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Print-on-Demand in India

In this digital world, customized printing has become easier than ever, using POD (print on demand) businesses have no required minimum order quantity and no upfront cost. once the order is placed, is executed by a print store owner. Print-on-demand service can done whether your print media (paper, plastics, drinkware, apparel, wood, glassware, etc.) is in sheet form, roll form, or any custom shape. “Print-on-demand businesses involve digital files and are integrated with advanced automated print machines with printing software & plugins (,, and custom-coded websites). This software enables you to create customized designs online or upload designs and view the end product before placing an order. Automated print-on-demand machines able to accept print commands and produce a high-quality print just a click away, these are the basic reasons for trending print-on-demand stores in 2023 and beyond.” Another reason for trending print-on-demand services is penetrating fast and cheap internet services, increasing public demand for customized printing gift items, scalable business models, and no required inventory & warehouse for storage, etc.

Top 10 Print-on-Demand Service-Providing Company in India

We are exploring here a list of the best printing e-commerce platforms in India, you can choose according to your preference (location and the product type you are looking for). Finding out the best print-on-demand service provider company might be better from different perspectives 1. Min. Print Turnaround, 2. Cheap Printing Cost 3. Custom Product Range 4. Your Nearest Location. 5. Fast Delivery Option

1. Shivani Enterprises

Shivani Enterprises is a fulfillment print-on-demand e-commerce store that facilitates more than 300 custom product shopping online creating designs, and ordering online custom office stationery, marketing materials, apparel, event materials, and drinkware. Provide shipping pan India and secure payment methods. This printing print on demand has full print quality control. The company has a well-trained printing machine operator and the latest printing equipment. To maintain quality standards at 3 label checkpoints from blank materials to printed products.

Providing the best print quality and fast delivery to the customer is the main motto. It is the best printing e-commerce platform you can carry on the best print quality, extensive online design tools, customer support, provide service according to time sensitivity (same-day delivery in Delhi & NCR), and next day.

2. Vistaprint

The Vistaprit brand company runs a business in India under the legal name of Cimpress India Private Limited. Except for print-on-demand service online, Vistaprint provides stock images, logo making, website hosting, etc. The best thing is Vistaprint company assures you of 100% satisfaction or a full money-back guarantee on POD products. This company has many printing stores in India. It also has a wide range of print-on-demand product ranges. Online shopping for customized clothing, advertising materials, packaging materials, customized office signage, corporate gifting, tradeshow & events, and business collateral materials.

3. Printful

Printful is a big marketplace, it’s a US-based print-on-demand service-providing multinational company. Pintful has a wide product range of options (more than 900) to customize and deliver a wide range to local countries’ production units. It provides services in more than 17 countries (US, UK, Europe, Canada, Brazil, Spain, Japan, Australia, and many more). This plate form facilitates business for re-sellers, and business partners and itself has a full fillment store. This is the best e-commerce platform for clothing, drinkware, gift items, and fashion accessories.

2. Printify

The origin of this custom printing site is and facilitate 300+ products with extensive design options. More than 8 million sellers are selling their products online. This platform has high-ticket selling prices and easy uploading designs.

5. Gelato

Global print-on-demand services it serves more than 32 countries, and it has a local fulfillment print store to deliver destination country. It provides an expensive print-on-demand t-shirt print range starting from Rs. 799/- but provides the best suitable printing methods. Facilitates more than 130 custom products.

6. Etsy

Etsy is the best print-on-demand product for crafting & gift items. Choose your niche sign up and upload your design so you can make a healthy income.

7. Zazzle

It is a print-on-demand store of business promotional materials like business cards, invitation cards, gift items, and items of clothing. and print-on-demand products company. It is another fast custom product printing company.

8. Teespring

Teespring is another paperless operation of a print-on-demand store started in the Year 2011 with the concept of an eco-friendly business model to reduce environmental issues that recycling miss print and donates. For creators and artists provides 3 layers of security to their artworks. Company is trying to sell every thing for creators.

POD Business Opportunity

1. Fullfil Print on Demand Store

These stores are equipped with a variety of printing technology-oriented machines able to direct print on paper, wood, apparel, drinkware, and glassware items even a single product. Fulfillment stores are a team of dedicated, skilled, experienced staff of designers, print technology and logistics, etc. These types of stores operate from product catalog creation, product promotion, and inventory to shipments.

2. Dropshipping Business Models

Print-on-demand stores are the best platform where entrepreneurs explore their talent without investment by uploading their product catalog and can reach out to a wider audience. This business model facilitates custom product outsourcing from vendors (open market) and hands over them to the print-on-demand store owner they ship to the end customer on account you and so the entrepreneurs earn money of profit percentage. Product promotion, product shipping, customer messaging, and packing are maintained by a third party there is no control of print on demand store.

3. Earning on Commission (Digital Creator)

If you are a digital creator or artist person, you create your design for print on a print-on-demand store. choose the best print-on-the-store, register & upload your t-shirt creative & mug design to the store, and earn a healthy commission on each sale dome of t-shirts and mugs. You do not have to promote your web page, or sell, pack, customer messages and ship products. Every step is finished by the print on the store. To make this happen you will get paid on each time commission every month.

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POD Business Future

I have an experience of more than 25 years in the print industry I learned printing technology is transforming proportionally to the computer and internet growth development. I visited the first time a print-on-demand service-providing company “” a US-based company in 2009 but there are uncountable no. of online web-to-print service-proving companies worldwide. Every traditional printer is looking to transform from a traditional to a print-on-demand printing technology store today.

According to a survey of CAGR, global print-on-demand services in 2022 were $5.397 billion and expected compound growth to $39.039 by 2032.

More than 90% world’s population has adopted internet devices and started selling products and services online payment/marketing/shopping/business to make their work faster, easier, and scalable so why not print-on-demand services? Some People search on the internet for print-on-demand services in the name of “web-to-print services”

Print-on-demand services eliminate various complicated steps of traditional printing steps like making a metal or rubber block, making a physical wooden/metal dye for creasing & folding, shape cutting, proofreading sampling, and lots of time to produce the end product, etc.

In web-to-print platforms, online design software, and plugins make it easy to design online even if you are not a professional designer person (technical person).

Print-on-demand businesses help entrepreneurs and new start-up businesses start their business with limited capital such as they do not require to hold bulk printed stock. A few web-to-print platforms provide facilitate to start your business with zero investments like BLINKIT & PRINTROVE.

Web-to-print stores are a win-win situation to grow their business for drop-shipping and online digital creators.

Best Platform for Creating POD Businesses

There are several online platforms in the market but WordPress, Shopify, and Custom-Coded Web Pages are the most preferred platforms in terms of page navigation and SEO optimization. Shopify is a ready-made platform that facilitates entrepreneurs on a monthly subscription basis to create subdomain accounts and add customized products for sale where you do not need to pay hosting and web development costs etc. If customers buy your product, the web-to-print store will print, pack, and ship it, you will get paid a commission monthly. You have to focus only on promoting your brand and creativity.

1. WordPress

WordPress is an open-source platform you can create your domain website hassle-free, you might need a small amount to buy a domain name, important plugins, and hosting monthly or yearly basis. You can start your POD business startup with a budget of Rs. 15K-20K/-. In this print-on model, you have to create your own product catalog and self-promotion (SEO, SMO, PAID AD, etc), of the product page. You need a team of graphic designers and business promotion.

2. Shopify

Shopify platform facilitates ready-to-web pages where you can start your business by paying a monthly subscription to create a sub-domain on the Shopify marketplace. I suggest it might be better for new pod business startups as initially, they need to make more effort to create personal brands and marketing. The average monthly cost comes to around Rs. 3000-4000/-

3. Custom Coded Websites

Custom-coded websites require more technical personnel to optimize the print process and make SEO-friendly pages. Creating a custom-coded webpage cost around 400K-500K INR. Custom-coded web page not friendly for new startup POD businesses. This print-on-demand model is exclusive, professional, and safe, and needs to be operated with a dedicated team.

Print-on-demand in India difference between the 1990s and 2023

Web-to-print services came into service in the ’90s, starting with only paper products on a limited thickness of paper after the development of DTG printing technology for garments in the mid-year of 1990-2000 print-on-demand boomed. Today now you can directly print eco-friendly, pocket-friendly technology with almost any type of print media (paper, plastic, metal, wood, cloth, etc.) either personal or commercial use.

Best Print on Demand Dropshipping Company in India

Binkit, and Printrove both are Indian print-on-demand business marketplaces, you can reach out and select your niche and create your account, and product name listing, selling price, and promoting your webpage on social media or paid ads channels. Once an order is completed, you will get paid as a commission monthly you do not need to print, ship, and maintain inventory.

Pricing factor of print-on-demand services company

There are various types of print-on-demand products printed through web-to-print technology, Web-to-print product prices are based on the types of used blank print media cost, print size, printing single side or both sides, types of printing methods additional post-press works, etc.

For example, custom printed apparel (cotton polo t-shirts) on the front side.

Blank Polo T-shirt Cost = Rs. 350/-

Printing on only the front side 6″x4″, DTF Print=6″x4″*Rs.2.0″ (per square inch)=Rs. 48/-

Delivery Charge = Rs. 70/-

Total Sale Price=468/-+ 23.4 (5% GST) per piece

Net Payable =.Rs. 491.4/-

Print-on-Demand Product (Material)

Most of all print-on-demand companies sell custom product apparel, office stationery, promotional products, gift items on a variety of stuff and drinkware. Big print-on-demand platforms like Esty and Vista Print provide a huge range of products on the web to print companies’ services but today you can get print any type of media.

  1. Fabrics Media
  2. Paper Media (Roll to Roll, Roller Printing & Flat Bed)
  3. Composite Materials
  4. Hard Stuff (Plastic, Glass, Wood & Metal)
  5. Ceramic and Glassware

Print-on-demand service involves various technology-based printers like inkjet, laserjet, and thermal printers with specialized supporting software. roll-to-roll, rotary, and flatbed, according to product shape and size suitable.

Fullfil Print On Demand Store Equipments

Looking to start a fulfillment print-on-demand store you have a wide range of choices to start with. You have to find the best tools and learning skills to make more sales because different print media require different printing technologies based on printing machines and expertise. such as custom printing on apparel using textile printing technology. You can go through your niche and according to budget. If you have more budget you can widen your print-on-demand store sale.

Apparel Printing: Sublimation Printing, Screen Printing, DTF Printing, DTG Printing, Vinyl Cut & Heat Press Machine, Embroidery Machines.

Office Stationery: Commercial Laser Printer, Thermal Printer, Heavy Duty Inkjet Printer, Automated and Creazing Machine, Business Card Round Corner Cutting Machine,

Ceramic Gift Item Printing Machine: Sublimation Printing Machine | Heat Press Machine | Laser Marking Machine | Roll to Roll UV Printing Machine

Signage & Large Format Banner: Laser Cutting Machine, Large Format Printer (Solvent, Eco-solvent, Flat & Roll to Roll UV Printer

Art & Craft: CAD Cut Machine, Digital Embroidery Machine

Box and Packaging: Digital Laser Printer, Print and cut Machines, Commercial Laser Cutter

Best Print-on-Demand Service Business Market Challenge

There are various print-on-demand companies in India, companies that understand the customer pain points from placing an order online to the delivery step such as user-friendly dashboards, high-quality print, secure payment gateway, competitive prices, user experience on the web portal, a wide range of custom product, delivery confirmation, better customer support, adding new products catalog, easy return policy and solving their continuous problems survive long-term and generate more recurring income. The average profit margin of print-on-demand stores comes to 15-20% which is very healthy.

  1. Keep tracking customer requirements from time to time and sending the best seasonal offer, coming new products, and sending newsletters, periodically.
  2. Facilitate online shopping and tracking delivery status.
  3. Competitive price and better service.
  4. Customer support 24×7 hours.
  5. Gathering customer pain points and solving their problems
  6. Advance data storage and updation.

Tips for choosing the best print-on-demand service providers

There is no standard in the market but by following a few steps you can find the best print-on-demand service-providing company.

  1. Visit the website and reach out to Google reviews
  2. Read out company blogs & background.
  3. Try first at least you oversee
  4. Require specific products to go to niche print-on-demand providers higher chances they will provide unique products.

What are print-on-demand services?

Print-on-demand services are a type of business model, that facilitates you to design your product yourself or choose to custom printed product online and can make digital payment through a portal and you will receive your custom-printed product at your given address. Product inventory, printing, and shipping are handled by a third party (POD partners).

Print-on-Demand Services Pros & Cons


There are various reasons for fast growing print-on-demand businesses for enterprenuers and artist.

  1. Low Investment Business

You can start your business with minimal capital, as product inventory, printing, promotions, and shipping all these steps are taken by POD partners. You have to pay only the registration charge even though some pod platforms allow free-of-cost registration. You do not need to spend any money on it.

2. Enhance Brand Building

POD business white labeling facility makes your brand more visible. You do not need to extra effort into it. Even if you have sufficient time to promote your brand on social media platforms.

  1. At least 4-5 times faster than the vocational printing methods.
  2. Almost no wastage cost.
  3. Minimal extensive process.
  4. More variety of option
  5. Easy process of order tracking.
  6. Easy to scale your print business.
  7. Controlled environmental effects.
  8. Require minimal work space.

3. Promotions

Print-on-demand stores promote your product page to generate more sales means more profit of print on demand stores even they create your product catalogue to generate your sales.


Like other businesses, print-on-demand store business has some loopholes, the major drawbacks of POD business are given below.

  1. Low-Profit Margin

Almost no major drawback to print-on-demand services in this digital world. Moreover, POD partners provide a low-profit margin. They charge a high value for providing platforms, outsourcing products, storing products, printing, customer messaging, and shipping on every sale.

2. Low Data Available

There is always a risk of data being stolen, your customer data is stored with a POD partner they used to re-marketing

3. De-Grading Brand Quality

Most of all print on demand store printing work is outsourced from third parties, with no control over print quality so very hard to control your brand name. As you are not able to check your end. Different vendors have different quality materials.

  1. Printing cost per unit is higher compared
  2. Require skilled and well-educated manpower.
  3. Printing machines and used software little expensive.

What makes the best print-on-demand service providers?

  1. User-friendly web page interface.
  2. Easy to design and mockup preview
  3. Easy login and secure payment gateway
  4. Auto order updation
  5. Easy return policy

How does a print-on-demand store earn income?

Print-on-demand stores commonly generate two types of income 1. Monthly subscription of print on demand store. 2. Profit % of product sales. Higher sales of stores mean better profit for vendors and store owners.

Where to sell print print on demand products?

You have to choose the niche-based print-on-demand store there are uncountable print-on-demand stores among them such as Etsy is the best for Crafting Niches and is popular worldwide, Shopify for Apparel, and Vistaprint for Stationery Print-on-Demand Stores.

Etsy, Blinkit, and Amazon are the best platforms to sell print-on-demand products in India.

What is the skill set to run a fulfillment print-on-demand store?

There is a proverb “No one can have expertise in all fields” but you should have basic knowledge of types of printing technology, printing feasibility on particular print-on-demand products, and digital promotion platforms.

Why do print-on-demand business start-ups fail?

Failing print-on-demand business start-ups need to understand marketing you running your business from scratch. According to successful POD business owners, these are the basic factors of failing POD businesses.

1. Deep Market Research: Before starting a POD business need to research your audience and their buying product price range, quality requirement and competitive price range, and your profitability.

2. Creativity: To make your product customer-engaging you require a skilled designer or your expertise to compete with your competitors. You are selling your product in the open market there are so many sellers out there why a customers buy your products? So create a USP.

3. Print Quality: To keep your customers coming back again and again, need to provide quality print products and better possible services. Find a vendor who is an expert particular product manufacturer who keeps quality maintenance. In case found defects in prodcts findout solutions.

4. Patience & Consistency: The main reason for failing new startups is no patience, although new businesses need to understand market research & business inside such as market trends, customer buying behavior, and product reform, and solve their own mistakes in sales. It takes time to establish in the market.

5. Right Price Calculation: The right pricing of the product and profit margin might help you beat your competitor a long way. Higher selling pricing may decline order volume and lower product prices may lead you business loss it depends on your marketing niche, today. Profitable POD businesses need a balanced product price factor.

6. Marketing Strategy: Once you upload your product catalog you need to generate sufficient traffic to generate sales either through social media, organic, paid, or referral you are required to make a positive strategy for recurring income. To make this happen write a blog that helps to generate 30-40% extra sales.

7. Online Customer Reputation: Google bad reviews or reviews on your web page might lead to lower web page traffic, understanding customer pain points and solving their problem sooner is better in Google’s eye and your customer. To make this happen clarify your terms of web page uses. Simplify your product return policy, A few print-on-demand stores offer a 100% money-back policy. Whatever dispute arises faster resolution is better for your business. Always ask to give a Google review from Happy. customers.

Create a USP (unique selling product)

Surviving a new startup in the market for the long term requires a unique selling product such as the best quality product, cheap price product, fast delivery method, or hot selling product whatever your USP is, at least one positive factor helps you to consistently beat your competitors.

Looking to start a print-on-demand business in India, or already running print on demand business, and need any type of help do call us or WhatsApp at +91 9211253015 or email, Shivani Enterprises is a fulfillment print-on-demand store in Delhi India.

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