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Poster Printing in Munirka, Delhi NCR India

A poster printing is a Printed Document of an info-graphic concise and headed message to the topics, usually, is seen by a 1-2 meter distance.  It is mainly used for Promotional, Academic, Inspirational, Motivational, and Informational (Disease/social) purposes.

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Poster Printing Material

  • Paper Poster
  • Flex Poster
  • Banner Media Poster
  • Canvas Poster
  • Cloth Poster

Types of Poster

There are various categories of posters used for specific requirements such as a Protest Poster, Propangda, Motivational Poster, New Product Launch Poster, Collage Poster, Election Poster, Scientific Poster, NGO Poster, Most Wanted Poster, Film/Circus Poster, etc.

Paper Poster

Paper posters mostly used A4, A3, A2, and A1 sizes are printed digital and offset printing. It is highly used in local advertising this paper poster printing is done in large-scale Educational institutes, Event Posters, Election posters, etc.

These posters are usually, made on 100 gsm-130 gsm paper thickness, Size A3, quantity 1000-2000 multicolor price comes Rs.4-5 each poster

If you wish to get a Black & White Poster you may get it for Rs. 1.5-1.75/- above specification.

Large Format Paper Poster

Usually, a Large Format Poster is printed in roll form, and easily can be printed from 170 gsm to 300 gsm Glossy or Matte Finish. The maximum size you can get is up to 60 inches wide and any size lengthwise. If I talk about the quality of print it can be done on 1200 DPI, Best Used Indoor Poster.

These posters are used for institutes like poster-making competitions etc. These Posters are for 1-2 day presentation purposes. information organized in the upcoming event or exhibition is made multi-time used point view of quality made of cloth or vinyl banner is the best and easy to handle, Mostly trade exhibition posters are made 35.5″ in wide and 72″ in height as well as panel 96″ height’x35.5″ wide perfect fit.

Each poster price comes to 0.65 per square inch.

The poster used indoors is incomplete without a photo frame

The inspirational and motivational poster needs to see daily routine overall placed in the drying room, bedroom wall that made you inspired like most.

Poster printing
Rolled Poster

A Scientific Poster may contain text, illustration, or visuals. Highly used to pinned on velvet board or hung in display panel during poster presentation seminar. It’s the right way to convey a message for any group & community to spread out.

Point view of sale poster or service of event ticket of live concert, circus, theater play, a poster is printed with info-graphics and used nearby local area in the way of pasting on the walls and bus stand, etc to generate more sale. A photo-printed poster help to increase the sale of tickets.

These cheapest qualities single or multicolor of the poster are used for a short term, mostly it is placed 7-10 before the event going to take place.

The protest poster mainly holds in hand in the group and moves toward their leader leads. to hold in hand required harder poster they used to paste on cardboard or sun board/ sun pack made easy to hold on a long time.

A well-illustrated poster must contain 90% space through visuals that represent thousands of words themselves. It is found that image memories last longer than text content.

Another way to advertise posters on moving vehicles, as well as autos and buses, is to make it easy to reach more prospects/readers. Materials poster used mostly vinyl it is not easy to destroy even public carriage.

Such as in conferences, corporate events, seminars, films, exhibitions, public sector, etc….you can see there are specific spaces made in colleges, or universities to convey the message through a poster in a particular area when related community want to see, get informed at a time.

It’s a very important tool to present to the audience. Often full-color posters are used for decorating their wall for an effective look and inspirational message as well as memorial places, art galleries, offices, drying rooms, etc.

Flex Poster

The Doctor/Health Department mainly circulates a poster for awareness of critical illness and how to overcome it in the hospital, clinics, and public places. As well as cancer, heart attack, polio, and much more critical illness. It is highly used for outdoor poster service.

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Popular Poster Sizes

Mostly defined area of poster in the institutions or exhibition hall is A4, A3, A2, A1, 12″x18″, 17″x24″, 24″x36″, 36″x48″ and custom size. Paper posters are more economical than non-other fabric as vinyl, cloth, flex, and canvas.

The corporate companies use posters at the places where their product are on display, at wholesaler counters, and in nearby areas. providing various types of services know more click here. You can get printed the best quality collage posters and scientific posters at a nominal price.

Poster Printing Quality

Educational institutes required posters to spread out awareness to the public audience for safety and general messages.

The industrial company used the poster to increase their sales, promotion of a newly launched product, and distribute their whole sellers and retailers with seasonal offers/services.

It offers poster printing high-gloss and semi-gloss in standard sizes A4, A3, A2, 12″x18″, 17″x24″, large format print & custom sizes with adhesive & non-adhesive, with high-quality digital print,

Scientific Poster Standard Size

36″x48″, 36″x36″, 42″x42″ 36″x60″ and 44″x44″ orientation as well as required spaces.

Poster Printing Method

As well as my experience more than 90% of a poster is printed in bulk quantity through the lithography process known as offset printing. This process required bulk in quantity and in limited size and print media as well as A4 to 30″x40″ paper or synthetic only.

Low quantity, small size up to 13″x19″, limited media paper such as paper or synthetic can be printed in digital process in the cheapest and quicker.

Size up to 5 feet wide, big size large variety of media as well as including paper, cloth, synthetic, canvas, plastic can be printed through large format printing process through laserjet of inkjet process.

Large format Eco-Solvent/Solvent Print, these type of poster you can get up to 3ft to 5 ft in wide and length as you required, most of all large format poster we print 3’x5′, 3’x4′ as a scientific poster, protest poster, no smoking area, Do and Don’t Do, poster like that. High gloss poster 170 gsm art paper is the best poster.

In large format poster appearance, you can get a glossy or matte finish with waterproof.

Some tips to make an eye-catchy poster design 

  1. Avoid title in all caps
  2. Put topics prominent, concise and start with bullet
  3. Keep writing only precise and limited text
  4. Title use poster space as maximum through illustration as possible
  5. Must use typography
  6. The content resolution must be 300 DPI
  7. Select color mode “CYMK”
  8. The color contrast of the content is deeper in comparison to its background
  9. Use paper poster acid-free otherwise, it converts yellow a few years later
  10. Text or image must be readable from a distance of 1-2 meters away
  11. Don’t use font size 25 below

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When it comes to getting the poster in minimum time just click here. Poster material available Canvas, Cloth, Paper Banner Media, etc. Size up to 4 feet wide and length any size.

Cloth Poster digitally printed is wrinkle resistant with a white quality white cloth

Biggest Paper Poster Printing Size

You required a poster on paper you can get a maximum of up to 5 feet wide and any size length but make sure the paper thickness is not more than 170 gsm because these sizes of paper come in roll form. More than 170 gsm paper is too hard to roll properly. Below 170 gsm it can be printed up to 75 gsm easily.

Poster Printing Material

  1. Flex Poster

  2. Banner Media Poster

  3. Canvas Poster

  4. Paper Poster

  5. Cloth Poster

What are the best Poster Designing Tool?

Well, Adobe is the best poster-making software but the downside is only a professional designer can make it perfect.

Online poster-making website is the best easily a common man can make the way he wants. as well as my knowledge I used to make posters this is the best online poster-making website.

How to select material for poster printing?

We use various types of stuff for the poster. Depending quality of printing and convenience how to handle it would be better to decide before placing the order. The selection of poster material is a very crucial part of outdoor advertising posters should be waterproof printing and materials.

How long does a poster last?

Well, there is the various reason why we are placing a poster it may be for a new product launch or it may be an election poster, usually these kinds of posters made of paper and used outdoors only awareness they last 2-3 months later.

You have seen a poster in the hospital, hotel, clinic, etc. They last over the years. It is made of canvas posters, laminated vinyl banners, and paper posters in the frame last very long.

To make a paper poster long-lasting we laminate it and place it indoors lasting up to 4-5 years.

Poster used in SPA, Saloon, Home Appliance Showroom for the seasonal offer as well as Diwali, Holi, New Year Greeting Celebration, etc.

They may be removed from the wall within 2-3 months due to indoor use quality being maintained best even if it may be poster advertising on the sun board.

How much does a poster cost per piece?

Regular size A4, A3 of the paper poster, quantity 5-10 piece cost come between Rs 20-50 each. Bulk poster price depends on size, quantity, and quality of paper and printing depend on. People use these posters for temporary use in live concerts, sale posters, new launch products, etc.

A special poster on canvas in A3 size cost Rs 200 on the ward whereas a vinyl poster digital printing cost Rs. 150/- onward. These posters are non-tearable and have the best quality printing materials. It requires keeping it in roll form every time.

Cloth banner digital printing best option for abroad exhibitions or events Rs 125/- square fit handy and multi-foldable. It doesn’t require keeping in shape properly as soon as you open it takes shapes automatically. You can get to print 4 feet wide and length any size you required.

How many ways to place an advertising poster?

There are various places where people can place a poster according to location and relevant sources.

  • Pinup on cushion
  • Hang with photo frame onto the wooden or cemented wall
  • Paste with glues, especially for outdoor
  • With the help of double tape gloss or marble base
  • With backing adhesive gloss or dust-free surface

What is the benefit of the laminated poster?

  1. Poster appearance made good even matte or gloss
  2. Poster life increase
  3. You can clean it with the wet cloth

How much does a custom poster design cost?

Custom design charges depend on the artist or ad agency normally a poster design cost INR 2000/-

For custom poster design click here and get the best design services at nominal cost with 100% satisfaction.

What is the best way to publish my live concert poster?

  1. Get print your poster and share it within your network
  2. Pinup your poster on the auditorium notice board
  3. Paste your surrounding area
  4. Sharing posters on social media like network Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, etc. is very useful to target your real prospectus.

Best Quality Scientific Poster

Various types of scientific Posters I have made in different types of printing media but printing on cloth not more than 80 gsm thickness fabric is the best, printing quality 99.9% as per artwork made by you. Our client says first-time material is not thicker after getting printed they recommend it is the best.

During the travel “it is the best convenient poster ever for me” says my prestigious client because You can put it in multifold and once flat it will come original shape and size.

Scientific Poster on Fabric Price @ click here

The price comes at 0.65 per square inch maximum size in width of 48″ and length of any size you required.

Poster purposes like Scientific Poster, Event Poster, Collage Poster, New Product Launch Poster, etc.  Media onto print posters such as Paper Poster, PVC Poster, and Cloth Poster, sometimes require the poster to carry abroad in the conference, therefore, as a result, it’s very difficult. So we provide very high quality, affordable, any size poster, lightweight multi-foldable, high quality, digitally printed at the nominal price especially for carrying abroad easily.

Make a design on concept and theme of organization required basic information of topic provide the 2-3 option of each topic. Only people with experience and skill knows the importance of poster getting printed and delivered.

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It provides a unique quality poster, while you are traveling abroad facing problems to handle safely from tearing out, or crack doesn’t worry we do on the fabric you can make multi-fold able & best quality digital poster and avoid volumetric logistic charges keep in your traveling bag and no compromise with quality such as printing and wrinkles.

Is poster sticking on the wall legal?

In the all metro city poster sticking on the wall (govt. occupied property) wall is stitched. If you found doing this you might have to pay challan to govt.

You can paste it in the street and your approach space etc.

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Which poster do you like most?

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