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Vinyl Cut & Heat Press Services in Delhi

The vinyl cut and heat press processes are applied on fabric-made products such as T-shirts, Sashes, Aprons, & Leather stuff for personalized printing. HTV vinyl is applicable to all types of fabric materials such as Cotton, Polyester, Blend, Leather, Polyester-Cotton, Canvas, Lycra, Nylon, Woven, Non-Woven, etc.

Ask me what is the vinyl cut & how it is applied on t-shirts

Cut HTV vinyl into the intended shape, requires a vector file format and letter cut off from a selected HTV vinyl having a thickness of 90-95 micron layer of 200-250 gsm and transferred onto the fabric with the help of release paper for carrying onto the t-shirt using heat press machines at the right temperature.

Quality made of Vinyl Cut & Heat Press

It’s not a common adhesive vinyl used for making light boards and nameplates, etc.

It is made specifically for branding on clothing/fabric using heat pres known as T-SHIRT VINYL, HTV VINYL (polyurethane is a kind of plastic, long-lasting, stretchable, soft feel & touch materials). It carries a heat-proof plastic carrier sheet set on. 

The HTV vinyl has a thermal heatproof carrier and the design or text is cut on mirror shape form then placed on the intended fabric keeping vinyl cut mirror face touching fabric and then heat is applied. Most of all vinyl cuts are transferred in 10 – 15 seconds. 

Non-printable vinyl comes matte and glossy finish. Available in more than 40 plus colors. You can have choice of radium-based vinyl, glittering, golden, silver, and holographic. 

Highly used in making Tote Bag, T-shirts, Sports T-shirts, Fashionable Children Clothing, and Craft making works.

There are available two types of Vinyl Cut & Heat Press 1. Printable 2. Non-Printable Vinyl. Colorful Text Design and Images are recommended for using the printable design print and cut process. 

Printable vs Non-Printable Vinyl Cut & Heat Press

Usually,  Printable and Non-Printable Vinyl heat pressing process is the same process.

In the terms of printable vinyl, A white printable vinyl is a multicolor printed through an inkjet printer then it is cut with Positive Design and Text Side Up for Printable Vinyl and Reverse Side Design and Text Up Non-Printable. In both cases, A vinyl lays/transferred through heat press on the fabric in the form of a layer is transferred.

How does a cut vinyl content take out from the vinyl carrier sheet to transfer to the fabric?

This process is applied to the printable vinyl cut media, A content is cut the content first, then with the help of release paper (a heat-proof adhesive transparent film), The heat is applied directly on the heat-proof sheet without damaging the sheet content is transferred on the fabric. 

Types of Branding Application on the Fabric

Even though there are many other branding options on the fabric except Vinyl Cut & Heat Press. These are alternatives to the process of Sublimation Printing, Screen Printing, Embroidery, and DTG Printing Services

Each of these processes is the best fit for a specific requirement point of view Branding QualityLongevity, Color Saturation, Quantity, Intricacy Design, etc.

Printable Vinyl Print & Cut or Vinyl Cut & Heat Press is most liked for Variable Design, Dark Fabric, Fast Print, and Accurate Content Printing.     

Concept Behind Vinyl Cut & Heat Press

The concept of Vinyl Stuff is based on polyester materials that are easily transferred in the way of a vinyl layer on any kind of fabric at the Specific Temperature. This curing temperature varies a little from fabric to fabric material quality.

The fabric containing a higher % of polyester material needed lower temperatures to cure and higher temperatures made of cotton materials.

100% of the polyester material-made product required a 130 foreign height temperature whereas it required 180 foreign height temperature.

Vinyl Cut & Heat Press Required types of equipment

This kind of printing required a Computer and a computerized vinyl cutting machine, to peel excess vinyl stuff tools, scissors, heat press machines, different color shades of vinyl, etc.

Product Branding with print & cut and heat press

Products made of any kind of fabric can be done with brandings like Apron Printing, T-Shirts Printing, Children’s Clothing, Leather Stuff Made products, and Sash Printings are trending.

This material is made of polyester-based stuff easily fixed on the top layer of fabric.

Overall there is a long range of vinyl colors available in the market.

Applied for t-shirt printing business. These vinyl are made of polyester-based material when in contact with the fabric, presence of the heat press machine, the vinyl layer left off from the resist PVC sheet and adhered to the fabric properly.

Highly used in Cotton T-shirts, Jacket, and Safety Dress Workers.

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Make sure it’s not a printing ink, It’s a shape or letter in the form of a layer

Following instructions, it fits for multi washes.

First of all, a computerized design is created either graphic or vector layout and printed the way you wish and cut it automated machine in the mirror shape. During vinyl transfer plastic base is kept upside and heat pressed finally text looks on the t-shirt straight.

Vinyl is cured on the cloth at 135-180 degrees foreign height temperature, it varies from cloth to cloth with different quality fabric.

People also search for Screen Printing T-shirts

5 Most popular vinyl cut software for vinyl cut

Vinyl Print & Cut
Vinyl Print & Cut
  1. Inkscape
  2. Vinyl master cut
  3. Coreldraw
  4. Sure cut a lot
  5. Easily cut a studio

Availability of Vinyl Material Size & Color

These vinyl sizes come in sheet and roll forms. Flat sheet sizes A4 and A3 only

Heat transfer vinyl is available in White, Yellow, Green, Golden, Silver, Sky Blue, Royal Blue, Navy Blue Orange, Glitter, etc.

Standard Sizes Roll available sizes 12″, 15″,  20″, 22″, and 24″ wide

Overall,  HTV vinyl cost comes around Rs 2-3 per square inch depending on the color vinyl. Usually, the reflective and holographic vinyl cost goes higher. 

HTV vinyl roll comes 1Mtr, 5Mtr, 15 Mtr, & 50 Mtr. long and thickness of 210 gsm.

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Structure of vinyl for t-shirt

Vinyl is made of 2 layers first one is a heatproof PVC sheet having a little adhesive that helps to hold easily after it is cut and the second one is a layer of 210 gsm thickness polyester, having a thickness of 70 microns.

Types of HTV Vinyl

You can find HTV vinyl in various types of looks such as

Plain HTV | Glittering | Foil Look | Holographic | Radiant Vinyl

These kinds of materials children like the most. Glittering, Holographic, Foil look vinyl printed children like most.

Printing on the jacket or any dress working in the night like in a restaurant, Road, Construction Site Prefer Radiant Vinyl that glows when the light falls. 


Vinyl Cut & Heat Press vs Screen Print

Both methods of branding the fabric in terms of quality are awesome. Which one is better depends on the few factors given below

  • Quantity
  • Color
  • Longevity
  • Variant Data Printing
  • Ironing
  • Cost Per Piece

Quantity- when it comes to low quantity as well as 15-20 t-shirts, the vinyl cut & heat press is the best. compare to the screen printing process it required basic setup costs that lead to higher prices per piece.

Color Availability- There is available a limited color shade in vinyl cut & heat-press and if you go for screen printing there are a lot of colors to choose from. in this perspective, screen printing is the best option.

Longevity- Vinyl Cut & Heat Press is accurate and has low longevity after 20-25 wash it started breaking in a small part and you can’t iron. In Screen Printing color is lost longer.

Variable Data Printing- You need variable data printing likewise the name of the player of a team individual vinyl cut & heat press is the best option. In Screen Printing such work is done cost goes multi-time higher.

Ironing & Wash- A vinyl cut & print is hard to Iron and after 25-30 washes start cracking but not in screen printing can face more than 100 washes and unlimited ironing.

Cost Per Piece- Overall, Vinyl cuts, and Heat Press are expensive even a larger quantity compared to screen printing.

  • Vinyl cut & heat press is an after the process and Screen Printing a time-consuming.
  • Screen Printing accuracy is lower and vinyl cut & heat press more accurate point of view content sharpness.
  • Intricate design can be printed easily in the screen print process but not vinyl cut and heat press.

Best vinyl cutting and printing machine

Given a few brands for printing and cutting most popular 


The above-mentioned brand is worldwide in print & cut a niche

epson printing machine
Epson printing machine

Best Vinyl Cutting Machine Seller and Service Provider in Delhi

S S Infotech

2137/First Floor, Gali No. 2, Chuna Mandi Pahar Ganj, New Delhi -110055

(M): 9312512005, email:

Best Vinyl Cut & Heat Press Service Provider

  • Sidhipura, Karol Bagh, Tel: 09289659440

Tips for vinyl cutting

  1. Slow cutting speed is better to point of view sharp and accurate cut.
  2. Check out the periodically cut blade
  3. Do the test cut first, to test if is it right or not.
  4. Use proper peel-out tool when it comes to quality vinyl cut & heat press.
  5. During vinyl cutting, keeping an appropriate pressure cut quality product, it is a part of the technical cutter.
  6. Use the right blade for specific products.

The best way to weed the excess vinyl

  1. You weed out the cavity of the word or design
  2. Always apply a proper tool
  3. At last weed access, the vinyl cut area that helps you keep a safely used vinyl cut.

Things to remember while vinyl heat transfer

  1. Fix the right curable temperature according to the fabric quality.
  2. If you are unknown about fabric behavior try with a little piece on the same waste stuff.
  3. First, you press the fabric and remove wrinkle because if the fabric is not even surface vinyl do not cure properly 

Advantages of Vinyl Print Cut & Heat Press

Here are tons of advantages of vinyl print cut and heat press

  1. You can choose a fluorescent color
  2. Easy to print fast 
  3. No basic setup cost need
  4. Clear and Crisp Branding
  5. Low Investment
  6. No Need – enough storage
  7. Not required to be more technical 
  8. Cost-effective for low volume

The disadvantage of Vinyl Print and Cut

  1. When it is a long batch vinyl print cut and heat press cost goes higher compared to other printing like screen printing.
  2. It takes a lot of time for bulk orders as it takes time for individual cuts.

Fast Moving HTV Vinyl Brands 

INKSCAPE | 143VINYL | Cricut | SISER | Specialty Materials

The SISER is a brand name that produces high-quality printable vinyl for shirt printing. Not even vinyl but it manufactures all the materials-related sublimation, DTG printing, etc. 

Q. & A.

Q. Can be used a laser printer for vinyl print & cut?

Ans. Absolutely no, because a laser printer needed temperature for cure color above 400 degrees. This temperature may melt vinyl and fabric want to print on.

Q. How can be used longer vinyl cut & heat press fabric?

Ans. Ideally, vinyl cut & heat press work for 25-30 washes. To make longer durability there are tips that need to follow. 

  • We can use longer vinyl cut and heat press product avoiding brush wash
  • Don’t get Iron on printed fabric
  • Use soft wash detergent
  • Avoid hand washes, apply machine wash if possible.
  • Wash your fabric inside out
  • Do not dry in hot and straight sunlight

Following these tips, it will long last your vinyl cut and heat press.

Q. How much do vinyl cut and heat press cost in Delhi NCR?

Ans. Vinyl cut and heat press cost in Delhi NCR INR 5-6/- square inch, for a low volume usually, charge minimum Rs. 500/-. The vinyl cut & heat press t-shirt price depends on the volume of work.

Q. How does the HTV vinyl cutting machine work?

Ans. An artwork needed to cut the vinyl file sends to the vinyl cut software that converts files into the vector. There are two faces of vinyl one is shiny and another without, feed vinyl shiny downside and set according to alignment, and keep cutting pressure as well as required.

You need a test before sending a complete file for cutting for the oriented results.

Q. Why do we need vinyl print, cut, and transfer

Ans. Only white or light color and polyester or polyester cotton cloth can be printed through sublimation process if we need to print cotton clothing and dark shade we must have to follow this method. Another way we can do it is known as screen printing or DTG printing.

For variable data printing through screen printing cost goes too high and screen printing ink is not better present. Vinyl cut & heat press feel soft compared to screen printing ink.

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