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Sunpack Printing in Munirka, South Delhi NCR India

Advertising through Sunpack Printing is done mostly for outdoor publicity purposes. Sunpack sheet is the lowest density of plastic materials used for advertising. It is a very cost-effective marketing tool for the promotion of products or services for local businesses, due to its huge range of vibrant color availability, tear-proof stuff, long-lasting, print scratch, lightweight, easy to hang on the Street Electric Pole, Park Railing, and Welfare Housing Society Gate, Hang on the Tree, has become first choice of outdoor promotions. 

Paper Poster could be a better option for local business promotion.

Get Instant Sun Pack Sheet Printing Cost and Doorstep Delivery

Even Sunpack printing is a cost-effective marketing tool of increased sales value, it also helps to create your local brand promotion. when it comes to advertising in the local area, you need an offline advertising medium such as distribution and showoff like Sunpack Printing, Flyer Printing, Big Size Poster, Flex Banner Printing, Tin Plate Printing, Standee Printing, etc.

More than 50% of the world population is connected with social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. So you can reach out audiences on an online Digital Marketing platform. Here you can target your audience according to their demographics like age, gender, targeted area, etc.

500 pcs of sunpack sheet is an ideal for 3-4 KM radious for local business to get noticed your presence to the customer.

Get noticed about your brand name even on the “NO PARKING BOARD”, “GREEN DELHI CLEAN DELHI”, BETI BACHAO, BETI PADHO is the right medium to make you presence in the public.

People search for Flex Banner Printing

What Sunpack Printing Sheets Material is made of?

Sunpack sheet is a PVC materials with a low density. It is known as a plastc bubbe sheet. It’s very light weight,  waterproof used in an advertising materials, sunpack tray, packaging materials. It comes in big size and cut into order size you require. Upper and bottom layer are smooth for easy digital print and screen printing.

It is aslo known as Flute Board Advertising, Corrugated Plastic Sheet, Plastic Bubble Sheet etc. in different part of India.

Choose from Rectangle Shape, Kite Shape and Die Cut shape you can get customize the way you want to display.

Single Color Printing Sunpack Sheet

1 color sunpack printing
1 color sunpack printing

For cost effective advertising sunpack sheet go for screen printing choose single color where entire intended content to be printed can be produced only one color like black, blue, green etc. Content you can place negative and positive form, Backgroung colour of sunpack does not count. In the screen printing method only one color can be produce at a time with a specific screen frame.

Double Color Sunpack Sheet Printing

2 color sunpack printing

You can choose double color printing but you have to more for it. Because it need to make 2 screen frame and printing finish in two times for your print project. In Screen Printing gradient color can’t be produced. 2 Color printing make your print project more appealing and eye-catching.

Multicolor Sunpack Sheet Printing

Multicolor Sunpack Printing
Multicolor Sunpack Printing

This sunpack sheet advertising is the best printing option you can choose thousands of color, even very tiny dot can be print more asthetic. Price cost per pcs goes higher compared to the single color and double color screen printing. There is no ristriction of color numbers. Sunpack multiclor printing with UV printing technologies no compromising fade print even your printed sunpack sheet in the sun rays entire the day.

Printing Application FLATBED UV Printing

No Parking Board, Pole Advertising Sunpack Sheet Standard Size

1’x1′, 1’x1.5′, 2’x2′ are standard sizes used for making a advertising sunpack materials. It can be customized the size and shape you required easily. If you are required in bulk quantity. These are the size commonly used in but you can choose size fit your content.

Hot Product Made of Sunpack Printing Sheet

NO Parking Board, Promotional Board, Product Display Tray, Packaging Box, Cutout and Danglers 

You may have seen a lot of no parking board in the residential and commercial space. It could be front of Kothi, Flat, Park Railing or Commercial Building and Malls etc. Printed on it NO PARKING in front of gate, NO PARKING ZONE etc.

Sunpack Avertising as a Gift for Local Business : Educational Institute, Internet and Telephone Provider, Dhaba, Restaurant, Hospitals and Medical Shop, To-Let Service Provider demand in high volume even it is running or new startups or exiting business.

POS materials due to very strong, washable, Non breakable stuff, it is used for making a stand with branding on it to product display in the showroom and or retail shops applying direct UV printing that produces eco-friendly printing for indoor use.

Packaging Box used as a container of heavy and fancy items up to 15 to 20 kg fixing a ripit to make a bond fixed. Highly used for mono carton packaging.

Sunpack Printing Dangler & Cutouts very cost-effective, water-proof, lightweight best display both side printing. Used in a high volume hardware store, restaurant business categories.

Cost Effectiveness Advertising on Flute Board or Sunpack Sheet

Flute Board and Sunpack Sheet are the same materials. A few people knows it as a flute board because of sunpack sheet structure is made of two sides plain plastic and inner plastic bubble (also known as PP Hollow Corrugated Sheet) having a thickness range of 2-12 mm thickness, lightweight, waterproof, and abrasion-free plastic materials. Various types of Sunpack Sheet is customized according to it’s used. Printing and materials last longer you can fit in your advertising budget.

Sunpack vs Sunboard Printing Sheet

Sunpack and Sunboard both are used for advertising purposes but there is a very huge difference in terms of price, stiffness, print quality adoptability and it’s uses. Both sheet comes in sheet form.

Advertising on sunpack sheet are recmmonded for outdoor advertising purposes. It is a very cost-effective marketing tool. Sunpack stuff is very light due to made of bubble structure, no color fading stuff and it’s the abrasion-free and shiny stuff. A printing application is directly applied to it. There is no effect of rain and heat that can affect the quality of the print. It’s flexible and hard to cut stuff. Available in various types of vibrant colors. Harder to cut compared to the Sunboard Sheet. It is also used indoor uses like a product display stand in grocessery shopping centers. Cutting accuracy tolenrence 5% comes due to bubble form of sheet. Usually, 80-85% of sunpack sheet get printed screen printing and 15-20% are printed digital process.

Advertising on Sunboard is advised for INDOOR advertising purposes. comparatively, it is heavier in weight, easy to cut, solid plain white matte finished sheet, both sides surface are printable. In most of all cases, printed vinyl is pasted on over it. the base color is available white & black color in the open market. Except direct UV Printing on sunboard, eco – printed vinyl with laminated pasted on it. It can’t be faces heavy rain and heat. It can be used outdoor advertising for a short period of time like political campaign, protest posters etc.  

The material point view of printing can be print in the screen printing, for the economical budget and it can be print Direct Digital Printing on sun pack is done with high quality with info-graphics. It’easy to cut through the blade.

Sunpack sheet are available in long range of vibrant color as white, yellow, green, blue, pink, red and so many more. This material is very cheap, lightweight, and waterproof that makes more help for outdoor advertising.

To reach out to more prospects, an economical and easy publicity method is a sun pack publicity. There are so many methods that make your publicity cost per unit lower, According to your budget and visibility you can optimizing printing methods.

Advertising Products of Sunpack

NO Parking Board, POS Materials, Advertising of Products, Mono Packing Box.

Designing tips for sunpack sheet

Usually, advertising on the sun pack is seen for a long-distance as well as 5-10 feet away from your eyesight, so it needs to make the font size maximum bigger as it might look easy to read. Bigger font size and bold face type help not even lookwise but in respect of clear print in screen printing process.

Mostly printed the headline, nature of work, web address, and contact no. etc to get details to call to be made by prospects. You can select a color option from the color sheet to draw the audience’s attention reverse designing content from the base color.

Printing Methods on Sunpack Sheet

There are various types of printing methods applied to the Sunpack Printing Method and prices per rate. Which one application best suits your printing project depends on your content design and quantity and budget.

  1. Screen Printing
  2. Direct UV Printing
  3. Paper Sticker Paste on it

1. Screen Printing on Sunpack Sheet

In this printing process, separate opaque color printing is applied, it may be Single, Double and Three Opaque color applied.

Sunpack Printing in Munirka Delhi NCR India
Screen Printing Sunpack, Direct Digital Printing on Sunboard

Screen Printing Sunpack required a minimum quantity of pcs because the basic screen set cost higher each color printing need a separate screen and printing times.

Standard Size as A3 required a basic cost setup cost comes INR 500/- the best printing content should be vector, Image can’t be a print better point of view visual. This is the cheapest printing method.

Make your sunpack sheet printing cost economical choose single color printing. But when it comes your brand name and logo choose color as well as your brand name.

2. Direct UV Printing on Sunpack Sheets

If your brand /logo in multicolor, want to show off your product colorful like food picture, running tuition classes, you must go for it. There is no required minimum quantity to place order, no basic setup cost. colorful advertising helps to the more engaging prospectus.

Even though printing cost per square fit goes high but can be done awesome direct multicolor printing quality with info-graphics on the Sunpack sheet.

When it comes to Brand Promotion corporate preferred UV Printing Sunpack Sheets

Cheapest Multicolor Printing on Sunpack Sheets

Direct UV printing on Sunpack sheet cost is high that goes approx Rs. 35/- per square fit, you can get to print your multicolor design on the paper sticker and paste on its price will be cheaper for a shot time advertising price per unit cost approx Rs. 20/- per square fit. 1’x1′ and 1.5’x1′ ideal size for the cheapest advertising on Sunpack Sheets.

Sunpack Printing Machines

Small Size, More than 80% of Sunpack Printing done the screen printing process for the cost-effectiveness method even it is 1- 3 separate colors. It is produced manual 1’x1′ and 1’x1.5′ a manual screen practioner can produce up to 400-500 pcs in a day. Today sunpack is being print on semi automated screen printing process that can print upto 4000 to 5000 pcs within 8 hrs bigger size upto 2’x3′.

Big Size when it comes to printing very intricate artwork of logo or image we do print digital printing process that is probably a costly process. Price Per square fit approx double of screen printing process the main thing is there is no boundary of the minimum quantity of printing and numbers of color. Maximum size 6’x8′ can be print at a time.

For bigger size 1-3 color printing needs an automatic printing machine to make a screen printing bigger size like 2’x2, or 2’x3′ pcs.

Availability of Sunpack Printing Sheets

Sun pack sheets come big size as well as 8’x4′ and 6’x4′ standard. It can be print easily on UV print even it is a spongy sheet but can be print easily, because of printing head moves just up to 7 mm above, no chance to damage sheet and printing machine head and deface print due to wet ink as soon as it prints within a couple of minutes it dries out entirely without absorbing ink on the substrate.

Overall printing cost goes higher compared to screen print but the quality of printing shiny, permanent, and awesome. 100% of ink is printed, with no evaporation. No odor, 100 % environmentally friendly process. UV printing process no more time it can ready the same day to dispatch them out.

The entire sheet is printed in flatbed and get it cut in customized order size.

Printing facility availability screen print and multicolor

5 The reason why people prefer local advertisement for sun pack printing

  1. Per square fit rate very economical
  2. Cheap printing application
  3. Vibrant colour, easy to see off distance
  4. Lightweight easy to install in street, pole, and walls
  5. Low distribution cost
  6. Water and abrasion-proof

Best sun pack material supplier

Royal Plastic and Satyam Plastics in Chuna Mandi, Paharganj, New Delhi, are best sun pack material suppliers, What size you required even wholesale or retail they cut in order size and serve you better they have the various quality of sun pack material on cheapest price.

The drawback of Sunpacking printing

  1. Due to the bubble, it bends easily.
  2. From the upper side reflects the structure of inside.
  3. During cutting and finishing edges not as sharp as well as Sunpack
  4. There is no guarantee of how long it be safely placed on the street and wall in the cause of non paid areas etc.

The best places to hang your sun pack printing sheet

Hanging a Sunpack Printing sheet on the road monitored by the MCD department that may charge a minimum of Rs 2000/- each pole for a month of the period and assure to be placed there for a period of months.

To hang on the road, traffic red light without the permission of MCD, it is a violation of rule you may accuse of it.

Except on the Roadside, you can hang your Printed Sunpack Sheet on the Street Wall and electric polls, Park Railing, Housing Welfare Society Gate, Balcony Railings, etc

The best Sunpack Sheet Fixer in South Delhi

  1. if possible hire a rickshaw puller and labor from labor chowk and navigate them a location to be placed Sunpack Printing Sheets and make their payment.
  2. Call Ajay Kumar Board Fitter and Sunpack Fixer 9818425828

Shivani Enterprises is a sunpack sheet manufacturer the size you required, provide MOQ 100 pcs.

Q. What is the Sunpack Sheet Printing?

Ans. It’s a plastic sheet made of air bubble supporting a verticle pcs of 2mm, 3mm 5 mm height supporting from the top and bottom plastic sheets, also known as a plastic corrugated sheet. It is made of crude oil materials and wastage of industrials special for outdoor advertising materials. Some people knew it is as flute board.

The material used in therms of Advertising is called “polypropylene” It is considerd outdoor advertising materials in the offline advertising space.

Q. Why sunpack sheet printing with Shivani Eterprises?

Ans. We make a negative and positive for each sunpack printing project even it is small quantity or big. It help to produce a sharp and crisp design and content during print. Other printer use butter paper to make mess that produce inferior quality product.

We print and deliver at your door step throughout the country.

Q. Is hanging a sun pack printing sheet on the road illegal?

Ans. Absolutely no, legally you should have a permission from MCD department by making a payment for that said time period of a month or more as you prefer. You can advertise for the said period in that locality. These objections are only in metro cities only.

Q. Sunpack vs Sunboard which one is the best option for outdoor advertising.

Ans. First of advertising on sunboard is reccmonded for indoor only and sunpack for outdoor advertising purpose. If your are intended for outdoor go for sunpack as it is long lasting and pocket friendly advertising materials. It do not make sense sunboard for outdoor advertising for a long period of time.

Q. How much does a screen printing sunpack cost per unit?

Ans. Screen printing cost per pcs depends on size, quantity, and a number of colors printed on it. Usually, a 1 ft x 1.5 ft, the cost comes 35 rupees, minimum quantity 100 pcs. Higher the quantity lower the price.

Here you required to fix a minimum quantity of Sunpack Sheets for Printing. like 100 pcs, 200 pcs, etc. and printing color 1 color, 2 color design artwork, etc.

Q. How to fix a Sunpack Printing Sheet on the pole?

Ans. Just you need a metallic iron wire (2 mm thick) to make a hole on it. Get it tight on the pole back side or hang from the tree branch, electric or telephone pole, etc.

Q. Which one brand name of the sunpack sheet is the best?

Ans. In terms of the sunpack sheet, there is some popular brand like “SUN, Correx, and Rhyno“. Sunpack sheet comes in many thickness used varius purpose having thickness of 3-5 mm, mainly used for advertising purpose and thicker used for making a door for tempoarly used.

For promotional purposes, there is a thick coating that help to adher ink easily to it, whether it is printed Digital or Screen Printing methods.

Q. How much does an advertising sunpack sheet installation cost in Delhi NCR?

Ans. Usually, an advertising sunpack sheet printing size comes bigger as 1×1.5 ft, 1.5×2 ft and 2’x2′. It is placed normally at a distance of 50 meters to 100 meters each other. Depending on the population density.

Fixing a installation cost of advertising sunpack sheet cost comes in Delhi NCR Rs.15-20/- each, depending on quantity and location you want to place, etc. Most of all sunboard sheet fixer asked for a minimum charge INR 2000. even quantity is under 100 pcs..

If any query related to Sunpack Designing & Printing, do write to us?

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