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Types of Coffee Mugs | Best Printing Application on Mug

Custom printed coffee mug loved by everyone. The purpose of printing on a coffee mug could have different from person to person, someone gets printed a coffee mug for brand promotion purposes, someone increased sales, or beautiful inspirational quotes on mug with morning beverages use, and someone for personalized gifting on occasion of Friends, MOM, DAD, and Employee’s birthday.

To personalize a coffee mug for gifts you can add a Logo, Text, Images, and Motivational Quotes on the mugs.

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Coffee Mugs Materials and Best Printing Applications

Commonly, a coffee mug is made of different types of materials (ceramic, porcelain, plastic, metals, paper, and earthen), capacities, and different-looking shapes (conical, cylindrical, and uneven shapes). So, there are different types of applications for the best suit in terms of print quality and print longevity.

Ceramic coffee mugs are available in

white mug, patch mug, magic mug…so on) and are used for a variety of purposes such as

  1. Personalized Mug For Gifting
  2. Logo Mug
  3. Coffee Mug for Business Promotions
  4. Coffee Mug For Donation
  5. Mug For Brand Promotion
  6. Mugs For Beverages

Personalize Mug: Personalize mugs are a mug, you can add your sweetheart photo or text a you like for gifting to your owns, special day like birthday, wedding ceremony etc.

Logo Mug:/Brand Promotions: Commonly logo mug are made for your on brand promotion. It is a for long term advertising methods to increase your presence in the market. Its a bulk mug printing methods company gift their employee and customers occasionally.

Coffee Mug For Business Promotions: Most of all small business get printed on mug about service and products they render to their customers and mention business details (Business Name Long, Contact No. and email ids. That help to generate their monthly sale.

Coffee Mug For Donation: Donation mugs are cost effective, you can reach out to more people even in low budget. During flood disaster, earth quack people are more needed, helping all people is hour main responsibility.

Mugs For Beverages : Mug are a kitchen decoration materials. According to the survey (surrce), there might be a home do not have a mug in kitchen either it is made of metal, earthen, plastic, ceramic etc.

Coffee Mug Shapes

Mugs come in different shapes

Cylendric Shape Mugs: Mug’s top and bottom diameters are equal and are known as cylindrical shape mugs. These mugs are easy to print even the whole body of mugs.

Conical Shape Mug: Mugs’ top and bottom diameters are unequal, and little had to print on them, printing o these types of mugs is able to print in limited sizes. But corporate businesses prefer these shapes mostly.

Ceramic Mug

Ceramic mugs are the most popular and are used worldwide adequately. It comes in small and medium sizes for a variety of uses from the kitchen to office tables. Printing on ceramic mug done using sublimation printing technology. The printing effect reflects only a light color base.

White Mug

White mugs are just fully white in small (150 ml) and medium sizes (325 ml) you can place your personalized content or company logo with a call to action, it contains enough space to put your business details. 200 mm space horizontal and 90mm vertical space.

Patch Mug

Patch mugs have a special space for your advertising content on mug area remains blank and white and the rest area is a particular color as black, blue, red, etc. Your content can be personalized only on the blank white space. Sublimation printing can be applied on polymer coated light color areas it is the biggest drawback of sublimation printing technology.

Black Patch Mug | Red Patch Mug | Yellow Patch Mug | Blue Patch Mug | Green Patch Mug

Magic Mug

It is also known as a color-changing mug. Color-changing mugs come in dark colors like black, red, green, etc. after sublimating printing, the print does not have visible at room temperature when it comes to contact with heat like hot tea or coffee, the magic mug color starts changing to white color and your invisible personalized content start glowing and still remain till the beverages are hot.

Magic mugs have a special coating of heat-sensitive chemicals that are active due to heat.

Black Magic Mug | Red Magic Mug | Blue Magic Mug |

Metal Coffee Mug

Metal mugs (insulated stainless steel) are known as Tumblr. metal mugs are not able to print sublimation best printing application is direct digital printing using a round UV printing application or you can go for laser marking.

Plastic Made Mug

For plastic mug-made printing, sublimation is not feasible, resulting in a mug will be melted down, so silk printing might be the better option. Limited color printing might be the better option.

Glass Made Mug

Mug made of glass materials for custom printing there are 2 types 1. laser marking 2. Screen printing 3. Vinyl Decals.

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Mug Printing Application

Different material-made mugs are perfect for specific types of decoration methods. So I am going to dive into specific types of mugs and the best printing practice methods for them. There are commonly 5 different types of mug printing techniques mostly used on mugs. Which mug printing is the best, depends on the characteristics of the mug stuff and the design to be printed on mugs, all these mug printing technology is unique.

  1. Sublimation Mug Printing Technique
  2. Screen Printed Mug
  3. Engraved Mug
  4. Digital Color Decal Printing
  5. Pad Printing

Sublimation Printing On Mug

This printing technology is also known as mug print-on-demand services. It’s a Digital Mug Printing application, to make it able to print on a blank mug that must be coated with a polymer layer on a mug (white base only). Do not require to get dry once a mug is sublimated.

Sublimation printing on a mug uses a special type of dye sublimation ink, sublimation paper, and an inkjet sublimation printer and heat transfer machines. It is a very high-detailing printing application on mugs and plates. Firstly, a coffee mug design is printed on sublimation paper and then transferred onto the mug using heat transfer technology. Sublimation printing does not require the MOQ of the mug.

This printing technology is applicable to Ceramic-Made Coffee Mugs and Polyester Coated Metal Mugs

Buy a color-changing mug online.

The printed mug color is vibrant, shiny, and permanent

Screen Printed Mug

This mug printing is best used for bulk mug printing. It is a type of traditional mug printing method that cost a basic set for each mug print project but cheapest way of getting printed mugs. Screen printing mug uses a special type of pigment opaque ink and uses a special type of round screen printing machine where the mug body rotates at the same positions, the screen is prepared to move forth and backside able to print on the cylindrical shape of a full-around mug body. Each pass completes 1 color printing.

Screen printing involves a stencil of design, it requires a vector file format (*.cdr, *.eps, *.svg type file). It required silk mesh stretched over a wooden/aluminum frame, pigment ink, and a wooden frame, in this process, a mug design is prepared on the silk mesh using photopolymer chemicals using an exposure unit, and pigment ink is pushed through the mesh with the help of squeeze, and underneath mesh the mug is printed. This application is done subsequently using each color in the design.

Screen printing is applicable on mugs made of plastic, ceramic, metal, and earthen made.

Engraved Mug

These days engraved mug is trending in the year 2023. It does not use ink and can be applied to a custom mug made of plastic, ceramic, and metal. It is a Digital Process to create your brand name and logo on the mug with high accuracy. It does not require a MOQ. It’s an instant brand promotion process on the mug and is very cost-effective.

Engraving on the mug uses laser technology, which involves high-power laser beams that burn the coated layer of plastic, ceramic, and metal-made mugs and create a permanent mark on it. Different material made uses different laser beam power supply to create eye-catchy engraved mugs. Harder stuff made mugs required a higher power supply laser beam and soft stuff lower power supply.

Engraving on mugs is feasible on earthen, ceramic, and metals.

Digital Decal Printing on Mug

It’s a permanent printing application on mugs, printing on a mug used a special ink made of mineral components in “CMYK” format. Once a print is transferred on the mug the printed mug is sent to the kin at the temperature of 700-1200 degrees Celsius to cure the ink for a permanent print. There are available both types of ink 1. CYMK and PMS.

Waterslide Decals

When it comes to printing a design on heat & pressure-sensitive material made mugs like glass or paper use colorful decals. It’s a type of transfer printing application best use of this printing is for Wine and Beer Mug made of glasses.

It’s a temporary printing technique used for brand awareness for a short period of time. Waterslide stickers on gloss are not dishwasher-proof.

Pad Printing on Mug

It is a Traditional Mug Printing application on mugs, used for bulk mug printing, printing cost comes very low but cost basic mug print project cost involves making an engraved ss plate to pick up ink for transfer to the mug with the help of a silicone pad.

Pad printing quality is a standard quality uses a PMS ink

It’s a permanent type of printing and prints are microwave safe.

Vinyl Cut & Heat Press

If you are looking a raised printing on mugs, go for the vinyl cut & heat press process. The vinyl used for printing on mugs is known as HTV (heat transfer vinyl) specially made for printing on fabrics. There are two types of HTV vinyl 1. Printable HTV vinyl, 2. Non-printable vinyl Both types of vinyl comes in roll-to-roll forms wide of 20″ and 24″

  1. Printable HTV vinyl comes only in white color acceptable colorful printing.
  2. Nonprintable HTV vinyl comes in metallics (silver, golden, glittering, reflecting ), and nonmetallic colors (red, blue, green pink..etc).

Printable designs (get printed using a digital SVG file with a color printer and then cut through a plotter cutting machine & weeded (removed unwanted vinyl) the way you wish your design and then transferred onto the mug.

To transfer the design onto the mug uses special vinyl transferring machines. Whereas nonprintable HTV vinyl is direct cut, weed, and transferred using a heat transfer machine.

Vinyl-printed mugs are not safe for oven and dishwasher machines.


So we came to know 5 different types of coffee mugs and how we can print our advertising or personalized content on them. Decide according to your mug printing purpose that best suits you in terms of mug printing price, turnaround, and longevity.

Do call us at +91 9211253015 or email, in case you are facing any type of mug printing problems, I assure you, I will solve them within the next 24 hrs.

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