

Types of Digital Printing Machines

There are various types of digital printing like sheet feed, roll form, flatbed, rotary digital printing process. each type of printing of possibility can be done digitally.

Large Format Printer – Roll Form –One way vision film, Flex Banner

Flat Bed Digital Printer – Flat Thick Sheet- Acralic Sheet, Sun Board, ACP Sheet

Roller Printer – Thin and Flexible Sheet- Brochure, Busines Card, Catalogue

What about digital printing is!

Terms of digital services denote getting services directly from machines on the substrates it may be in different ways, When it comes to digital printing services from small to big size substrates Direct Printing, Cutting, Laser Engraving Services, Digital Embossing Services, etc.

Digital Printing Services can be a different kind of media like cloth, paper, metals, plastic, glass stuff.

These digital machines are made for specific stuff of printing.

Most Digital Printed Products

Certificate | Catalogue | Polyester T-shirt | Cotton T-shirt Printing| Office Stationary | Advertising Materials | Commercial Textile Printing, | Ceramics Materials | Gloss Printing, | Ceramic Mug Printing, etc.

All these products are made of different kinds of stuff and it’s behavior so printability and quality maybe differ. According to it, there are different types of printing ink and it’s adaptability.

Here I want to share some digital printing machines and products that can be printing hassle-free.

Digital Printing machines for Office Document & Advertising Materials.

Brochure Printing | Catalog | Flyer |Business Card | Envelope | Calendar | Letterhead |all types of Stationary.

Digital printing machine can solve these problem sizes comes in 13″x19″, 13″x25″, 13″x36″

Printing paper thickness can be print lower gsm 130 to gsm 300 all standard digital printing machines.

Some technically advanced digital printing machine can print up to 400 gsm.

HP Digital Printing Machines HP Indigo 4500 | HP Indigo 7800| HP Indigo 10000 | HP Digital 12000 | HP 30000 | HP 50000 |

Canon Imagpress c10000 |Canon Imagpress c8000 |

All these machines operate with toner-based CYMK ink.

People search for Flyer Printing | Brochure Printing

Sublimation Digital Printing

T-Shirt Printing, Sash Printing, Flag Printing, Lanyard, Ceramic Mug Printing, Tiles, Mobile Covers, Cushions, etc.

Applied Digital Printer EPSON L130 and L805 is the best fit. Here you can print only Polyester, Pylon, and Polyester-Cotton light color only.

Direct Digital Printing on Cotton Fabric (DTG PRINTING)

It is the latest digital printing on dark color fabric, this process is very costly but you can get photo or text the way you wish

The best DTG printer model is The Epson F2100 and Brother GT3, overall printing cost per square inch comes around INR 5-6\/-

Flexible advertisement material

Flex Banner, Vinyl Banner, Canvas Print, are being printed roll to roll form media and printer used filling inkjet tank big brand of printing machines are.

Eco-solvent and solvent ink mostly get printed.

  1. EPSON, Rolland, Mimaki, HP INKJET different kinds of ink point of view indoor or outdoor advertising purpose.

Flat Bed Digital Printer (UV Printing)


Here you can print any stuff as printing head moves over the required printing stuff, before start printing an object is fixed on the bed. This printer is embedded with a UV printing ink tank.

Laser Engraving

It’s also a flatbed print process like another printer have connected with ink tank But in this printer a co2 laser beam produced that leave a mark on the upper layer

It can be applied on wooden, plastic, and metallics and the quality of laser comes 99.9% accurate.

(Sublimation Digital Printing, DTG Printing) | Flex Banner | Digital Business Card Printing | Letterhead Printing | Digital Cloth Printing | Digital Leaf Printing |Eco-Solvent Printing |Industrial Textile Printer |Large Format Digital Printing |Digital Printing on Canvas | PVC Digital Printing | Digital Aadhar Card Printer | Digital Gloss Printer|Metallic Digital Printing | Lanyard Digital Printing |

There are various types of digital printing sources as well as

  1. Reprography
  2. UV Curving
  3. Laser engraving
  4. Eco-solvent Printing
  5. Solvent Printing

There is a huge no of media that help to print as well as in the Traditional Printing process as offset printing and Screen Printing.

It required Design, Plate Making Process, Printing Machine it takes a lot of time

Where digital printing has a unique ink and printing process. Do not require minimum qty and basic set up cost.

There are various types of digital printing methods as well as sheet feedroll to roll, and flatbed system.

Concept of Digital Printing Process

This is a very different process compared to from a tradition printing known as offset printing In this process,

  • Printing data is directly sent from the computer to the digital printing machine,
  • The ink is distributed on the separate color (CYAN, MAGENTA, YELLOW, and BLACK) electrode in the way of droplets.
  • known as the drum (roller) printing media passes through on the wheels, sooner as it passes through into the machine, A heater release heat on the ink, that properly cured on the paper. Sheet feed digital printing machines used a toner-based ink
  • The media comes in contact with drums and droplets come on the media where ultimately heat is applied to the ink that fixed within seconds.

In Digital Printing Process, Various Types of ink are used.

As a Toner | Liquid | LASER etc.

Where liquid ink, in the form of spray used to Roll to Roll and Flatbed Digital Printing Machines

Why should I choose Digital Printing Process?

When we are in a hurry and low volume print run we should go for it. There is a limitation of material printing in the sheet feed digital printing machines.

UV curving

Solvent Ink

Digital Printed Brochure
Digital Printed Brochure

initials costs. Make sure your color and text cannot be exactly as per your brand as compared to offset printing. The content text and graphics directly send from the computer to printing machines that produce the final output.

7 Reasons for accept digital printing

  1. Fast turnaround
  2. Variable data can be print, each print can be personalized on the same cost
  3. No proofing, rubber blanket, making plates, etc.
  4. Instant error checks up, no time and cost factor.
  5. No more manpower to required to operate as well as in traditional offset printing.
  6. Minimum Space required to setup Digital printing machines
  7. No water pollution as well as in offset printing.

Reason to ignore digital printing.

  1. Inaccuracy in color balancing
  2. Limited size and stuff compatibility as compared to offset printing low gsm stuff cannot be print
  3. Per unit cost high on large volume comparatively low quality against offset
  4. Limitation of size compared to offset printing.

In this process, various types of products can be print such as business cards, letterheads, envelope, flyer, brochure, catalog, invitation card, tag, table calendar, greeting card, and many more items.

Digital vs Screen Printing

Digital Printing color works on the object in the way of droplets another way you can say that you can’t feel the thickness of the ink the result is if it is applied on the dark background it could not leave its effect properly. Digital Printing in effect full only on the white base color.

In the Screen Printing process, the ink comes into effect as a way of a thin layer and leaves a heavy impact even surface is light or dark. You can feel and touch the screen printing method.

Q. What is the Basic Price of Digital Printing in Delhi?

Ans. Digital Printing Method and Media is the very vast point of view Print quality of as Toner Ink, Sublimation Printing ink, Solvent, Eco-Solvent, UV Print, etc.

Overall, this printing cost starts from INR 10-50/- Per square fit excluding media cost.

Cheapest Digital Printing option is Solvent Printing that comes around Rs 10/- square fit

Eco-solvent Print and UV ink printing are Eco-Friendly, the price goes Rs 60/- per square fit.

Q. How long you are digital print will fade?

Ans. There are various kinds of ink applied in digital printing like UV Ink, Dye Sublimation Ink, Solvent Ink, and Eco-Solvent

Printing Media also different types.

I want to make sure you UV ink in the long lost lasting solution but harder to adhession on the lead and heavy metal. Sublimation printing on polyester, and nylon fabric second long-lasting digital printing solution as ink became the part of polyester at specific heat and pressure. The third option solvent ink best suit for plastic for flex banner long-lasting

Eco-solvent most pre-prefer for an indoor print solution need to be laminated for long-lasting solutions

Straight heat is poison for all types of digital printing ink.

Q. What does the drawback of the digital printing method?

Ans. Despite most prefered method, there are various drawback of digital printing.

  • Digital printing per unit cost goes higher even low quantity or high quantity.
  • Color variation is more than traditional offset printing.
  • Toner based Digital printing process dry ink used as paper does not absorb during cutting and trimming paper print color removed.

Q. What kinds of ink are applied in digital printing methods?

Ans. There are various types of media is printed Digital Printing, so printing is done through liquid ink, toner and laser beam also more types are used.

Here liquid ink |Toner | Laser |Dye Ink | Pigment ink, all these inks are made for a specific quality of materials.

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