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Woven Label Manufacturer in Delhi

The label printing industries are very vast and it’s growing day by day fast even it is woven label or printed clothing label (t-shirt, jeans, underbear, suit, Kurti, toy and heritage products), wine bottle, high-end cosmetics, pharmaceutical packaging, food packaging, electronic products, and metal made instrument.

Most of all Woven Label is made for Garment Industries and Gift Packaging Items etc.

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In this fashion age, it is highly recommended for cloth wash care instruction and best suit fabric for your body must need a label on it, along with product info, each manufacturer of clothing leave their brand name, website, and contact number on the label also.

There are various types of product need to be a label attached. it may be wooden, cloth, rubber, plastic, and metal made products. Each of them fits the label types differently.

Different Types of Label Making Methods

Heat Transfer Label | Sublimation Printing Label | Adhesive Paper Label | Waterproof Adhesive Label | Woven Fabric Label | Printed Fabric Label | Laser Engrave Label |Metal Stickers | Paper Hand Tag

A label is imprinted with product information along with the brand name and manufacturer. Today there is a trend of leaving social media links (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn) to reach out to their brand.

These labeled products may be various atmospheres such as Heat, Cold, Water, and Moisture, etc.. so labels Longevity and Sustainability is the major factor before placing on it.

The right way of placing a label on the product

A label may be made of adhesive paper, cloth (woven & non-woven), plastic, wood, rubber, metallic attached with Hanging, Screwed, Sewn, Stickered, Glued and Weld on the product.

People search for Hangtag Printing 

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There is a guideline to the textile manufacturer from the textile department to put labeling on the garment before putting in the store for sale, for the sake of fabric care and buyers’ perspective.

As well as my concern more than 80% of the clothing label is made of non-woven fabric printed on taffeta, leather, and non-tearable paper materials.

It’s very simple that one understands another person’s credibility by bearing a branded label clothing either you admit it or not.

Custom Iron on Tags

There are huge numbers of fabric variety used for clothing that need to define each fabric needed a specific temperature for ironing avoiding it may raise cause to damage clothes.

Different types of materials used for clothing labels

There are various types of materials used in clothing labels. I clarify here according to the price of garments fit the best. Printing longevity and price relations etc..

Taffeta | Satin | Polyester | Cotton |Poly-Cotton | Leatherette |Metal Labels, etc.

Printing on all types of label fabric is not feasible such as Taffeta Fabric’s best option for the flexography printing option can’t be embroidered, This fabric is very smooth easy to print sharp print.

Taffeta is stuff very smooth and best fit for flexography printing 5-7 color printing with maximum color printing accuracy. Available in 12mm, 18mm, 25mm wider white color, black color, cream color, etc.

It’s easy to stitch well on fabric. The standard label price comes Rs-1-2 rupees each depending on the quality, size, and work volume.

Satin and Polyester fabrics are comparatively similar it can be printed silk printing easy to a single color. Choosing Satin fabric is a better option for label printing.

Needed more color printing flexography printing is the best option you can choose option 5-7 Pantone color printing. For low volume, you can print through the Sublimation Printing option.

and a better option compared to taffeta and soft feels and touch. available in various sizes and base colors.

Cotton and Polly-Cotton Fabric is the topmost fabric materials for labeling through Embroidery and Long-Lasting Solution. You can get the option 10-12 color thread options.

On Leather and Leatherette Fabric, Branding the De-bossing and Embossing application is a good practice for these types of materials. It’s an easy process and a permanent and long-lasting method with no chance to be faded.

Metal Labels are very precise and produced with Laser Cutting and etched CNC machines with scratch-free and sharp cutting edges even it is Brass or Stainless Steel stuff. There is a huge demand for Jeans, Leather Bag, Tote Bag, Purses, etc.

A big brand expense big amount for branding label as NIKE, REBOOK, RAYMOND, LEE COPPER

Collection of logo and symbols for clothing label printing

It’s too small to stitch well so need content easy to understand using symbol and logo infographic is the best practice. Most of all case fonts used 4-5 pt.

Using icons easy to understand for the customer to say big in a limited space.

Leather Tag | Washing instruction |Satain Clothing | Washing Machine |Handmade Tag |Elastic Cord |Art Craft | swing||increadble label| Elastic Band | Size TAG | Paper Tag | Ribbon |Design Idea Institration |Tag Design |PVC | Centrefold | Customized |Hot Gold| Silver Stamping |Cord String |UV Coating |Eboss |Deboss |Artwork |Post press work |  |collection of logo and symbol|Vintage Tag | Tag Paper Stock |embroided label |

Highly Used Products: Garment | Jeans |Toys | Purse |Bag 

During inquiring please share your photo and details etc.

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Metal label for clothing

It’s another type of labeling on the tag typically it’s a costly process it looks your brand more realistic and color fade proof. Branding is done with highly precise CNC machines and laser cutting processes. The depth of laser engraving comes to 0.3mm-0.4mm in-depth. You may get the option to fill with the intended color that lasts long.

Craft Paper Labels

Save the Earth, It’s 100% recyclable Best for opaque color printing drawback is you can,t produce multicolor as well as on white base color paper.

Cloth label finished

You could get the labeled individual sheets set of labels and in the form of easy roll in and out convenient to handle.

Shivani Enterprises prefer whether it is a woven or non-woven label in the form of a roll that made it easy to handle with zero waste and damage during use.

Woven label vs printed clothing label

Woven Label

  • Woven label making no required basic set up costs
  • Life of labels equal to the garment.
  • Difficult to read small artwork and design
  • It comes in good range as well as Rs. 1-0 to rs. 1.5/- depending on the volume of required labels. Easily can be done up to 10-12 colour variants on embroidery.
  • A woven label no chance to fade the brand name or text

Printed Label

  • The printed label needs a basic setup cost of plate required a minimum quantity comparatively cheap to the embroidery. For low volume, label cost goes high. This is the cheapest option for high volume.

The drawback of printing clothing color starts fading after a few washes.

Satin vs cotton fabric label

The satin label is also soft feel and touch and it can be printing multicolor the way you wish with a shining color. Printing ink density on the satin fabric is better than 100% cotton.

Human-friendly t-shirt and Kurti label

Fabric label sizes

0.25″, 0.5″ 0.75″ and 1″ wider sizes highly used you can choose fit for your product for boutique and t-shirt, etc. The length of a label single side 1.5″ and folding 3″ is more enough.

What kinds of branding made on a wooden tag?

Laser cutting and laser marking tactics made on a wooden tag it’s an amazing tip no chance to fade or wash away colour point view of the accuracy of size and finish comes out 100 out of 100 points.

The only skin layer of wooden remove and it leave a mark of brand and content we required point view of customer information etc.

These tags are made of Wooden, Leather, Metal, Paper etc.

Folded Label vs Single Label Sewing

Labels are sewn a single label both ending point or in the form of folding and sewn at one point. You can choose the best fit for your product. Most of all-cause I have seen the T-shirt labels are sewn in the form of folding types and Shirts and Pants in flat single label sewing.

The best brand of paper adhesive that long last

Avery Dension brand is most popular for its strong bond of the adhesive available in paper and vinyl stuff. There are other many brands but Avery Dennison name is unique in the adhesive domain.

A strong adhesive stick easy even it is even or uneven surface.

Tag & Label Branding method is :

There are various types of methods using label printing. Each method is unique in itself. which one option is the best for your label printing project call us our expert team will assist you.

For low volume and single color label printing, choosing an option would be better, and you can choose a long-range of labels making materials even using ruff and tuff stuff likewise, wood, plastic, fiber, etc.

You can apply the screen printing process. Using more than 5-7 color print as the registration mark might be mismatched on the paper label.

Single color printing on fabric is the better option.

  • Flexography Printing

This is the most popular fabric label printing option easily it can do 12-13 color printing and needed under Rs. 1000 basic setup costs making a polymer plate.

Making a metal label with 99.99% accuracy and permanent marking laser marking drawback is only that you can’t make your brand colour full. Not applicable to the fabric

  • De-bossing

Choosing labels made of leather and paper debossing is the best practice that gives an elegant look at your label and brands both. It’s a very simple process making a male and female metal dye of your artwork, with the help of keeping intended material between both dye and heat press at specific temperatures produced an eye-catchy label finished work.

It’s a super engaging label making method that makes your brand out of crowed. there are various types of foil colors available such as gold, silver, red, green, blue, green, etc.

This is another topmost option for making the clothing label method. The life of the embroidery label ends with the life of the product made of fabric. Embroider is possible only cotton, poly-cotton, and leatherette stuff.

Embroidery is computerized process threads that are stitched in the form of a layout. Easily can be done 5-7 colors. The drawback is gradient color could not be done.

Advantage of QR code printing on the label

  • Using QR code makes your label secure
  • Gets enough space to add product information in detail, and it cares about it.
  • it’s anti-counterfeit labeling.

Label Making Company in Delhi

There are some label making company provide services at very competitive prices. Provide online services.

How to make a paper tag stronger and waterproof?

Get the paper tag laminate on both sides it makes the tag harder and waterproof. Thermal lamination is much better to compare cold lamination when it comes to more reliable and strongness.

Get laminate more than the 30-micron film with Thermal Lamination it lost a long time.

How to make permanent branding on the leather tag?

Well, it’s a process of heat and metal made die or block process. A piece of leather is cut put on plain hard stuff a metal heated die pressed on it. This process is done manually and through automated heat-press, the area gets De-embossed or embossed as per block design is made. so your tag is ready to use permanently..

Making more eye-catchy labels use eye-let, available in golden, silver, black, and red.

It can be made on paper, leather, rexine, etc.

Size Label, important elements |100% recyclable paper stock |used to draw the attention of the customer |needs and requirements |foil blocking | | foil blocking |Matte Gloss |wash care label

Best label printer in Delhi

How can I get a quotation?

Just you need to drop an email describing your requirement our dedicated team will call you and suggest the best types of labels and clothing label template and better prices.

A full-colour tag engages more customers. These tags are tearable and untearable stuff depending quality you required.

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