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Presentation Folders For Corporate Business

A Presentation Folder is a type of folder you can keep your document safe and convenient to show off your product/services in a professional way in front of a business perspective or client, it might be a having option single or both sides pocket, inside printed with info-graphics about your company profile, service, brand, products & contact details, etc.

Get the Best Presentation Folder

The first impression is the last impression you will lose if you are not getting done it seriously. Either, it is one by one business meeting or a group discussion in the exhibition, there is a lot to say within the limited time, a presentation folder might be a professional way to convey your organization information and services. A properly arranged presentation folder helps you a better understanding of the customer and your prospectus.

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Paper Presentation Folder

Law Firms, Marketing Companies, Hospitals, Real Estate Agency, Fashion Industry, and many more uses presentation folders in bulk. They have multiple Marketing Materials to keep safe & secure, A presentation folder with pocket made no. of inserts organized way.

Mostly these industries requires high-quality, customized, and personalized presentation folder. Except for the safe and secure document handling, a professional docket folder helps to build their BRAND popular. expense more money also offers companies sponsorship for the back page.

Consumption of Presentation Folders, where it is used in bulk quantity

Seminar | Business Meeting | Exhibition | New Business Sample Kit Distribution | Business Proposal | Keep Track Record | Officers | Offices

It is easily can be customized as per your customized requirement letter size or legal size. There are so many company who provide various size of presentation folder to know click here

Presentation Folder Common Sizes

Most of all paper document sizes are A4 and legal so easily can be put inside and take it out without damage it is designed 9″x12″, and 9″x14″. This size is big enough to keep most of the official documents.

But it can be customized as per industry demand sizes.

Types of Folder

Single Side Pocket | Both Side Pocket | Two Fold Presentation Folder | Gate Fold Folder

Low Budget and High Consumption can be used plastic folders

To make your customer keep your record for follow up people keep their contact emails with it.

Folder Design, Slot of Business card, Spine design How many numbers of leaf you want to add in your custom folder can be customized to keep the spine wider point view of paper thickness.

For Low Volume Best Size Pocket Folder for low volume requirement, you may compromise proper or you may pay more than usual requirement.

Print Quality today printing quality have been very advanced full-color printing and many more types of post-press application likewise raised UV and foil printing. etc.

Folder Sizes Different industries need a different size of presentation folder legal and A4 size portraits and landscape folder etc. The big brand needed a color registration.

Raised VU and Foil make an amazing presentation folder you can get it done raised UV with 100 present accuracies up to 0.30 mm thickness. Raised VU is the latest technology there is a huge demand

Folder Size Accuracy when it comes to accuracy you need to make die through laser  where you can et it done closed you see in the design

Matched Paper thicker paper is the best for presentation folder, direct printing on the paper easily printed on 400 sm some people like to thicker it is get done two paper pasted to make thicker.

Environmental Friendly (Laser Die Cutting,  Gluing, Folding, Offset /Digital Printing,

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Major Key Points to Make an Eye-Catchy Presentation Folder

Layout Designing | Paper Stock Selection Printing |Printing | Coating and Raised UV and Hot Stamping | Die Making Concept

Folder Layout & Designing it’s a first and major factor, making a layout of the presentation folder is a crucial point of view bleed, spine, the safe margin of cutting and content optimization and image manipulation work, etc.

To make your brand or product outstanding it needs to product/brand die-cut shape that makes it easy to brainstorm your clients. A presentation folder can be given any shape and design. It is necessary to handle your document.

Paper Stock Selection Printing, it is necessary to check your presentation folder strength to keep inside your document before placing bulk order. Overall 400 gsm art cards can be printed directly onto the paper in the offset printing.

Required thicker presentation folder needs to printed on the paper and pasted to the thicker cardboard 600 gsm or above.

Paper selection depends on you, if you are working on environment sector you can choose Handmade Paper to leave a heavy impact on your customer

Presentation Folder Printing, Offset Printing, and Digital printing there are two types of printing processes used for presentation folder printing. The best printing machines Heidelberg SM74 model direct print up 400 gsm hard card.

Post Press Work

Lamination to make your presentation folder life bigger and strong need to be laminated, there are two types of lamination first is thermal and second is and cold, Thermal lamination make your folder more strong compared to cold process.

UV Coating it’s an amazing process of making a presentation folder eye-catchy. People get done logo, brand, company name, or prominent images.

There are two types of method 1. Digital Process 2. Traditional Coating

Digital Raised UV & Hot Stamping it’s the latest trend of UV printing you do not need to make a UV Coating Screen Etc. it’s a digital process but the price per unit cost goes higher compared to traditional UV coating. The best option for low volume presentation folder printing.

Traditional UV Coating Process, it’s time taking and cheaper price per unit it required making an additional screen and you may have to pay for the processing cost. it can be customized UV and Crystal VU

Normal UV coating is a coating, where a coating thickness is normal and content became glazed

Crystal UV coating here a text or image is raised up to 0.2 mm concept behind this is a screen is made with a bigger hole to pass more UV ink and ink is cured with at ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet light is a light that releases heat to cure the wet ink within seconds. The price per unit cost comes very low.

Blind Embossing / Embossing another step to make your brand more attractive is making embossed. it’s a process that metal die made of the intended content to be embossed from the backside a paper is pressed and opposite it comes up.

If a printed content is Embossed it is called an Embossed process, where a Blind Embossing is without printed a die is embossed.

Die Making Concept it’s the last step of making a presentation folder but it depends on the foundation of the design concept on behalf of quality depends on.

If you are making a laser die for Creasing, Cutting, Folding and Binding results come to maximum accuracy.

Pocket folder glued with high-quality bonds last a longer time.

Pain Point of a Presentation Folders

There are different types of Presentation Folder and Different Pain Points

  1. Pocket Removed after a few days later
  2. Edges not perfect place matched.
  3. Lamination Removes Sooner
  4. Plastic Folder Ink remove after a few days later
  5. Color Registration.
  6. Paper Strongness.
  7. Corner bends and starts breaking.

To fix these problems need to be done

1 Make your pocket from the inbuild paper, not external paper, 2. Make your die line from the computer and laser die to make folder 3. Always apply thermal lamination. 4. if your printing on the plastic folder you need to cure the primer before printing. 5. To fix color variation use Pantone color printing 6. You should print on lower gsm paper and paste on hardboard then die cut and make folder strong. 7. Make your presentation folder corner curved, with no chance to break and fold.

Latest Trend Raised VU and Raised Foil Printing Docket Folder

Today you can get print your Presentation folder printing with digital printing process Raised UV and Raised Hit stamping no needed a Making Die and lost of time to print process.

Here you can optimize variable data printing without any additional expenses. It a totally digital process you can save your time as it’s an amazing process there is no competition against it. Letter of Logo can be raised up to 0.2 mm

Mostly it is applied for making a unique and everlasting memory Greeting Card, Invitation Card

Turnaround Time

Making an amazing presentation folder required enough time as there are many steps to follow-up likes wise Presentation Folder Design, Dummy sample, Making die line Die Making, Printing, lamination, Cutting, Folding and pocket pasting, etc. Overall it takes a 7-10 days

Folder Design

Low Volume and high volume folder

Folder Longevity of Folder, Vertical Folder, Horizontal Folder,

It is used as a holder for keeping more loose paper: a file folder, It is used for safe handling your important document, catalogue, brochure, flyer, stationary. etc.

Presentation Folders not only combine all your marketing materials but often create a long-lasting first impression. the creative presentation folders that incorporate quality design with info graphical elements and laminated folders are assured to attract the attention of your clients and perspective.

Presentation Folder 1
Presentation Folder 1

An eye-catching, full-color Presentation Folders enable you to spark the interest of your target audience by showcasing them your company presentation in a most professional and organized manner. Pocket folders are a great way to organize business proposals, company information, sample kits and more.

Presentation Folder 2
Presentation Folder 2

It is a kind of product showcase and marketing tool made of hard stuff to keep in a handwritten or printed document for Professional Presentation in front of prospective and clients to get them to understand their product information as a sales sheet, price list, etc. It has also a single side or both side pocket as required to Moreover, people get Colored Printed Presentation Folder of their Company. Presentation Folder can create the right opportunity for your business. It is a Company Image & Manner use folder.

What we do more

Amazing Design can produce an eye-catchy presentation folder that gives a prestigious image to the company. Then the presentation folder’s standard size comes in 12”x9”(closed size), both sides or single side glued pocket, as per client requirements.

To present your presentation folder a business card slot is cut to keep the business card. Very high-quality paper stock (350-400 gsm board) and full-color printing entire folder or cover front-back only for Corporates, NGO, Hospitals used unbreakable stuff by applying

What Application Required To Make an Eye-Catchy Presentation Folder?

UV Coating, Embossing, High Breed Coating, Foil Printing these are the application that makes a presentation folder eye-catching.  Depending on the paper quality which application works best for that.

How to Make Stronger Presentation Folder?

Keeping more thickness, the bulk of the paper, and lamination we can make a stronger presentation folder. Thermal glossy or matte lamination, while keeping at an affordable price, is customized accordingly to their no. of the piece to be inserted into the presentation folder by keeping the spine, basically, 15 -20 leaves A4 size of 100 gsm easily hold without a spine.

To get a free sample of presentation folder

How to paste a pocket on the presentation folder long-lasting?

Usually, the laminated folder is stronger but hard to paste pocket. it needs to use a high-quality chemical with a heat press. It goes long-lasting. Making more stronger it is done hot gluing process.

How many document leaves we can keep inside a presentation folder perfectly?

Well, make sure before making a design, how many pages you want to keep inside approx if it is a 5-7 leaf, 70 gsm A4 size don’t need to make the spine. More than this number needs to make the folder with spine according to no. of page thickness.

Trouble Suiting of Presentation Folder

  1. Get to design your presentation from an Ad Agency or Professional Presentation Folder Printer
  2. Before send it for bulk production ask for a printed dummy copy.
  3. Make your presentation folder die through laser not manual process.
  4. Get laminate your presentation folder at the recommended temperature and wipe out powder from the paper during lamination. If you need strong & an eye-catchy presentation folder go for thermal lamination
  5. Confirm prior to the designer about no of pages to be added presentation folder pocket, it made easy to keep the spine size appropriate.

How much does a presentation folder cost per pcs?

Before I disclose price per unit, A Presentation Folder Price depends on the various factor likewise A4, Min Qty. Size, Coating, or Additional Work like Embossing or Hot Stamping work, etc.

Usually, for A4 Size Min. Qty 500 Thermal Laminated comes around Rs. 20/- each.

The Spine in presentation folder makes easy to keep more page inside it.

If you are facing any problem related to the presentation folder

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