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Why Wristbands are Important?

In case you’re searching for wristbands in an assortment of materials and hues, Shivani Enterprises has you secured! We are pleased to offer the best wristband turnaround times in the business. Regardless of your needs, we have available wristbands that can transport to you same day, or custom wristbands that can send as right on time as the following industry day.

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At the point when you request wristbands from us, we ensure they will show up rapidly. We stand out with our speed, quality. So when you have to renew your wristband supply, we are your first decision since we make wristbands our forte.

We likewise offer the broadest wristband item choice anyplace, including shaded wristbands and an assortment of different examples and choices. We convey Tyvek (paper), plastic, material and vinyl for swarm security, recognizable proof and in any event, for emergency clinic wristband purposes. On the off chance that you are arranging an occasion, you might be keen on our wristbands.

Much more about Wristband

These are most ordinarily utilized for advancements or cause-related occasions and pledge drives. In contrast to wristbands from different providers, our quality arm ornaments are destined to be tough and dependable. The entirety of our wristbands available to be purchased offer in-stock and custom alternatives, giving you the adaptability required for your next occasion. On the off chance that you need something increasingly exceptional we convey various specialy wristbands like Vinyl money labels or tyvek copy numbers.


We likewise offer cords and cord identifications. Cords can be utilized for security or distinguishing proof purposes, or as keychain cords. Strengthen your image by tweaking your cords including sumblimation (full shading).


Deboss-fill wristbands sport indented in structures which can incorporate letters and logos. These examples are engraved into the surfaces of the silicone embellishments and are blown with ink to make the ideal impact. With great complexity, deboss-fill wristband messages can be perused effectively even at evening.

These silicone embellishments are regularly worn during mass social events, for example, rallies, noble cause occasions, games, long distance races and different causes. Occasion coordinators love requesting them due to their cost-viability, solidness and hypo-allergenic properties. In case you’re searching for the ideal wearable accomplice to show your gathering’s solidarity about something they feel firmly about, consider deboss-fill wristbands.


In case you’re interested to discover increasingly about deboss-filled wristbands, look at our complete guide on wristbands here.


Debossed wristbands are the most well-known sorts utilized for some occasions. It’s anything but difficult to spot them in good cause occasions, shows, games, and then some. They were initially advanced by previous cyclist Lance Armstrong and his Livestrong Foundation. These notable wrist trinkets alone have sold a great many groups since 2004, effectively helping raise assets for malignant growth backing, mindfulness, and research.

The message or logo is set into the elastic or silicone to deliver an internal impact. This is accomplished by utilizing an exceptionally formed shape to guarantee high-constancy. Since no ink is utilized, the outcome is an unassuming single shading armlet. Be that as it may, despite the fact that the content is a similar shading as the band, the shadow brought about by the recessed letters or pictures adds additional complexity to the message or picture. This permits it to be effortlessly perused in specific edges and lighting conditions.

How does Debossed Wristband work?

Notwithstanding their basic appearance, debossed silicone wrist trinkets stay well known in light of their relative cost-viability. This makes it simpler for even little associations with littler spending plans to spread their message. Furthermore, these customized wristbands additionally will in general last any longer than engraved wristbands. The explanation is on the grounds that the message is made to subside inwards into the material, rather than getting imprinted superficially with ink. Henceforth, these kinds of wristbands are greatly improved at withstanding the mileage of long haul ordinary use.

For some associations, this builds the opportunity that they will be worn for any longer after they are parted with. Thus, it furnishes them with greater perceivability to assist shore with increasing help for their picked cause or illness. This can help have a great deal of effect for littler associations, who may depend on a littler spending plan than greater ones. This sort of tweaked wristband works best for shorter messages, straightforward plans, or unmistakable images.


Engraved wristbands assist you with accomplishing the plan you want by blowing hot ink onto the silicone arm ornament’s surface. Logos, articulations, images and more can be shown so you and your association can show your enthusiasm for all intents and purposes anything.

In contrast to embellished, debossed and figured wristbands, these silicone extras don’t have raised or engraved examples on their surfaces. They depend entirely on shading differentiations and plan complexities to make the prints unmistakable to others. They are regularly utilized in pre-game events, huge festivals, noble cause occasions and other comparative mass get-togethers.


Emblazoning is another way to decipher an association’s message or logo to an elastic wrist trinket. Laying it out plainly, decorated wristbands are something contrary to the first debossed wristbands promoted by Lance Armstrong and his Livestrong Foundation.

Rather than being discouraged into the silicone or elastic, the message or logo is raised from the arm ornament’s surface. A little contrast like this makes a one of a kind jump out 3D impact that permits structures to stand apart much more. This is particularly obvious when contrasted with the internal appearance of debossed wristbands. Thus, these structures are best for c organizations and associations who need to escape by potential givers or supporters. Additionally, emblazoning’s chronicled use in cowhide bound books, traditional engineering, and extravagant business cards permits it to add a scramble of style to any structure or message.

The double layered wristbands is an exceptional sort of engraving where we will oil shower the external piece of the wristbands with your ideal shading, while at the same time keeping the first debossed divide a similar shading as the first wristbands. The wristbands will have a shiny surface because of the oil shower, and it will look increasingly extraordinary.


Double layer wristbands exhibit an exceptional and eye-getting approach to feature an association’s logo or uplifting message. Despite the fact that they’re costlier, the utilization of at least two hues permits them to stand apart among likewise structured embellishments. For sure, they can have a colossal effect for any reason by expanding the visual effect of mindfulness armlets during efforts or gathering pledges programs.

Laying it out plainly, double layer wristbands can be portrayed as a variety of debossed elastic arm ornaments, with an additional treatment procedure for an increasingly particular and bright look. To make their remarkable appearance, a client’s picked message or logo is squeezed into the surface to for an internal impact. A short time later, a novel kind of engraving is utilized, where an uncommon blend is splashed on the external edge. This permits makers to put an alternate shading on the peripheral surface while holding the debossed region’s unique shading.

How does dual layer Wristband work?

When contrasted and the majority of different sorts of wristbands, double layer wristbands will in general be increasingly costly. Be that as it may, their lively and unmistakable look don’t simply effectively catch eye. They likewise add some additional pizazz to any plan, helping any message become progressively noteworthy. Simultaneously, having the message recessed shields it from mileage, permitting it to last longer than engraved wrist trinkets. This makes for solid embellishments that your givers or visitors can keep wearing significantly after your occasion. In the event that you have some additional room in your spending limit, at that point this is a powerful long haul approach to advance your motivation or brand.

Disregarding double layer wristbands’ closeness to their debossed partners, the vivid outcome more than legitimizes the additional expense for delivering them. In reality, having more than one shading to work with makes them a flexible method to exhibit any logo or message. For those with greater spending plans, this makes for an extraordinary method to help raising money and stand apart from different associations.


Figured wristbands have been utilized as extras and wearable explanation media throughout recent decades. These wristbands will in general be more attractive than other wristband types because of their mix of extraordinary shapes and hues.

These wristbands are regularly utilized for cause-situated occasions, festivities and rallies. Associations and intrigue bunches like wearing figured wristbands to show solidarity towards things they feel emphatically about. Whenever you go to a political meeting, a game or a pledge drive, look at the wrists of different participants. You might be amazed with how usually utilized these silicone frill are.

Clear wristbands are silicone armlets that don’t have printed, embellished or debossed structures. While they may not shoulder logos or messages, they can even now come in your preferred hues and sizes. These wristbands can be made and conveyed quicker than their hand crafted partners, making them perfect for events when you need them earnestly.


There’s excellence in effortlessness. Indeed, even with all the plans and
styles of armbands accessible nowadays, numerous individuals despite everything
lean toward plain, clear silicone armbands for their occasions. These
embellishments may not hold up under engraved or printed messages, yet their hues are adequate in conveying a message of solidarity and enthusiasm towards a typical intrigue.

Clear armbands are financially savvy, non-allergenic and satisfying to the
eyes. That is the reason they’re so mainstream in good cause occasions, shows, games, rallies and different mass social events. Next time you need a few armbands for any event, reach us quickly and we’ll send them right to your doorstep.

Uses of Customized Wristbands

Wristbands In 24 Hours

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Now and again, there’s no opportunity to design. That is the point at which you need a surge request. Accessible in your grasp inside only 24 hours, offers surge arranges in an assortment of styles…

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Custom Summer Wristbands

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In vogue custom summer wrist trinkets can be utilized to
recognize late spring occasions, for example, graduations, weddings,
commemorations, and family gatherings. Utilize splendidly hued in vogue …

Custom Remembrance Wristband

Silicone wristbands have numerous famous employments. As
recognition wristbands, they can assist individuals with recalling significant
occasions, programs, occasions, causes and individuals…

Occasion Festival Wristbands

Occasion wristbands are the ideal method to prop the
enjoyment of various occasions up throughout the entire year. All wristbands
from are made of agreeable…

Diabetes Awareness Wristbands And Support

Diabetes Awareness wristbands from Amazing Wristbands are
totally one of a kind in nature and these wristbands are made of 100%

Epilepsy Awareness Wristband And Support

In excess of 3 million individuals in America experience the
ill effects of epilepsy or seizures, and there are more than 200,000 new
instances of seizures and epilepsy….

Addison’s Disease Awareness And Medical Alert Wristband

Would you like to show support for an individual
experiencing Addison’s illness? Custom silicone wristbands are an extraordinary
method to show your….

Teen Dating Violence Awareness Wristbands And Support

Teen Dating Violence (TDV) is a critical issue with
America’s childhood. Numerous TDV casualties endure peacefully and don’t report
the crimes….

Utilize Custom Wristbands For Political Campaign Fundraising

The way to achievement in any political crusade is making
familiarity with the issues and the applicants. An incredible apparatus to do
only that is to utilize custom mindfulness wrist trinkets from Amazing

Customized Wristband for Business Promotion

Special wristbands are exceptionally well known with
organizations. Less expensive than other special things, for example, shirts,
espresso cups, or water bottles, customized armlets have gotten an extremely famous…

Custom Wristband For A Cause

Numerous gatherings use raising support wrist trinkets to
fund-raise for a reason, occasions, and so forth. From schools and holy places
to sports groups and network.

Tyvek Wristbands – The Most Popular For Security and Identification

Tyvek armbands are extraordinary armbands for occasions that require security and group control. Every armlet has a security diecut to forestall altering and various employments. This implies benefactors won’t have the option to remove their wristband without cutting it off or destroying the cement. This helps organizations by keeping intruders and non paid for passages at the very least if utilizing Tyvek wrist groups as their technique for section. It additionally assists medical clinics with distinguishing patients.

Unrivaled Tyvek Wristband Variety

Shivani enterprises offers many distinctive size, style, shading, plan, and
amount mixes in Tyvek. The entirety of our Tyvek wrist groups come
consecutively numbered, with the previously mentioned sealed diecut. All Tyvek armlets utilize waterproof inks, making them extraordinary for waterparks or attractions where the supporter will perspire. The glue is additionally ensured not to tumble off in water. We offer customization on our site, yet the
entirety of our Tyvek armbands can be composed on with Sharpie style markers

Shivani enterprises caries various option Tyvek armband styles for clients
looking for an increasingly particular arrangement. The copy numbered Tyvek armbands are consecutively numbered armbands two by two. In each sheet of 10 Tyvek groups, there are 5 arrangements of coordinating numbers that go up
consecutively. Copy numbered groups are incredible for coordinating individuals p (like a parent and youngster at a childcare). Tyvek Voucher groups have a tearable stub toward the finish of the wristband. That stub can be utilized for pools, challenges, coat checks, drink and nourishment reclamation, and the sky is the limit from there. Both of these specific styles can be customized for
your requirements.

What is Tyvek?

As a rule you will hear our armband alluded to as paper armband or paper armlets. In all actuality they are made of Tyvek, which is frequently mixed up as paper, nonetheless, Tyvek contains no paper by any stretch of the imagination. Tyvek was found by Dupont in 1955 and since the time it’s been a perfect material for use where paper basically isn’t sufficient. Tyvek is a manufactured material made of flashspun high-thickness polyethylene filaments. On account of it’s quality and water obstruction highlights, Tyvek makes an extraordinary material for a tyvek wristband.

Is Tyvek Recyclable?

You betcha! Look at the Dupont Website for more data on reusing your Tyvek armbands. They are an incredible decision for expendable wristbands.

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Need Tyvek Delivered Next Day?

In the event that you put in a request for any stock
wristband before 3PM CTS on an ordinary business day, your groups will dispatch
sameday. On the off chance that you are situated inside the U.S. we offer
everything from Ground transportation to Next Day Air conveyance, so you can
have wristbands in your grasp the following day!

Custom Tyvek Wristbands

We additionally offer redid Tyvek armbands that permit you to make your own Tyvek printed structure. Making exclusively printed Tyvek armbands permits you to make a totally interesting armband for your occasion. This can assist you with running your occasion easily by forestalling extortion and as yet permitting you to have simple group control. The best part is our customized Tyvek armbands can dispatch in as meager as one business day. On the off chance that you put in your altered Tyvek armband request by 3PM CTS , it will send out the following industry day.

Ordinarily posed inquiries about Tyvek Wristbands groups:

Would you be able to Print on Tyvek Wristbands?

Wristband Express uses specific printers that permit us to
print your specially craft. We don’t suggest that you print all alone in light
of the fact that tyvek wristbands require a particular printer.

To what extent do Tyvek Wristbands last?

We make Tyvek wristbands with 100% DuPont Tyvek, a high-thickness, paper-like material that is lightweight yet strong, agreeable, and water/tear-safe and perfect for transient occasions, enduring a day or two.

Our wristbands are waterproof?

Tyvek wristbands are water-safe; plastic, vinyl and material
wristbands are water-verification.

How do you take a wristband off?

Tyvek wristbands can be evacuated by cutting them off or
pulling on the covering piece under the band that doesn’t have glue on it.

What are Tyvek Wristbands made up of?

Tyvek wristbands are made with 100% DuPont Tyvek, a
high-thickness, paper-like material that is lightweight yet strong, agreeable,
and water/tear-safe.

What are Tyvek Wristbands?

Tyvek wristbands are momentary use wristbands that are a
moderate alternative for client distinguishing proof.

Would you be able to be allergic to Tyvek Wristbands?

It’s uncommon for Tyvek to cause a hypersensitive response
since the material is pH impartial, making it ok for people/creatures.

Adaptable Wristbands and Superior Service

We are pleased to offer the best wristband turnaround times
in the business.

Wristband Manufacturer in Delhi

Lanyard Comapny in india – 619, Main Road, Sadar Bazaar Delhi-110006

Why Order Wristbands From Shivani Enterprises?

At the point when you purchase wristbands from us, you can loosen up realizing that client care is our top need. With over 19 years of involvement with the business, we exceed expectations at bringing our clients the best assistance alongside low costs, quick turnaround times, brisk transporting, and mass wristband limits accessible on a for every item premise. Regardless of whether you’re hoping to purchase wristbands for a specific occasion or wristbands with a message for a pledge drive, we make certain to have what you need!

We are continually improving our items and printing strategies so as to remain on the ball. Our quality care staff is educated about the printing business and glad to address any worries you may have about our items. On the off chance that you can’t discover what you are searching for or have questions, if it’s not too much trouble get in touch with us for a snappy reaction.

we design, we print, we cut and we deliver you as well.

Contact on the given number for placing an order or you can simply drop us a mail.

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