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5 Best Custom Printed Coaster in Delhi

Types of Coaster

Besides, keeping neat & clean your dining and coffee tabletop surface, is an essential part of a kitchen. Custom printed coasters are a big brand solution and it gives a personal touch to your guest one. Best way to show off your brand name at the time of business coffee table discussion.

A thick base of hard stuff, where a hot & cold beverage mug is placed, is known as a coaster. Coasters keep your exquisite dining table from the safety of heat, beverage spills, condensing droplets that produce a stubborn liquid rings stain of tea and coffee glass.

You found customized high coasters for Restaurant, Pub, B2B Offices prominently, business events, and bars are the best users of customized printing coasters. 

“Coasters are made of  different types of materials (Paper, Wood, Glass, Ceramic, Plastic, and Metal) and various types of BRANDING methods such as CARVING, MULTICOLOR PRINTING, LASER MARKING, and ENGRAVING, etc. 

Each type of coaster’s behavior is different in terms of branding and its longevity so choose the one that best works for you.

Customized coaster printing material and branding applications.

1. Get MDF custom printed coaster within 30 minute

MDF Coaster

Sublimation printing on the MDF coaster required no minimum quantity to print it. We print personalized coasters with HD quality photos, quotes, and logos, etc. These coasters are water-resistant, shiny-looking, scratch-free, and a permanent printing coaster. Single side custom multicolor photo printed and backside attached with rubber that keeps your servicing table scratch-free.

Reason To Buy

  • Our MDF coasters are made of a high quality mdf material glassy look and polyester coated. 
  • Fun way to get personalized coasters for gifting on the occasion of Wedding Anniversary, Valentine’s Day and Personalized Gift. 
  • Sky is the limit of printing color and design options on MDF coaster.
  • Sublimation printing method produces on coaster vibrant, unbreakable & long lasting. Available
  • 4pc of each set but you can buy a coaster as low as 1 pc.
  • Customized coasters standard size 3.5”x3.5” comes with a thickness of 3mm,
  • Suit for coffee, beer, and all types of drink glass. Each MDF coaster weight comes around 25 grams. 
  • MDF coasters get printed through a digital process and you can avail delivery the same day.
  • Choose from a circle, square with round corner. 

Drawback : 

  1. Ruff and tuff use produce a scratch

Washing Instruction

  1. Avoid using metal scrub
  2. Using a damp cloth would be best for washing.

File Type: Vector or 300 DPI Image

You can choose from different types of shapes as well as Circle, Square with Corner Round Shape, etc.

Show your Brand Name on the coaster on every sip of coffee.

People also search coaster with Mug Printing

2. Acrylic Coaster

Another vibrant multicolor color custom printed coaster with a photo is made of acrylic stuff. We customize acrylic coaster min of 50 pcs each design and print. Digital Printing (flatbed UV printing technologies) performs the best on acrylic in terms of ink adhesion and print quality. UV printing is ink eco-friendly and instant printing and dries up within seconds. Acrylic-made coasters are anti-breakable and scratch-free ink.

  • 3mm and 5mm thickness coasters are ideal.
  • Custom shape feasible, circle or square with a round corner.
  • These coasters are a washable and permanent printing color.
  • This print process is little lengthy as first of all your graphics get printed in coaster groups then it is cut in order size & the shape separately you chose through laser cutting that produces optimum accuracy of size. 
  • There are two types of acrylic 1. Colored 2. Transparent each of them has different types of printing application.
  • Best option for custom photo printing coaster

File Type: Vector or 300 DPI Image

Colored Acrylics: Get printed on the top face digitally and produce permanent imprint flatbed UV printing.

Clear Acrylics: Printing is done on the bottom side, content is produced mirror view that reveals from the front side positive, shiny, scratch-free, and eye-catchy.

Instructions: Avoid washing with a metal brush and use a soft sponge or use a damp cloth.

Drawback: Printable photo or multicolor images are not feasible over metal coasters. 

3. Paper Coaster (100% Recyclable)

The weight of paper coasters very is light and super absorbent of spills & beverages condensed droplets. Most preferred bulk coaster printing is preferred for wedding parties and business events. 

Typically, these coasters are ideal for marketing and brand promotion purposes in events or seminars. Most of all corporate get printed logos or brand names on the bulk paper coaster and free giveaways at the expo, seminar, and event.

Due to the cost-effectiveness of paper coasters, you can reach out to huge prospects.  Buy paper coasters 100% eco-friendly, biodegradable, and best for one-time use. Crafted paper coasters are made of ultra-thick 800gsm (1.5mm). Often, paper boards come at 300-400 gsm to make thicker and stronger 2 or 3 sheets glued and paste with high pressure. These coasters are a high capacity to soak spills and condensed droplets.

Promotional coasters are made of 100% recyclable pulpboard well known as handmade paper stock. We print bulk quantities and our range starts from min. of 500 pcs for each design.

Buy bulk coasters for brand messaging in trade shows or business expo. Here you can choose plain and with seed paper to grow flowers. These coasters can soak water into. Specially used for promotional purposes. Get printed up to 3 color screen printing. Paper coaster prices are subject to coaster quantity and printing number of PMS color used. Each coaster weighs does not access more than 15 gms. Printing applications on paper boards are available to screen printing, digital, and offset printing. 

  • Minimum quantity starts from 500 pcs
  • Cheapest coaster printing guarantee.
  • Easy to carry due to being lightweight.
  • Best for bulk promotion
  • One time I used a coaster.

File Type: Vector or 300 DPI Image


  1. After soaked liquid beverages its tendency to curve makes it not feasible to place the mug flat.
  2. Single time use.
  3. Long process to procure. 

4. Personalized Metal Coaster

Stainless steel (SS304) coasters could be the attraction of your brand name presentation to the prospective and your interior decoration. You can avail of 4pcs of a set with a coaster holder. Advertising contents are deeply engraved and filled with intended brand colors. Each coaster’s bottom face is attached with foam that makes your furniture safe from friction and stays firmly at its intended place. 

Customized metal coaster thickness including thin bottom black foam come approx 3 mm you can choose design circle, square and custom shape. Available high-quality matte and shiny finish. Within size, you can get any shape you desire. Choose from shiny and matte finish metal sheets. These 2mm thick metal sheets cut high-density laser beams.

Available each coaster set 4 pcs with stand holder; Need to be kept away from abrasive. Coasters are available in steel matte and gloss finished colors. All metal coasters are attached with a rubber pad with a bottom that makes your table from scratches.

Each set (4 coasters) weighs around 210 gms including the holder. The best thing is its long-lasting and impressive look. The bad thing is that it is not feasible to be colorful with gradient color printing. Production time needs 6-7 working days.

Reason to Buy

  • Available each set of 4pc
  • Choose from matte or shiny look
  • Approx weight including coaster holder
  • Circle and Square with round corner goal
  • It’s a cool personalized engraved coaster.
  • Including bottom base approx 3mm thick
  • Very long lasting coaster.  

File Type: Vector


  1. Multicolor or photo content is not feasible on a metal coaster.

5. Custom Printed Coaster – Wooden

Wooden coasters with holders are exotic decorations that match your wooden furniture. We design & engrave your brand name and message over it up to 0.3mm deep. Wooden coaster protects for over the years your decorative table from the stains but makes sure to avoid water soaking enough. 

Branding application is done by using laser engraving for a precise coaster. You need to wipe with a damp cloth when it is required. Avoid soaking with excess water. Branding of complicated gradient colors and photos is not feasible on wooden coasters. Carved brand names on the coasters are a permanent mark ending the coaster’s life.  Our Sheesham and mango wood coaster is most liked.

Reason to Buy

  1. Available set of 4 pcs with its holder.
  2. Brown & maroon coasters are the most popular.
  3. Available min. Thickness of 5mm
  4. Carving on the wood surface is the best practice of branding.
  5. Our wooden coasters are made of sheesham trees. 

File Type: Vector Format 


  1. Multicolor design can’t be applied over wooden coasters.


  1. Wash your coaster with damp cloth 

5. Leatherette Coaster

Leatherette coasters are highly impactful in terms of branding and customer attention. The drawback of a leather coaster is that a photo can’t be produced over it. The brand name content is permanent branding over the coaster. Often, branding on a leather coaster is a traditional method known as de-boss. So we make a min. of 500 pcs coaster. There are a few basic costs and time needed to process as well as make a metal dye for a deboss coaster.  Production time requires more than a week.

Laser engraving is another form of the digital method of branding. In this term where the upper layer of leather is burned and looks the same shape design created. You can get the low volume as well as a single pc of the leather coaster. Brown, black and maroon colors are available 24*7 business hours.   

Reason to buy

  1. Leather coasters are royal look, feel & touch
  2. Branding laser and de-boss both branding applications available. 
  3. Laser branding is the fastest way to get a leather coaster.


  1. Choosing branding option de-boss may take a long time to produce as it requires more time than usual.
  2. Not feasible colorful design
  3. Circle and round corner both are available,

File Type : Vector Format 

Instruction of use

  1. Do not dip into water
  2. Apply damp cloth to wash 

Shivani Enterprises is a design, print, and advertising company. No matter how big your coaster printing budget we have options to choose from you can get a minimum single pc. We provide high-quality custom design and print coasters. Send your content to be coaster printed. Our design team makes a creative or downloaded online coaster design template even if it is disposable and reusable coasters for every taste of customers. Choose the best option to shoot your business profile.

Q. What are the materials custom printed coaster are made of?

Ans. Coasters are made of different types of materials like wood, metal, acrylic, leather, paper, and glass, etc. Paper coasters are the cheapest and one-time used whereas other stuff coasters are reusable. 

Q. How much does a custom coaster printing cost in Delhi NCR?

Ans. There are different types of coaster materials and customization methods are used. Each of them has different costs, most popular personalized coaster printing through sublimation printing on MDF coaster costs Rs.150-160/-per pcs.   

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