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Customized Coaster Printing in Delhi

Q. How to choose a perfect coaster point of view price, brand promotion, and durability?

Ans. Here are some tips you should know before placing a coaster printing order
Are you intended to make a coaster for Brand Promotion | Sales Lead Generation | and Social Awareness of Offering Personalized Gifts? Make assure.
Longevity of coaster
Set your coaster printing budget
How faster you required your printed coaster?
These are the basic thing to keep in your mind that making the right decision to choose a coaster.
We are ready to assist you in this regard.

Q. Why Custom Coaster Printer near me?

Ans. There is a lot of online design and printing shop that provide printing services. Search online customer reviews of best performance company review and place an order hassle free you will get delivered coster to your doorstep. Save your time & money both.

Q. What is the fastest way to get the coaster printed?

Ans. Digital Printing method is the fastest printing method when it comes to coaster printing there are 3 types of coaster printing applications 1. Laser Engraving 2. Sublimation 3. UV printing. Choose the best one in terms of printability and longevity.  The fastest way to get print is the UV application.

Q. How much does a coaster printing take time to print?

There are different types of applications for coaster printing some of them are digital printing and manual printing processes that need set up time and cost.
Laser Engraving, Sublimation Printing, and LED UV printing are the fastest you can set same-day delivery. Whereas digital printing on paper and screen-printed coaster get more time.

Q. Which application is the best for coaster printing?

Ans. There are various applications done making a coaster, you need to know your requirement because each and every application is best for a specific quality of coaster.

When it comes to serving drinks and beverages (tea, coffee, soft and hard drinks) required a coaster for the safety of spills and condense droplets. Serving soft or hard drink glasses on the coaster is an ideal way and your brand name printed coaster extraordinary printed gift items to your heart-touching one. decoration of your dining table, and kitchen by personalization.

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Beyond kitchen appliances, a coaster is widely used as an Effective Brand Awareness Tool & Kitchen Decoration. The Big brands get coasters printed on large scale and distributed to their business partner and staff, offer them as a printed gift, and promote their own brand among their business associates and clients.
The intention of making a coaster could be a gift on the occasion of a wedding ceremony, brand promotion, kitchen decoration, etc. It s a good practice to show your brand name to a huge audience as well as seminars or events.
Coasters are a long-term investment in brand building, in the seminar of long-term investment on branding. All these purpose-solving coasters are get printed by various different printing methods and different types of materials in terms of their longevity and effectiveness.   

Promotional Coaster Materials

Coasters are made of various stuff such as Craft Paper|MDF|Stainless Steel|Wooden|Sunboard|ACP sheets |Leather coasters |Acrylic Sheets |Foam, etc. You can optimize according to your requirements as well as short-term or long-term coaster uses.
Coasters made of Stainless Steel, Wooden, ACP sheet, and Acrylic are long-term used and advertising over it might be a long-term investment of your brand. Where a craft paper coaster is the best option.
Craft paper coasters are the cheapest and one-time used.  
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We do create custom designs & print them within 30 minutes.

Design where giveaways coaster used for product and services promotional.
We are talking about here coaster made of materials, types of branding, how important your beverage services are, and how the potential for your brand promotions even if it is a small or big organization.
As well as my 20 Year-long journeys of making promotional products, more than 80% of custom coaster printing is made for promotional purposes, and the rest 20% of custom coasters are for personalized gifting and home decoration purpose.
Gift a coaster with customized mug printing even if it is a Kitty Party, Wedding Event, or Birthday Party, you can get to place text and images over it by printing get done digitally. We do low volume as well as 1 pcs. The standard size of the coaster size id 3.5″x3.5″, square shape with round corners.
Sublimation Printing Coaster
Sublimation Printing Coaster


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Regular Coffee Coaster Shapes and Sizes

Coaster shapes are generally made in Square, Rectangle, Circle, Corner Round, etc. Some Companys give the creative custom shape of the product needed to advertise that make an engaging and memorize over the years.

If you are thinking about the shape of your hot sale product ask me to customize it into a promotional coaster.

Coaster Art Ideas

To put your content customer engaging there are several options such as laser engraving, etching, and direct print on them and get cut to the shape.

Some of the print quality is permanent branding and a few temporarily 

Advantages of Coaster Printing

The top uses of a coster are mentioned here.
  1. Protection of the surface from the dripping of condensation of drinks and coffee.
  2. Brand promotion helps to give full attention at the time of coffee table discussion.
  3. Add contact no. and email on the coaster that helps to generate sales & leads. 
  4. Decoration of kitchen, dining table, office, etc.
  5. Live old memories the date of the coming wedding anniversary, a ring ceremony.
  6. Coasters are a tool for generating recurring business.

Printing application is often done on the coaster

According to the quality of the stuff, printing adaptability, types of content (texts or images), print durability, and cost-effectiveness, there are mainly 5 types of applications that are done over there.

  • Screen Printed Promotional Coaster:- When it comes to needs a coster for one-time use and cheaper printing is done through a screen printing process on paper stuff. It required a MOQ of 500 pcs because it required a basic fixed print setup cost.

Easily can be printed in 4-5 colors (opaque color). Prices as well as going 3-4 Rs. for each coaster. The major price factor is based on the number of colors to be used in the artwork. To make a thicker coaster point of view to stay intact on table 2-3 pieces of cardboard is pasted over it. Thickness comes to 1.5 mm-2 mm.

  • Multicolor Digital Printing on Paper Board Coaster:- It is another cheap coaster printing. Here an impressive multicolor printing coaster price comes around INR 10-12/- pcs. You are here to customize your coaster design the way you wish as the Antique Color, Leather looks,  You can avail of matte or gloss finish waterproof coaster, it also required MOQ 100 and more

To make thicker a digital printed paper 300 gsm with thermal lamination is strongly pasted on 3mm foam and pressed to make it heavier weight to stay easy on the table even fan is on.

  • Laser Engraved Coaster:- It’s a digital printing process, this printing application is applied for making a personalized coaster and unlimited time used. Stuff used hard like Wood, Stainless Steel,

The text or image engraved over the coaster is 0.02 mm deeper. The quality of branding is permanent and extremely good quality and long-lasting coaster. No required minimum quantity. Available for each set of 4 pcs. The pain point is you can’t get printed in the colored logo/design

The thickness of the metal stainless steel coaster comes to 1.5mm thick and is pasted on a 3mm foam from the backside that made it easy to handle on the table scratch-free. As metal coasters are harder and sharper stuff.

  • UV LED Print Coaster:- This process is the best for making a colored coster on the stuff Acrylic, MDF, ACP Stuff, etc. The printing color is fade-proof and 100% of eco-friendly ink. The pain point of this process is not feasible on shiny 100% of metal like Stainless Steel and Brass etc. You do not require a MOQ order. You can place your order as well as 100 pcs.

Excluding metal and glass, all the stuff can be UV LED printed. It’s a scratch-free and eco-friendly printing process.

  • Sublimation Printing Coaster:- It is a less used process and feasible for a limited quality of stuff as it can be applied to the upper side polyester coated materials. Price goes higher it is best for Polyester Coated Stones and Ceramic Material coasters. Highly used for a personalized coaster. Sublimation printed coaster gives a stunning, beautiful and glazing looks.
  • De-Embossed Coaster:- This application is applied to a coaster made of Leather and Handmade Paper. First of all, a metal die is made for an individual coaster for low volume quantity and in the group for bulk quantity

A male metal die is pressed onto the leather coaster and dies to leave a permanent mark on it.

Engaging Coaster Design

Designing a coaster is very hectic work, for an engaging coster, you need to very creative design that compels you to engage. Before design needs to know which types of printing applications to be done for specific material stuff point of view quality print.

Coaster for Regular Uses

These coasters are made of high-quality Brush Stainless steel, Wooden, Laminated MDF, Acrylic, ACP Sheet, etc., and are regularly used. You can get printing multi-color and all kinds of stuff excluding Metal and Glass Stuff. Due to shiny stuff, printing ink does not adhere to it (even it is digital and UV LED printing ink).

Use and Through (Giveaways) Costers

Coasters made of paper are cheap and one time mostly used in public gatherings like wedding events, a kitty parties, These papers are 300gsm and have more thickness you can opt for a square and round shape. Coaster eco-friendly stuff (Handmade Paper) is appreciated. NGOs are not behind it to share awareness among the people through coaster printing.

These coasters are made in the multiple of 1000 pcs and cut through making a laser die and power press cut to make a cost-effective coaster. It’s 100% recyclable paper coasters.

Content must have to be printed on the coaster

First of all, you should be confirmed the reason why you are making a custom coaster.

  • If you are making a coaster for brand promotion you should mention your BRAND NAME prominently.
  • Coaster for sales lead generation should add your product or service details and contact no., email, website, etc. easy to read
  • When it comes to personalizing Gifts you can add high-definition photos and names etc.

Coasters For Corporate Gifting

The coasters are the best option to send a greeting to their Business Partner, Wholesaler, Stakeholder, and Prestigious Clients on the occasion like Dipawali, New Year and Christmas, etc.

You can promote your logo/brand name even on the custom coaster box.

Custom Coaster Packaging

Moreover, a personalized coaster is a set of 4 pcs or 6 pcs with a fancy packing case made of metals, plastic, or wood.

The promotional coaster comes to a shrink packing a set of 100 pcs. Shivani Enterprises offers packing on demand for customers’ requirements.

100% guarantee | Tea and Cofee Mug |Hot|

Online Coaster printing website

There are so many online coaster printing websites over there.

Printshop |Overnite Prints | Bed Bath Beyond | Tech Crunch

These are popular websites that provide online coaster printing and get delivered to your doorstep.

Shivani Enterprises provides services pan India related to all kinds of printing beyond coaster design and printing services on time and assured 100% of quality assured.

Coaster printing is pleasing marketing and brand promotional items. Just imagine while you are sitting around the table for a group discussion and having a cup of hot tea required COASTER printed to put a cup of tea on the table keeping neat and clean the table, how good you would feel it when you see the product you provide services or manufacture, seen your impressive brand by all sitting ten prospective face to face in front of you and safety of expensive furniture and decoration or any other surface from messy drips, spills or condensation.

Coaster-Material made of

Wooden Coater
Wooden Coaster

Coaster Printing Size and Shape

There is various quality of coaster some of them are made of Paper Coaster, MDF Coaster, Foam Coaster, Stainless Steel, Sun board, and Paper Coaster as a “use and through”. The custom coaster is made of 100 % recyclable craft up to 300-400 gsm papers heavyweight, wet absorbing capacity, and items are used only for branding. These craft coasters are very economical and eye-catchy and easily can be matched to your brand color.  In another, you can say coasters are a low-cost huge exposure to promotional items along with keeping your tables dry and your atmosphere fresh. by gifting it.

Paper Coaster
Paper Coaster

Materials Used For Making Coaster printing

Coaster Printing
Metal Engraved Coaster

The coaster is made for different purposes as well as occasions for one-time use as well as in event used –recycled paper coasters. Permanent use coaster is usually made in metal, leather, ACP,  MDF, Sunboard and wooden coasters multi-time washable.

MDF Coaster, sun board coaster is less long-lasting than the metal coaster.

Coaster On Sunboard

Coaster to get in a n economical way is can be made on sun board it would cost 15-20 rupees, the price depending on the quantity and quality of advertising on sun board UV printing and laser cut/CNC router cutting etc.

Coaster Printing Application

Printing on coaster applications varies to stuff made of metal and wood is the best – Laser Engraving and UV printing

When it comes to colorful branding on any type of stuff UV Printing is the best option get to done

Craft paper coater printing option-Silk Printing

For exclusive gifting on the leather coaster, the De-Embossing method is done.

Shivani Enterprises send artwork for approval to the client before printing and using modern technology to keep your product within your budget. Our coaster is used across the world.  We print economical coasters on sheetfed offset and various types of quality stuff such as metal, Sun board, and ACP applying suitable printing process as UV, sheetfed offset printing, and laser marking process. Shivani Enterprises give 100% assurance of fast and free-of-cost delivery in Delhi & NCR. For custom design click here

Custom Coaster price

If you are in a hurry searching you can choose coaster stuff stainless steel you can get the same day ready by engraving on it.

Another fastest delivery is LED UV printing on the ceramic coaster.


Start your order journey for custom coasters by clicking on “Upload your own design”. We specialize in retail printing and corporate printing, offering exceptionally high-quality products at extremely competitive prices you may require to click here

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