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Best Notepad Printing Services in Delhi

Notepad is a small booklet of printed paper, it may have a Cover Printed Multicolor or Black & White and inside easy to uncoated writeable ruled, plain or watermark logo of your brand printed at the center of the page, It is used for notice down temporary, important or rough work. Except for notices down an important note, it is the best marketing and branding tool. Intensely it is made to notice down notes.

Using a regular customized printed notepad makes you an organized and well-planned man that makes you professional and cooperative. 

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Notepad with Logo: An advertising notepad is a bunch of small ruled paper with a logo printed. These pad objectives are brand promotion. Mostly used in retail shop counters, conferences, and schools to jot down daily use slips, rough work, and some important discussions. A logo printed notepad on each leaf of paper denotes more professionalism in your organization. To spread out your brand at gross root label printing notepad and giveaway could be the right medium. 

Types of Notepad

Advertising notepad is a long-term investment in business”  

Exclusive Notepad – Executive Notepad, Notepad for Gift, Personalized NotePad

Promotional Note Pad -: writing pad, memo pad, scribble pad 

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Printed note pad highly used in the Hotel | Offices | Chemist Shop | Hardware | Electric Shop | One to One Business Meetings | All Retail Stores for Estimate | Events | Training Notepad for promotion of their brand and marketing tools, etc.

These note pads are made of a bunch of 25, 50, or 100 leaves each. Paper thickness of 55 gsm is usually, used for it. Lower gsm paper may cause to tear out during writing on it. Easy to carry in working space. Easy printing notepad online with Shivani Enterprises.

Companies get printed notepads in bulk quantities and giveaways to clients, business partners, and co-workers to enhance their brand in the market.

Point of view Increase Sale and Brand Promotion, Hardware, Medical, Cement, Electrical Product manufacturing company is the front runner.

Most popular sizes notepad with logo

11 cm x 15 cm, 10.5 cm x 19 cm, and 14 cm x 21 cm sizes are fast-moving and they can be customized according to your demand, most people asked for the smaller size as their brand or logo reflects again and again to the prospective customers.

Approx 55-60% of people prefer notepads only 14 cm x21 cm in size. Non-coated, easy to write.

Promotional Notepad Cover

Promotional notepad intensily made for brand promotion. Shiavani Enterprises apply 130 gsm paper stock with multi color printing and to make more engaging add gloss lamination that enhance you brand name thats why publick compelled to overview it in depth. 130 gsm thickness paper easily turn back easily during notice down over it.   

Vertical Notepad with Horizontal Rule

The shape of notepad is made retangle vertical size bigger than wider, it made easy to notice down and tear-off. but also prefered scribble notepad in sticky square shape note pad 

It’s a very useful Advertising material for a new brand promotional. I have seen a pharmaceutical company get printed thousands of thousand note pads and distributed to medical practitioners and medical stores free of cost.

People use it in bulk for their own promotion. The purpose can vary from person to person.

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Know the best paper used in notepad printing

Usually, the paper used in notepad is onetime used for making a rough use made of 65-70 gsm thickness easily can be write pointed boll pen People commonly use a Notepad in Group Discussion or Making a rough estimate.

Here people discuss various issues and topics, to note a brief agenda point they use Notepad is also known as a Prescription Pad | Estimate Pad.  It’s a kind of regular office stationery printing.

Binding methods can affect whether a notebook can lie flat when open and whether the pages are likely to remain attached. The cover material is usually distinct from the writing surface material, more durable, more decorative, and more firmly attached. It also is stiffer than the pages, even taken together. Cover materials should not contribute to damage or discomfort.

Eco-Friendly Paper we do provide handmade paper who love the environment at the very economical prince.

Notepad containing paper leaf

There are various uses of a notepad for a conference, promotional medical shop, in the office, in a training workshop, etc. Keep lessor page help to reach out to more audience point of view on pricing. Mostly used 10-50 leaf maximum for conference pad, easy to write well, and tear out.

Training Program for 2-3 days it would be better if you are planning up to 100 pages and A4 size.

Conference Notepad Start @Rs.15

Usually, people get printed 500 -1000 note pads for a conference, cover pages made in colour for your branding, and inner pages done single colour ruled with watermarking, easy to tear out it is micro-perforated.

Colourful Notepad cost @Rs.25 to 30 each

Corporate Sector Companies get Notepad of their Brand in bulk quantity for the branding process. There is no need for a thickness of more than 65-70 gsm of uncoated paper. Printing notepad quantity 1000-to 2000 printing cost per unit goes around rupees 25-30 each actual prince depends on the paper thickness.

Notepad printing single side or both side

Wire-o bound or spiral nota pad commonly printed on both sides that people keep it a long day but glued and use and through pad generally print done front side only. There is no specific rule you can select as well as your requirement.

Make sure before placing an order for single side or both side printing notepad. Both sides print a little pricy if it’s value. More than 70% of promotional notepad printing is done single-side printing. 

The best Note Pad Designing Tips

Here are some tips to make the best notepad designs

  1. Watermark of the logo or your brand that transparency should not be more than 15%, darker watermarking decreasing your writing eligibility.
  2. Keep your content text inside 6 mm from each border.
  3. Make your note pad cover design graphics multicolour that can entice your client first because here note pad printing aim is only branding.
  4. You can add quotes bottom line related to your business.

Standard and custom size notepad printing

Notepad printing size must be user-friendly. As 8.25″x5.5″ (A5), 8.25″x11.692″ (A4), 4.25″x7.25″ and 4.25″x5.5″. We make the overall content vertical and then later glue it from the top. Notepad contains content with company name, contact details brand name details printed in watermark form.

Marketing companies used it as promotional gift items and exhibition materials by giving it a personal touch to keep it directly in front of the customer’s eyes, to increase sales and brand awareness. You should keep in mind that it must not be either thick or thin as it is used roughly so it must be easy to tear sharply and handly. I have seen millions of notepads used in hotels for their brand to their regular clients when they visit the hotel in every entry. Like the compact size, die-cut, rectangle horizontal or vertical orientation with clear glued of perforated sharp tear out a notepad, easy making, and estimate with cover colored logo and inner black & white or colored.  To reach out to more clients you can adjust your budget by reducing paper thickness and size.

Cost-Effective Notepad Printing Process

For making a notepad in bulk quantity. We use the lithography process. On the other hand, it becomes more inexpensive to be the best kind of corporate promotional material; also that can reach more and more audiences. Sometimes it happens that required a limited quantity we must follow the screen printing process, as well as the basic cost, is very low. For huge quantities required to adopt offset printing as there are various color options, gradient color and info-graphics can be printed at minimum cost.

Digital Printing When it comes to the low volume we should go for the digital print process. as it does not require basic setup costs. Mostly title pages are printed and

Notepad inner page if you are planning to print in single color get it done Mini Offset Printing for a cost-effective notebook. The basic setup cost comes very low.

Pantone Color basically, a notepad is made by the corporate that matters brand or logo color registration. Using Pantone color cost goes higher but there is no chance to get color variation if you print different times frames.

Online Notepad Printing in Delhi NCR (India)

A personalized notepad is a little but great advertising and gifting tool to keep their brand in front of the client. Coloured logo and company’s name are used repeatedly on the notepad to wash customer’s minds to adopt their brand. there are various types of Bound Options such as wire-o, spiral, perforated, hardbound, etc.

Spiral Note Pad
Spiral Bound Note Pad

It is a very prominent tool to send out your brands used obviously ruled or plain as per client convenience. We can do an online personalized notepad for a small brand. It is the best way to take your business on a high scale by promoting Notepad. For branding corporates distribute it as a giveaway, 3mm, Pedialyte likewise the brand, etc. An easy and cost-effective way to keep your brand straight to customers. Basically, it is a long and regular investment for promotion while we are mapping our daily routine we require a handy notepad to shop online notepad printing click here

Wiro Note Pad
Wiro Bound Note Pad

Exclusive notepad for gifting to a special guest & business partner

Big brands make their budget to gift their a Notepad, Diary, Pens, and Organizers to Agency Holder and Area Distributor on the occasion of New Year, Diwali, or New Product Launch.

These notepads are personalized like the dealer’s name imprinted on it. personalization made through Digital UV Printing and Hot Stamping on the cover made of Leatherette or Raxines, etc.

It stands out your brand from the crowd.

Promotional notepad for every class businesses

Here you are planning to make a promotion of your business need to quality and pricing a perfect balance. we provide various qualities like a Round Corner Shape, Die Cut, Foil Hot Stamping, etc.

A note pad making may be the intention to promote a brand or a rough pad the best outbreak brand note pad cover cost goes 20-30% of its total cost.

  • Inside Black & White Print
  • Inner Multicolor
  • Inner Paper Low GSM
  • Inner Paper High GSM
  • Manual Punch Hole
  • Micro Automated Machines Punch Hole
  • Cover Multi-Color Printing
  • Cover Multi-Color with UV Coating
  • Cover Multicolor, UV Coating, and Foil Stamping

Here we provide various types of notepad quality you can customize according to your client’s need.

Notepad binding from top or left side

Both terms are good themselves it depends on you like most can be customized the way you wish. there is no additional cost to pay, make sure to choose the best you feel. As well in my experience notepad from the top binding is the best practice.

Cube Scribble Notepad

If you are searching for a scribble note pad just go to the stationery shop you can find as small as size 2″x2″, 3″x3″ color available white, yellow

We call Sticky Notepad

cube note pad printing
cube note pad printing

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Why is promotional notepad printing online with Shivani Enterprises?

There are various types of promotional products companies get printed regularly or occasionally to come into existence with customers. We do customize for each type of business even it is small, medium or corporate. cheap notepad, luxury notepad. leatherette notepad etc.

Q. Is a customized notepad helpful in terms of work planning and brand promotion?

Ans. A notepad with logo printing makes a corporate brand name up and seen whole the time using notepad. For a corporate business, it made it easy to maintain its position in the competitive space. A little promotion note pad printing cost keeps them always ups. Blank space makes you notice down pending works and scheduling further. 

Q. What content should have a promotional notepad printing?

Ans promotional notepad must have a logo/brand name, contact details, email, and website that made it easy to memorize your brand name and customer can contact for sales perspective.
Corporations get printed watermarked impression center of the page to get noticed their brand boldly.

Q. What are the bound options for custom notepad printing?

A. There are 4 main types of note pad binding.
– Wiro Bound
– Spiral Bound
– Stapled with perforated leaf
– White glued

Wire-o Bound: It depends on you to use it when it comes to keeping a record for a long-lasting and more appealing to the customer, you must go for Wire-o Bound that long last and best presentation. These exclusive bindings are done for notepads for gifts. executive note pad etc.

Spiral Bound: The second long-lasting note pad option is spiral bound. it also leaves a high impact on your audience.

Stapled with perforated leaf
: Advertising note pad best binding option. seamless take-off leaf from the pad cost-effective note pad binding.

Clear glued: This is the cheapest notepad binding method but during taking out a leaf often more than one leaf comes out. these types bind just for use and through leaf better.
You need the cheapest note pad, you must select a clear glued pad. or you are planning to your esteemed customer or business associate

Q. How many leaves does a logo notepad have?

A. Usually, it depends on customers choice likewise scribble notepad, notepad for employees. or notepad for brand promotions.
We do print variations of 25, 50, and 100 sheets for promotional notepads.
A personalized notepad may have 200 – 300 pages.

Q. How to place an online notepad printing order?

A. Shivani Enterprises is an online printing shop, you just go and choose the option promotional notepad or notepad for gift printing. Get an instant rate and upload your file.  Make the payment you will receive a printed notepad at your doorstep.

We get deliver through reknown logistic service provider.

Q. What is micro-perforation and how much does it cost?

A. Usually, a micro-perforation is a tiny and very closed hole in the paper that made easy to tear-off paper from the pad. normally it is made to make a part from a paper leaf it could be a counter receipt and customer receipt
It required an automated perforation machine to produce each copy at a time. or making a high-precision laser dye and using a power press to apply equal pressure over the paper to produce for bulk quantity.

Foot press perforation machines produce a lower quality perforation. The outcome looks big hole with a long distance and sometimes unpunched holes create problems apart it. 
10 to 15% goes higher compared to a regular perforated notepad. The most advantage is a leaf tears out seamlessly.

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