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Can POS Materials increase sales for your Brand?

POS (Point Of Sale, really: POSM – Point Of Sale Materials, additionally POP – Point of Purchase) is showcasing material or publicizing put beside the product it is advancing.

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Brand proprietors get ready POS materials and afterward haggle with retailers the states of their presentation in the store. POS material permits to feature the item among others from a similar class and draw clients’ consideration. In a serious market, POS material can impact clients’ choice to pick a particular brand.

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In spite of the fact that POS materials are made by makers and it is them who care the most about its suitable presentation, POS materials can likewise be utilized by retailers as a visual marketing instrument that impacts client’s choices. Because of POS materials, we can guide the client focus toward the ideal region in the store or focus on the particular item/item classes whose business we need to increment.

Let me make myself understood by giving a guide to you. You’re holding up in line at the market—and, as you’re not especially keen on gazing at the rear of the client before you, you look around the line.

The showcase of pieces of candy inside quick reach advises you that you’re somewhat ravenous, so you get one (it’s at a bargain). Goodness and that magazine look fascinating. You’re as of now perusing an article when you find a workable pace register, where the teller inquires as to whether you need to give $1 to a foundation; and doing as such, you compose your name on a little heart notice that gets put on the divider with a hundred different hearts from different donators. At long last, you complete your purchase(s) and get your receipt—with a few additional things you hadn’t expected to purchase.

3 Parts of POS Material                 

We can divide the POS Material into 3 classifications, for example:

  • Displays
  • Labels
  • Stickers


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Present your message in hitting and persuading route with a presentation. Shows much of the time make a source of inspiration as it is seen and read. A Display is extremely clear informing and along these lines never misses its objective. A presentation has exactly the ideal impact you ache for your limited time movement.

Counter display

The counter showcase is conservative, draws consideration and invigorates motivation purchasing. You can make a flawless and unpretentious presentation just to call attention to your item or crusade.

Showcard display

Showcard Displays give a climatic picture of your image or item. Utilizing show card shows you can show the correct picture in the store without occupying an excess of room.

POS intermediary signboard –

Broker Signboards are prominent, weatherproof, and reusable. The billboards can without much of a stretch be connected to windows or other smooth surfaces with suction cups.

Life-size display –

If you need to stand apart with a battle and/or item then an actual existence size presentation is a well-known arrangement. Individuals and animation characters for all intents and purposes wake up with the Lifesize Display. The showcase can be made in different hues, shapes and sizes.


Utilizing labels is a straightforward, yet the clear approach to demonstrate a business advancement. This retail location item is a genuine eye-catcher in the store. The names are accessible in different shapes and sizes.

Bottle Labels –

Is there a more worthwhile approach to impart a message than on the item itself? The container names are accessible in various sizes and shapes.

Door Hangers –

Door holders are entirely appropriate as an enjoyment promoting medium; drape them for instance on a bike or vehicle and you will find that your message sticks out and will be perused. The entryway holders come in different sizes and shapes.

Hangtags –

Hangtags are a portrayal of your Brand and your items. Regardless of whether they are expected as instructive, or just as sticker prices, they can really fill in as limited time materials. At Shivani Enterprises we give hang labels in either a rectangular or a unique shape.


Window Stickers –

Catch the eye of your clients with customized window stickers. Regardless of whether you’re utilizing them to publicize deals or brand your store, you should simply strip off the support and apply. They require beside no support, they’re anything but difficult to reposition and oneself leveling material won’t desert streaks or smears.

Wall Stickers in POS Materials-

Wall stickers are an extraordinary alternative for in-store designs. Structure your own stickers and when you’re prepared to switch things up, simply strip the stickers off the divider and stick them somewhere else or store them for sometime later.

Magnetic Stickers in POS Materials

Magnetic stickers are frequently applied on coolers, coolers, Shelfs or other base metals. Because of their toughness, it is a well known retail location item.

Car Stickers in POS Materials

Every day there are a huge number of individuals out and about. Vehicle stickers are an incredible alternative to advance your business, item or administration.

Floor Stickers in POS Materials

Floor stickers are crucial Point of offer material for retail activities and for the display floor. The floor stickers are striking, compelling and can be imprinted in every single imaginable plan.

In-store advancement with POS Materials

Together with you we at SHIVANI ENTERPRISES exhort you in which material works with you’re in store correspondence. Regardless of whether your limited-time action is the long haul of the present moment on paper, cardboard or plastic. We are glad to assist you in finding the most appropriate material for the activity. The retail location materials which we offer for your in-store limited-time action incorporates;

  • Cubes
  • Ceiling cards
  • Shelf plugs
  • Shelf strips
  • Table cards
  • Counter mats
  • Wobblers

Cubes in POS Materials

Cubes give a lot of room to correspondence and are along these lines a well-known item inside the Point of Sale materials with SHIVANI ENTERPRISES. The Cubes can be put in a perky manner on the shop floor, held tight the roof or utilized during fairs and introductions. Thusly, you put in a flawless and unique way only some additional consideration regarding your crusade and/or item. The shapes are anything but difficult to set up, set up or hang up and similarly as simple to evacuate after use. They are anything but difficult to shop and can be created in differing hues, sizes and amount. On the off chance that you have any further inquiries, it would be ideal if you don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We love to think alongside you.

Advantaging points Cubes

  • Foldable
  • Easy to join
  • Easy to evacuate
  • Various sizes
  • Plano stuffed of pressed separately
  • High or low quantities

Roof cards in POS Materials

A roof sign holder is a straightforward and worthwhile approach to advance an instore special action or crusade. The roof sign holders are furnished with mounting gaps. Do you have unique prerequisites as to the roof sign holder? Don’t sweat it!

Shelf plugs in POS Materials

Shelf plugs near your items gives your battle the additional lift it some of the time need. The client sees from a remote place where your items are on the Shelves.

Shelf strips in POS Materials

Shelf strips are the proper Point of Sale material to cause the to notice a specific item on the Shelves

Table cards in POS Materials

Table cards are pleasant eye-catchers that come in various shapes and sizes. It is regularly utilized in the neighbourliness business to declare activities, exhibit the recommendations of the month or to publicize in a novel manner. You have the decision of one of a kind shapes and in this manner the chance to advance your battle successfully.

Counter Mats in POS Materials

Counter Mats are valuable limited time things for your business. You can utilize counter tangles on your counter which will draw your clients’ consideration while they are pausing. At Shivani Enterprises, we have different materials accessible. Counting materials that are anything but difficult to apply and simple to expel without leaving any build-up.

Wobblers in POS Materials

Wobblers draw in the consideration of the client right away. Joined to the Shelf, the shop Shelf, the sales register or elsewhere, they do what they should do: wobble and cause to notice your item. At SHIVANI ENTERPRISES, we have built up our own model of the wobbler. It is made totally of plastic. The plastic wobbler is accessible in white or straightforward and in any shape you might want. On account of the non-perpetual tape, the wobbler can undoubtedly be clung on the Shelfs in the stores. SHIVANI ENTERPRISES likewise gives standard wobblers (container with discrete wobbler).

Advantages Wobbler

  • promotional activity legitimately obvious before the item
  • cost-successful
  • easy to apply
  • Wobbler is easy to expel
  • easy to send in the envelope

POS Materials printing and circulation

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SHIVANI ENTERPRISES provides full services for some clients. This implies we don’t just print your limited time battle, yet we additionally disperse the material to its last goal for example stores, workplaces, presentations, and so on. It’s legitimate to utilize something beyond one item during your battles limited-time action: for example A Static Paper window sticker in the mix with a non-perpetual self-glue floor sticker or a showcase in blend with a block.

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Printing of POS Materials paper, cardboard, and plastics

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SHIVANI ENTERPRISES deals with all your retail location printing needs on substrates like for example paper, cardboard and plastics. Our cutting edge counterbalance press prints little and bigger amounts in various sizes. We at SHIVANI ENTERPRISES convey retail location special materials at significant retailers and brands. All through Delhi NCR. Also, you don’t have anything to stress over from generation to delivery.

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Benefits of POS Materials for your Business

  • Including distribution
  • Paper, plastic, cardboard and attractive foil
  • Cut into shapes
  • From window stickers till displays
  • All crusade materials under one rooftop
  • Large and little sizes
  • High and low amounts

Where are POS Materials found?

cardboard floor display stands

Conventional area of POS materials is money work area, counter and different spots where last buy choices are made and the exchange is settled. Be that as it may, presenting new limited-time structures like supposed endcaps (extraordinary retail furniture showing advanced items or featured articles of a chose maker) caused POS materials have moved from the customary area of the money wrap to different areas in the store. It constrained the makers and promoting Brands to discover progressively inventive arrangements in the field of POS structure. New Brands were presented like wobblers, plugs, Shelf liners, holders and some more.

What structures can POS Materials have?

The greatest type of POP material is a seller shop. This is a “store inside a store” thought where a seller puts a segment in the retail location that separates its product from the rest.

Be that as it may, look into show that the most dominant type of POP is signage. One research study found that displays with signs outflanked shows without signs by 20 percent. On account of POS materials, the customary estimated stock (not marked down) can beat deal evaluated stock when it was marked and the deal things were most certainly not. For this reason, for instance, you can utilize unique signs (purported wobblers) joined to store Shelfs or advertisements set on the floor, (for example, show).

POS materials can assume the job of “quiet salesperson” in the store, which can recommend the decision of a particular item when the store staff is occupied and can’t find a good pace.

POS Materials is enough for your Marketing Strategy

As per the exploration directed by Mood, 70% of buying choices are taken by the client in the store. In this manner, it is difficult to overestimate the effect of POS materials on client choices. Be that as it may, it is worth to think about a reality that gathering of POS materials in storage space will for all intents and purposes consistently have the contrary impact to the proposed, expanding just the data over-burden and disposing of the potential positive impact of promoting materials. Consequently, the retailer ought to in every case scarcely haggle with the makers whose target is to get however many POS materials to the store as would be prudent.

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Where you can utilize POS Materials

Cafés and retailers as often as possible use retail location promoting strategies to urge clients to take a minute ago buys. In any case, since retailers exchange other business’ items, retail location promoting is critical to each Brand that sells things situated at/close to a retailer’s POS.

  • Grocery stores normally place stock Shelving in the middle of each accessible register, highlighting things, for example, magazines, sweets, gum, and batteries. Soft drinks are frequently shown in a little refrigeration unit toward the finish of these displays. Things close to the POS as often as possible move at one-and-a-half to multiple times as quick as a similar item on a Shelf somewhere else in the store, and a few things in high-traffic grocery stores have been accounted for to sell as much as multiple times quicker.
  • Gas stations correspondingly line items at their register counter. Here, vitality nutrients and meat jerky are things added to those likewise usually sold at supermarket registers.
  • Fast-nourishment cafés ordinarily show pastries and gift vouchers at their POS. Feast in eateries in which clients pay at the counter rather than through their server, (for example, Denny’s and Sizzler) may likewise highlight things here.
  • Retail Brands, including home improvement shops, automobile parts stores, leisure activity stores, and others place their own low-ticket things around their checkout areas.
  • Tobacco Brands concentrate a lot of their publicizing around the retail location; despite the fact that their presentations and commercials are dependent upon more lawful guidelines than different items.
  • Brands can buy display space at a retailer’s POS, or even utilize the POS framework programming to advance their item. For instance, Hellman’s structured a program that printed plans highlighting Hellman’s mayonnaise (and different items obtained simultaneously) on clients’ receipts, which prompted an expansion in deals as clients put their mayonnaise to additionally utilize.
  • Starbucks is an especially genuine case of POS promoting, to the extent that they have low-ticket stock in plain view there, a POS programming that encourages interesting selling, and a receipt program that empowers rehash business.
  • Non-benefit associations and causes can sell paper plaques (additionally called symbols, or mobiles) at the retail location, which outwardly speak to a gift made, and offer the client a social compensation for giving, (for example, putting the donator’s name in plain view).

For what sort of clients is POS Material showcasing powerful?

Retail location stock will in general spotlight on low-ticket motivation things which can without much of a stretch be added to different buys. They bid most to drive clients who aren’t especially faithful to a (brand customers will regularly locate their favored image on its typical Shelf, rather than finding it at the POS).

While various sorts of retailers may have totally different client bases, POS shows will, in general, have a widespread intrigue. In spite of speaking to a spontaneous purchase, POS things are especially alluring to value touchy clients, as they’re normally shown as “bargain” things, regardless of whether that implies being marked down, or “new available,” or a “thing of the week.”

The Advantages and Disadvantages of POS Materials

We’ve gathered together a few preferences and drawbacks of POS, just as the cons of not having any POS whatsoever.

PROS of POS Materials

  • Effectively convey messages when an individual from staff can’t. Maybe you’re hurried off your feet and need more staff in, or everybody’s bustling serving others. Pass on your messages to perusing clients through POS, from a basic hi on passage to telling them about the most recent offers.
  • Navigate clients and customers around your business. From the changing space to the till focuses, the client services segment to explicit zones of your Brand, POS can help individuals realize where they’re going when no one’s around to let them know!
  • Further advance those offers, USPs and limits in store without lifting a finger!
  • The capacity to stand apart from the group with one of a kind and individual marking. Maybe you’re in succession of eateries and need individuals to come into yours, and as it should be. That is the place compelling outside POS can truly make its mark.
  • Creativity, Imagination and character in showing items or services. POS Display Units aren’t only for limited time promotions. They can be utilized in visual promoting as well, for inventive showcase thoughts.

CONS of POS Materials

  • It can be expensive. When you consider your marking, regardless of whether you’re contracting somebody to make designs for you, and the individual printing special flyers, pamphlets or posters, it can before long mount up. A reasonable and succinct vision is required for the business, and regularity or changes (particularly in neighborliness or retail) should be considered. In any case, when the underlying POS show units are obtained, it is only an instance of changing the fine art or messages as and when you have to.
  • You may need to respond to contenders marking, which again could turn out to be expensive. Maybe you’ve presented another item and they’ve done likewise? Or on the other hand perhaps they’ve cut their costs on something you’re despite everything promoting it at the maximum. In any case, it can require a ton of exertion to stay aware of contenders’ POS.
  • Vandalism. Truly, having on a-board or blackboard outside consistently brings a potential danger of somebody smirching your difficult work. It’s a little con yet a bothering one none the less!

Disadvantages of not having POS Materials

You need the manpower to compensate for the absence of data advertised. Moving toward each client, customer or individual would most likely be very debilitating, yet sadly is an absolute necessity without sufficient back up of POS.

People may not comprehend what your business is outward without a brief. Truly you may have an astonishing name, however on the off chance that it doesn’t legitimately reverberate the purpose of your image, and individuals may simply cruise on by!

 Once they’re inside they despite everything probably won’t comprehend what your brand is about. Individuals are exceptionally visual, yet their eyes will filter for something to peruse, so ensure you’re offering it to them some way or another.

Offers and data about brands or items may not be imparted appropriately. Perhaps you’re selling something at a rebate, yet except if somebody genuinely checks the name, they’ll never know. POS assists with conveying where the limits are.

You may lose custom by not having the option to speak with your leads successfully. Being overlooked isn’t pleasant, yet a greeting and goodbye sign mollifies the blow of not having the option to converse with an individual!

Your rivals may have more grounded marking or messages on account of their POS. It’s an instance of a little fish in a major lake. You need to give your fish (your business) a battling chance against your rivals, and solid marking by means of POS is a helpful device.

Shivani Enterprises offers benefits in design, print and improvement of an assortment of POS materials including the following:

Our group of professional graphic designers is set up to offer the most inventive answers for the improvement of powerful POS materials just as corporate advertising items, for example, pens, notebooks, key chains, magnets and bookmarks, and other remarkable, customized items.

The production of POS materials is exhaustive assistance and includes the following:

  • Idea improvement
  • Design
  • Production (printing and item development)*
  • Delivery*

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