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Dangler Printing

A Dangler Printing is made for commercial advertisement materials of the product displayed outside or inside shop hanged on the rope. Marketing Company gets to print in bulk and hanged with the help of thread in the shops, showrooms, dealers, before launching it, for branding.

When a customer visit to a shop, an eye catchy designed dangler propelled customer to know about it.

It is made of some “eye catchy content” design and shape that can attract the audience such as shape packing of product creative visualized on the paper. it may be mentioned as an offer, it’s about feature or coming as a new product etc.

The dangler layout is a major factor for attractive dangler. Usually, are printed both sides printed. West way to make the promotion of your new launch product.


What is the basic factor of eye catchy Dangler?

1. Creatives Artwork

2. Printing Quality

3. Strong Ilot and Thread

4. Accurate Shaping point of view Cutting Edges

An eye catchy dangler has many aspects, among them, creativity is the topmost factor, before knowing more about product quality eye catchy dangler printing attracts more people to purchase the first time to try it.

Only a designer who visualizes product quality it is difficult to share but easy to understand. We can say only it’s art

Our creative designers have the right talent to take up the designing of danglers and providing unique and exceptional layouts. We offer them in different sizes and shapes with vibrant colours. Also, we provide a unique layout that attracts the customer to try the first test new product.

Danglers Printing Services

These danglers are made thick or thin paper and corded with a rope and move around the centre is printed both side colour you can see such as mother dairy, Hardware, Chemist shop etc. Overall before launching a new product corporate advertising in bulk to washout audience thinking to adopt their product.


Printing Technologies

Because it is used in bulk so we should be followed lithographic technology applying laser due give it accurate shape with a lot not to tear out easily. if you want to make some unique quality you may apply UV printing. Place online order click here. Most of all danglers are printed both sides as well as wind blow it moves around it and 360 degrees visible artwork.

Most of all dangler is used may be indoor or outdoor, you will see it may be destroyed by the wind, rain, so want long-lasting danger required lamination, high stock paper, either gloss or matte.

Paper Dangler

Can we get low Quantity Dangler as well as 10-15 pcs?

Yes, you can. but the rate per pc goes higher, usually, it printed on the vinyl adhesive eco-solvent process sheet and pasted onto 3 mm board and cut it through the router

Each dangler A4 size would cost 150/-Onward depending on the quality and size.

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