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Are You Looking for a Customized Rubber Stamp Maker?

Rubber Stamp

Here, I am going to dive into how to make three different qualities of customized company rubber stamps. Each quality of the rubber stamp is popular for its own specific terms, likewise stamp cost-effectiveness, fastest making stamp, easy handling while you are on a business tour, clear crisp imprint, stamp longevity, stamp with ink and without, etc.

Best and fastest rubber stamp maker in Delhi & NCR. Pay delivery charges when you receive it the same day.

These stamps are known by names as Traditional Rubber Stamp | Pre-Ink Rubber Stamp | Self-Ink Rubber Stamp, etc. Whether you are a small shop owner, professional (doctor, engineer, artist), enterprise, manufacturer, or a big corporate, Office stationery and stamps are a basic need of every running or new business startup.

Ready to use and custom rubber stamps

Readymade Stamps

Stamps are highly utilized in the business account department as well as PAID, DELIVERED, POSTED, M.R.P, etc. Manufacturing unit required Batch No., M.F.G. Date, Expiry Date stamp are a regular requirement for all businesses. Most of all these stamps we keep always ready in stocks 24 x hrs ready.

Readymade stamp

Custom-Made Rubber Stamps

The stamp contains your address detail or company name is made only on order known as a custom rubber stamp, if your order is done before 12 A. M. It will be ready by the evening on the same day to pick up from the store and ready to dispatch for the next day in Delhi & NCR.

Both stamps are available at wholesale prices at Shivani Enterprises. As a professional rubber stamp maker in Delhi, we have all types of stamp-making materials and machine brands. We opt for cheap, small, medium, big size stamps, for all sizes businesses, etc. Choose the best-fit stamps in terms of price. and quality.

Custom Made Rubber Stamps

Rubber Stamp Shape – Round, Rectangle, and square

1. Traditional (Nylon)

Traditional stamp-making services are in use for a long period of time. This stamp-making process is much time consuming but the price per unit cost is very low. It required a lot of effort and time but the raw material used in making is very cost-effective Usually, this process is used for making stamps in a huge number of stamps in groups on a single sheet of polymer, and the latter on it is separated individually and mounted on the stamp holder.

The main stamp-making material is known as polymer liquid (plastic liquid). The polymer stamp is mounted on the wood or plastic handle.

  • You need to keep a Separate Ink Pad to fill ink each time when want to make a stamp impression.

2. Self-ink rubber stamp

Self-ink stamps are chosen for heavy-duty stamps, used for making a bulk impression on the paper likely bank, corporate offices, schools, and e-commerce stores.

“Usually, self-inking stamp is a kind of good mechanism of the quality plastic body, in which polymer stamps and inkpads is placed the systemically, by pressing the plastic top handle, polymer stamps firstly contact with the inbuilt plastic body inkpad to feed ink, then it returns back to make an impression on the intended materials and after losing top handle return back its normal positions.” Available in small, medium, and large size plastic holders.

Each action produces a stamp impression. In-build Inkpad Stamp each time. Running out of ink pad can be replaced with the new ink pad. The self ink stamps price is costly compared to the nylon inkpad.

  • In Build Inkpad in the Stamp and inkpads are changeable when it is finished.

Pre-Ink Stamp

Pre-ink stamps can be refilled if running out of ink. It is also known as the fastest-making stamp. Pre ink stamps are easy to make details of the logo or any graphics. This type of stamp covers a market share of 50%. Pre-ink stamp-making technology is based on flash-making stamps. Usually, it is a rubber foam, where the upper layer is burned with the flashlight. The rubber foam is filled with the liquid ink pressing the foam making a thumb impression on the surface.

  • A stamp is molded on the rubber foam and also absorbs ink. Pre-ink stamps are ink refillable.

Proprietor Stamp

A new startup business even if it is small or big needs a stamp and another office stationary initially. During the registration of the firm make your document valid under government authority. The sole proprietor stamp required two lines of space two makes a signature between them. 20mm X 60 mm size is ideal for the customized proprietor rubber stamp.

Company Rubber Stamp

You are forming a company these stamps are a basic need it could be rectangle shape or round. The company name and address are mandatory to make your document valid.

We have a stamp made of worldwide country. Dater Rubber Stamp, Logo Stamp, Personalized Stamp, shiny stamp, personalized stamp for the doctor, self-employed

Personalized Stamp: Signature,

Pocket Stamp, Pen Stamp, Signature Stamp

Rubber Stamp Making Materials

Stamp Handle, Polymer Liquid, Polymer Sheets, Foam Sheet, Butter Paper, Computer & Laser Printer, Clear Plastic Sheet, Dye and Pigment Ink (Red, Blue, Green Black), Washing Tray, Sponge Brush, Flash, and Polymer Liquid Stamp Making Machines, etc.

Rubber Stamp Material Big Brand

Shiny, Colop, and Tro Date are the most popular brand of raw material providing companies. The plastic, spring, and ink pad used in the stamp are made of high quality. Colop brand stamps are used worldwide and heavy-duty service as well as in bank and accounting firms.

Types of Stamp

  1. Dura Stamp, Sun Stamp, and Tro-Date are the main types of stamps. Very easy to make fast stamp Cost, handle, best ideal, paper, pad, branded, wholesale, address, order, printer, monogram stamp, automatic stamp, liquid polymer, manufacturing, clear, adjustable, initial stamp, equipment, eco friendly,
  2. Latest stamp making through laser engraving, security, computer, textile, numbering, UV light, supplies, duplicate, posted, approved, rectangular, green, blue

a photosensitive layer, flash, nylon,

Pigment ink or dye ink rubber stamp

When it comes to making a thumb impression on very shiny and smooth surfaces like plastic, metal, and glass stuff. and choosing a Pigment Ink work best as it dries very fast. Usually, it costs very high.

Dye Ink performs better on porous stuff like paper, wood, cloth, etc. Comparatively dye ink is cheaper than pigment ink. It takes a little longer time to dry up.

Tips to make a high number of thumb impressions rubber stamp.

  1. Use inkpad making company and refill ink same brand name.
  2. Keep your rubber stamp lid closed always when it is not in use.
  3. Refill before remaining ink at 20%.

Shivani Enterprises is an online stamp-making company in India. We do provide an urgent stamp within 15 minutes. You can create our easily editable stamp template or send detail of the stamp to our design team will create and get approved by you. before making it. We keep the best quality stamp-making machine to produce better quality stamps. and able to deliver the same day in Delhi & NCR.

You are not required to search for rubber stamp makers near me as we provide a customized rubber stamps at your doorsteps.

Frequently asked questions

Q. What is the main factor that affects rubber stamp-making cost in Delhi?

Ans. Stamp prices are based on the types of stamps, quality, and size likewise 2 line stamps, 3 line stamps, 4 lines, etc. The higher the text length and the number of lines, the higher the stamp price. Ideal stamp price stamp for 2 lines.

Q. Can my stamp order be canceled?

Ans. Stamp order execution depends on the Shivani Enterprises security team. If it is found faulty your order can be canceled and paid amount can be refunded.

Q. How to refill ink in customized self-ink and pre-ink stamp rubber stamps?

Ans. Shivani Enterprises recommend an ink pad change in the self-ink stamp and refilling in the pre-ink stamp before completely out of ink.

Self Ink Stamp: You need to unlock the inkpad, then press the handle slightly from the top and remove the vacant ink pad and place the new ink pad and lock it.

Pre-Ink Stamp: Uncap the pre-ink stamp and place 5-6 drops of ink where content is flashed out and let it absorb the ink.

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