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Best Laser Engraving Services In Delhi

The laser engraving, laser marking and laser etching technology is the latest digital form of branding with precise quality. The Industry related to Art (Model Making), Automobiles, Medicines, Signage, Personalized Gift Items, Creative Furniture, and branding on medical equipment, done through laser at a high volume.

Get the Laser Engraving Services on Customized Gift Items at Shivani Enterprises at Fast & Affordable Prices.

We are equipped with different types of laser power (Co2 and Fiber Laser) machines that can perform different types of stuff, metal and non-metal like Brass, Stainless Steel, Wooden, Aluminium Composite Panel, Plastics, Rubber, Ceramic, Stone, Acrylic, Leather made products easily can be engraved.

Data analysis says, that more than 98% of people love to receive personalized gifts rather than pre-printed ones. So getting to personalize branding through laser engraving services at the minimum turnaround is easy. You can avail of these services here at 24×7 hrs. or if you are worried in terms of a making personalized product ask me how.

Laser Application Stuff

Metal, Wooden, Plastic, Ceramic, Fabric, and leather can be engraved by applying specific types of laser and power supply. Personalized nameplate for home and office to navigate for new office comers and utility services such as washrooms, pantry, exit and entry etc.

Laser Engraving vs Printing Services

There are several advantages and a few disadvantages of laser engraving over printing let us discuss.

Laser EngravingPrinting
1. Content comes into a deeper surface1. Top surface of the object
2. Sharp and crisp content2. Might be little illegible
3. Does not affect weather3 Affected in high or low temperature, moisture
4. Can’t be the effect of scratches4. Printing ink can be washed away
5. Little expensive process5. Cost-effective way
6. Multi-color content can be made with coloured intricated design can’t.6. Complicated designs can be printed hassle-free.

Laser Services

There are mainly 3 types of laser services 1. Laser Marking 2. Laser Engraving 3. Laser Etching.

Laser Marking

Laser marking is a branding term where a lower power laser beam is applied on the substrate. The causeing only upper layer of metal coatining is burned and   The laser marking is a precise branding process that applied for a lower power of beam that affects only the upper layer of the metallic coating products such as Medical Equipment, Gift Items, Electronics Itemsetc. The impact of laser works on the upper layer of the substrate removed.

Product Laser Marked: Personalized Metallic Pen | Water Bottles for her | Key Chain | Bracelets | Cutlery | Rings | Pen Drive

These above metallic products are mostly upper layer powder coated either black color, silver, golden color, etc. During engraving laser beam remove-off these layers and original reflect the same surface in the way of text or design we applied for laser engraving etc.

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  • Laser Engraving /Etching

Standard laser machines power starts from 5 W- 200 W, lower power beam supply used for low density material like wood, plastic paper and high power beam for heavy metals like brass, stainless steel, lead, aluminum and copper, etc.

50-60 W power supply well affected a little deeper engraving on stainless steel that comes to 0.02 to 0.125 mm deeper and materials of this particular area vaporized during the heat applied. For making a wooden laser die 50-60 w power supply is sufficient to cut a thickness of 25 mm board.

The power supply of 150-200 W specially used for heavy metal engraves as and cut, where you can engrave and cut both processes like metal dies of Steel, Brass, and Zinc for Embossing purposes.

You want to create a deeper engraving applying power beam 125-160 W produce deep 0.2″ on metallic you can feel and touch even you see your naked eyes. Here you can fill manual wanted colors.

Earlier engraving and etching process was used to do the manual.process. Here applying acid on the metal sheet where entire metal sheet masked with sticker except intended design.

The metal sheet is dipped in the acid after some time it is taken out and washed it and the intended area surface became deeper compared to the access area.

The content deepness depends on the power of acid quality and the result comes to inferior compared to computerized laser engraving.

Etching mostly Metallic Name Plate is made through this process. Result comparatively inferior.

Product Engraved: Metallic Name Plate | Badges  | MDF Board | Metal Tag | Award & Trofee, | Leather Purse, | Rubber Stamps, etc. 

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Laser Cutting

For laser cutting, you are required a heavy power supply, fiber laser would be the best that is more powerful.

Know How Does a Laser Engraving Works?

Basically, there are two types of laser beam produced to make.

  1. Co2 Laser     2. Fiber Laser.

Which one laser is best for your project depends on the material stuff quality.

Basically, laser engraving is a digital process you do not need any mediator to print as well as in the Offset Printing Process like the plate and rubber blankets, etc.

Here are some key part of laser engraving machines like a Laser Controlling System | Lens | Power Supply | Laser Beam | Air Sucker  

  • Laser Engraving is much more precise branding compared to the all print process. it doesn’t basic require setup cost.
  • Here a specific power of laser beam focused on the object behavior, where a chemical oxidation reaction is done on its upper layer, the result produces a dark black color mark, as a readable and permanent mark.
  • The power of laser varies a product to a product made of different types of materials like wood, metals. plastics, etc. low-density stuff required a lower power beam like paper, foam, and thermacol 5-10 w power.
  • It’s a full computerized operating machine, where a design is converted into a vector file and sent to the laser engraving machine through a laser beam controlling unit by moving a motor, using Software Illustrator, Auto Cad, etc.
  • A laser size of an inch-thousandth thickness released and focused on the intended object and left a permanent mark.
  • The area of an image or text comes down compared to surrounding areas. you can touch and feel even you can see your naked eyes.
  • The thickness of laser engraving depends on the stuff’s hardness and can be adjusted to increasing beam intensity.
  • The depth of engraving measured through a convex lens that helps accurately result

The terms of Laser Marking | Laser EngravingLaser Etching | Laser Cutting process is similar to each other that differentiate to the power of the beam making different types of application, etc.

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Laser machines a dual process in the same machines as a laser engraving and laser cutting required.

According to uses of material, laser machines are specified like

Laser for Metals | Laser for Crafts | Laser for PVC, PLASTICS Etc.

Product Mostly Engraved Industries

  1. Medical Devices
  2. Automobile Sector
  3. Personalized Gift Items
Laser printing
Metal Laser Printing, Wooden Laser Printing,

Branding work is done very precisely through laser engraving. It can be done any comprehensive designs and leave a permanent imprint on to object as a logo, product image, etc.

Laser Engraving
Metal Engraved Coaster

Top Laser Engraved Products

Gift Items | Badges | Wedding Cards | High Precision Packing Materials | Metal Coaster | Knife Brand | Metal Pen | Photo Engraver Key| Metallic Pen drive | Personalized Wedding Mug | Flask Set| Custom Plaque Engraving| Flask| Name Plate | Troffee Momentoes & Medals etc.

CNC Laser Marking Industry and Its Future

It is the latest trend in the personalized gift industry is growing day by day, I hope up to coming 10 -15 year it will be in trending.

People search for engraving wood near me, you can place an order online and receive or your order at your doorsteps.

The industry must have laser engrave well equipped

Art | Corporate Gift Industry | Signage | Furniture | Construction should be updated to compete in your niche.

Best tips to engrave your customized gifts

1.  Choose the right stuff for engraving.

2.  Engrave not more than 20% deeper.

3. Mask your substrate as it doesn’t affect laser engraving depth.

4. Run laser speed slower get the better engraving result.

5. Before start laser cutting check the minimum gap between two paths should be the same thickness as the object.

6. Just check on a small pcs as a scrape same stuff then start production etc.

7. Make a list of best suit laser beam power for the next project.

Laser Engraving vs Embossing

Laser engraving and Embossing both are opposite to each other

Laser Engraving branding is a term where the intended content feels deeper compared to the excess area. It is applied to Steel Name Plate, Plastic Badges, etc.

Embossing Process you feel content raised up to the access area applied for making a Business Card, Letterhead, and Invitation Etc.

Print Process vs Laser Engraving

Make your branding awesome need to understand which is the best option Printing and Laser Engraving

When it comes to branding, The Printing term is concerned with the color it may be full color or single color printing there are various processes for printing as Digital Printing, Screen Printing, UV Printing Etc.

There are more chances to decline the print quality of your brand like unmatched color, registration fail, fade, ink adhesion, etc.

Laser Engraving is just black color marking, This is easy and errorless marking systems.

The downside of laser engraving is it can’t be colorful, except this is better than other printing terms.

Laser Engraving Pros and Cons

Pros- Laser engraving pros is, it is a permanent mark and easily can be read most of all cases it comes in the blacks color. No basic setup process cost.

The Cons – Downside of laser branding is, you can not get it colored as well as brand or logo identity. Some of the products likewise wood become a dirty duo to smoke to come over you have to use masking tapes.

Best Laser Marking Machines

These brand are the masters of quality engraving machines manufacturer

  1. Cubiio Laser Engraver
  2. Arduino Laser Engraver
  3. Compact Laser Engraver

Use Any brand of laser machines above given but make sure to be their service center in your local area so that you could not suffer a point of view laser machine service down

cause you required any part should have a sufficient service center

How does a laser engraving method works?

A signature, batch no. any kind of material like wood, glass, acrylic, brass, steel even it is text or image,

Basically, this is a process a laser beam released from a computer attached laser machine from a controller to the object to make laser marking, through moving controller where the laser comes on an object, the upper layer of object burnout, and evaporate, which leave a mark.

The colour of the engraved area reflects the internal colour of the object with 100 % accuracy.

Why we must use laser engraving services

  1. It’s a permanent solution with no chances of fade or removes like an ink.
  2. 100% accuracy of content or images
  3. Very fast process no processing cost
  4. Applicable to the long-range of stuff.
  5. Easy to variable data printing option

Personalized Metal Pen, Wooden Gift, Acrylic Letter & Toffee.

What kinds of material are used to generate a laser beam?

  • There is mostly used Co2 Gas Laser and Fiber Laser,
  • Co2 laser is the best for heavy metals like stainless steel, mirror brass, etc.
  • Fiber laser used low density likewise paper, foam, wood, acrylic, etc.
  • Co2 laser is more effective compared to fiber laser on the same power supply.
  • To release a laser beam, the laser engraving products depends on the power of laser beams fit for those products for the same product laser engraving power beam will differ laser cuttings.

Are metal and non-metal engraving stuff process is the same?

There are mainly two types of subtracts to be engraved

  1. Non-Metal
  2. Metal

The Non-metal product list is too high each product density is different, to get the best result you need to apply different power of beam likewise Wooden, Plastic, Foam made of a material marking is used Co2 gas.

Ultimately you can say the entire process is based on the power of releasing beams.

What is the major factor to cut cost price per unit?

There are some basic factor that matter for price per unit

  • The size of content to be engraved
  • Product size to make laser marking
  • No of the page to be done laser engraving.
  • Do vector engraving rather than raster engraving.

What does is the starting range of laser engraving machines cost?

The price depends on all about sizes of the printing machine and power supply basic price start from INR 20,000 onward of A5 Size subtracts.

A product like metal badges, personalized pens, key chains, etc.

How to impact power on the laser engraver?

Power 5500 MW is best suited for engraving on the Photo Polymer Rubber, Bamboo, Wood, and Paper Board materials, to know more how power effect it click here

Which one is the best branding option Laser Engraved Idea vs Print Process?

Both of them option is the best it depends on the situation on the product point of view ink adhesion and print

ability etc.

The engraved idea is more precise compare to the print process.

Which one method is the best ask for me I will tell you the best method click here

What is the major precaution while engraving?

  1. During laser engraving on the wooden items use masking tapes.
  2. Always keep on the exhaust fan to send out smoke and heat
  3. Do not off-air sucker during engraving on wooden it may cause to catch fire.
  4. Deep engraving on metals you must need to water supply to low down energy.
  5. Before start engraving on the precious check, it on rough is it working properly.
  6. Do not keep underneath for support, the intended engraving materials it may turn black or cut

How can we understand that lens is not working?

As we know that there is a major role of a lense in laser engraving we should be clean every day before the start laser engraving.

When it comes to the dirty lens laser beam scatters the wrong way rather than precise engraving.

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