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Custom Printed Marketing Materials

Supplying a product or service to the customer, using a supporting medium could be a digital (video, blog, website) or physical element (flyer, brochure, promotional pen, canopy, etc. is known as marking materials. Different business’s nature marketing requires different types of promotional materials for the best return on investment. For selling a digital product, Digital Marketing Material might be a better option, whereas the promotion of a physical product might be Printed Advertising Material could be the best option.

There is a huge list of printed marketing materials that work on the majority of business models. In this article, I will explore the best advertising material according to suitable business models. Supporting materials that could be in the form of display ads or written text form. Reaching out wider audience with low investment is the best marketing strategy. There are various marketing strategies to render products or services among the audiences, Here we can segregate marketing strategy into 4 main parts.

You might be the best product manufacturer or the best service provider in your marketing space, but until or unless the audience is unknown about your product, you can’t make a big profit. To make this happen you can follow these strategies.

  1. Print Media
  2. Digital Channel
  3. Mouth Publicity
  4. Referral Marketing

Print Marketing Materials

Here, we are going to dive into advertising print media what practice would be better in terms of advertising material cost and effective marketing tools, and what is the right time to apply it. There is a big list of custom-printed marketing materials. These printed materials you can distribute, giveway, and display to enhance your business presence in the market. We can divide printing marketing materials into 6 different print promotional categories and choose the most suitable for your business profiles.

  1. Official Essentials
  2. Marketing collaterals
  3. Wearable and Apparels
  4. Drinkware
  5. Event and Trade Show Materials
  6. Marketing Collaterals

Official Essentials

If you are a small business owner, looking for advertising in your local area you can go for the printed marketing material mentioned below. Customized office stationery explores your business brand name in your local marketing space. These marketing materials are under budget for small business owners,

Buy cheap business cards online starting from Rs. 1/- each card. You can insert it into a newspaper or hand it over to each street passer or drop it at each local shop. Shop owners will come to know about your business and you can see a drastic change in your business with high ROI.

Custom logo/contact number printed promotional pen range starts from Rs. 7, you can reach out targeted audience in your local area under limited budgets. Start giving a small notepad and emphasize your brand awareness among your local audience.

A low-budget notepad helps to remember every movement while using a rough notepad each time.

  1. Cheap Business Card
  2. Mouse Pad
  3. Pen
  4. Note Pad

Marketing Collateral

If you are a B2B business owner either a product manufacturer/service provider or marketing agent, flyers, brochures, posters, standees, sun boards, sunpacks, and catalogs could be more effective marketing materials. Looking to participate in business events handover to every stall visitor and make a show cause of your all products in booklet forms.

Don’t miss out on giving flyers to your business prospects and collecting business details for visitors at exhibitions and business events. Your marketing executive must have a presentation folder with a set of full business details.

You can approach high-traffic locations and display posters & banners imprinter with offers and discounts make sure to add calls to action that can help you out more business.

You can send out exiting customers the newsletter monthly or quarterly offering new arrivals and seasonal sales.










Presentation Folders


Wearable and Apparels

If you are a delivery partner service-providing company or corporate business explore your logo on uniforms, the best medium to know people about your brand name widely. Sports Teams, NGOs, Political Campaign, Service Providing Companies, etc.

  • Polo T-shirts
  • Round Neck
  • Promotional Caps
  • Jacket
  • Hoodies
  • Jerseys

Domino’s Pizza, McDonald’s, Uber, Swiggy, and Zomatto are the best examples of advertising through wearable and apparel. Except for your branding on uniforms, well-dressed uniforms remind the duty of the staff/employees and help to stay organized manners.

Promotional Drinkware

Reserve the space for your brand logo on your customer/employee’s house corner by expanding a small amount of money by gifting a Coffee Mug, Sipper Bottle, Tumblr, etc. A promotional mug cost range starts from Rs. 150 onward. You can plan a gift for Diwali & Holi to keep in touch with clients and customers, It’s a long-term business promotional strategy and customers always keep your brand logo in front of them.

1 Coffee Mug (White Mug, Black Mug and Magic Mug)

2. Shipper (Plain and Insulated)

3. Tea Cup and Plate

4. Coaster

Event & Trade Show Materials

Show your brand loudly, I have seen the entire lanyards get printed by the name of big brands reserved the high paid to capture the whole audience’s attention towards their brand names. To make your brand more noticeable get a print full-color lanyard with your brand name and employee ID card printed with your organization. We print full-color designs on 22mm and 25 mm wide satin ribbons.

Golden opportunity don’t miss to add your brand name and your branch office on backdrops during trade shows and business events.

  1. ID cards
  2. Lanyard
  3. Backdrop
  4. Selfie Booth
  5. Badge

People get interested in capturing snaps individually or in groups.

Others Promotional Materials

Carry Bags

Paper bags, plastic bags, jute bags, canvas-made carry bags, non non-wooven carry bags are the most popular Choose the best fit for your brand recognition and pocket friendly. Today almost all over India plastic bags are banned looking for cheap carry bags you can go noon the woven carry bags but make sure while placing a carry bag order online carrying weight capacity. There are several other promotional printed materials as well as


It does not matter which business categories you are involved in, to keep your brand name upfront your customers are free to give the way of the key chain under budget rage starts from is. Rs.20-25/-each. Except for promotional, you can go for the personalized metal key chain for gifting your friends and you loved most price range starts from Rs. 150/- onward. Laser marking technology is the most preferred.

Tote Bags

If you are looking to participate business seminar, get print tote bags to give your prospects and clients really multi-time uses bags. You can say it is a long-term business advertising method. A luxury bag needs to be made on paper bag matte paper that strengthens carrying goods material and aesthetic printing application (UV coating, embossing, and debossing.

For the local textile and garment businesses, printed carry bags are the most important tools for brand-making perspective. Print your carry bag with contact details and working hours do not forget to mention weekly off days.


If you are a publishing house or book writer you must go for a bookmark to memorize your brand name

Do not hesitate to ask which types of advertising materials give the best ROI ask with us I have more than 26 years of experience in the print and advertising fields.

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