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Where to Buy NFC Business Cards in Delhi

NFC business cards are made of PVC and Metallic (Stainless Steel and Brass) materials. Here each and every NFC business card get printed with a personalized touch using high-technology printing applications because these cards are made for lifetime use.

UV printing technology work best for plastic-made NFC card & metallic coated (silver and brass) is best for Laser Engraving technology. Both types of printing methods are done digitally with high quality.

NFC business cards are also known as tap cards publicly. Our NFC card key features are

  1. Single Tap Business Card, Go with NFC Technology
  2. Best for Digitally Active Customers/Business Owners.
  3. Lifetime Access Cards
  4. Modern, Premium, Innovative, Lasting-Impression Card
  5. Eco-Friendly & Convenient
  6. Extremely Expensive

Just you need to upload your artwork at

Email: or Whatsapp +91 911253015

Our NFC Card design team will convert your artwork the way you choose the types of card stuff wish for NFC business cards.

“NFC Business Card is a contactless card, in this card data is used digitally when an NFC tag comes close to the DATA reader (Android Phone), data transmission started from the NFC Business Card and is stored in your customer’s NFC technology-enabled mobile.”

NFC Business Card Benefits

  1. Smart Presentation
  2. Luxurious Card
  3. Always Updated Information
  4. No, Require Print Paper Card Again and Again
  5. Easy to Store Data Your Customer Device
  6. A Single Card is enough and easy to carry in Volet

There are countless benefits of an NFC business card, A NFC card could be your sales page or payment device, business promotional materials all about depends on you.

NFC Business Card Quality

NFC Business Card materials are made of high-quality Poly-Vinyl- Carbonate or Metals with a stuff thickness of 0.80 mils to make in-build data chip safe play. Both surfaces have easy-to-print photo-quality text and images. To feed contact details into NFC cards need NFC App.

1. PVC NFC Business Card

PVC NFC Cards are flexible, strong, and non breakable materials, available in Black Color Matte Finish and White Color, which easily can be printed using Digital Thermal Printer (sublimation printing) with a multi-color design. The embedded data chip does not visible from the front or backside.

2. Metal NFC Business Card

Metal NFC Business Cards are stronger compare to PVC-made NFC cards. Available in stainless steel and brass stuff with a black-coated matte finish look. Printing can be done only with Laser Engraving so that your content be seen permanently.

How To Program NFC Business Card

To feed (contact details/personal details/social links) in NFC cards need to app. There are much of software available just go to the google play store a free. But it does not require tracking contact details for your customer.

NFC Business Card Data Storage

A standard NFC business card data storage starts from 100 KB to 5000 KB and Starts a Working speed of 13.56 kHz.

Shivani Enterprises is the best to BUY NFC Business Card in Delhi India. You just need to send your artwork at:, +91 9211253015, Our design team will create a printable artwork according to choosing type of NFC Business Card Material and get approved by you.

What are the best uses of NFC Tag?

NFC tags are powered by nfc technology, not active devices used for various types of data reading and accessing information. Most common uses in medical sciences, the security sector, data storage centers, and vehicle tracking.

How much does a premier NFC business card take time to print?

Premier NFC business cards take 2-3 working days.

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